A stotra can be a prayer, a description, or a conversation, but always with a poetic structure. It may be a simple poem expressing praise and personal devotion to a deity for example, or poems with embedded spiritual and philosophical doctrines. Many stotra hymns praise aspects of the divine, such as Devi , Shiva , or Vishnu. Stotras are a type of popular devotional literature. Among the early texts with Stotras are by Kuresha, [ clarification needed ] which combine Ramanuja 's Vedantic ideas on qualified monism about Atman and Brahman ultimate, unchanging reality , with temple practices.

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Monday, September 21, Shri Vyankatesh Stotra. Feel free to leave comments below. Thinking about your beautiful form, I bow to you, Lord Ganesh.

You are the light of knowledge. Give me inspiration to write the sacred text which when heard will give happiness. Lord Vyankatesh Vaikunthanayak will be pleased and will fulfill your pure desires. Please hear my prayers.

You created the world. That is why the qualities of mother and father are easily within you. You gave them unprecendented love just to hear their prayers. You gave me birth and showed this unearthly supernatural composition. Now I have fallen on your feet.

Oh Lord of the world, full of kindness, please swallow all my sins please forgive me. How will the fruits of Kajra tree tree bearing bitter and thorny fruits be sweet?

But I have submitted myself to you. Now protect me with various means. Likewise, I am a bad and inauspicious person. Hey Lord Vishny, but I am still yours. Why worry about the dynasty after sending the daughter off. Even when you know that I am sinful, you accepted me.

You being the Supreme should not abandon me now. Hey Govinda, Sacchinananda, Shrihari, come running with the mace and destroy my deeds. There is abundance of strength in your name.

My sins cannot hold up in front of it. Hey kind husband of Goddess Lakshmi, think about it well. Your name means destroyer of sins. Your name means destroyer of all bad in the Kaliyug. Your name means the caretaker of the earth. Your name means destroyer of calamities. Hey Kamalapati husband of Lakshmi , please listen to my prayers. Let my mind reside with you. Hey Paramjyoti Vyankatesha, that's all I ask of you again and again.

I am lovingly picking some of the sweet names using my incompetent intelligence and am praying to you. Lord appeared in his heart and there was no end to Devidas' happiness.

Through Devidas' speech, Lord himself started speaking. The body of Lord Vyankatesh is dark with red lotus like feet. Below are the genitals and He wears shiny brass colored ritual-wrap. Three layered abdominal region is an abode of the entire universe 3 worlds. The necklace Vaijayanti shines like electricity. Above that is the vocal cord, which Muni's admire endlessly. Both palms are beautiful like red lotuses.

The ornaments around the neck shine like the rays of the rising sun. Chin is very beautiful and blue. Hey devotee loving Govinda, your face is like spotless moon.

Tongue is like a beautiful flame. The immortality of your lower lip can only be experienced by Goddess Lakshmi. Cheek bones on both sides are lustrous. The eyelids hold the eyes of Shri Hari. The beauty of both the ears is unbelievable. The earrings spread the radiance. The happy experience of seeing you is mesmerizing. The mark on the forehead adorns it. Beautiful curly hair adorn the head. Peacock feathers are fixed above the crown. Lord of the World Lord Vishnu appeared. You are full of virtues and are there for me.

I am offering you my innocent faith. Giving you auspicious bath by reciting purushsukta prayers from Vedas. I bow to you and touch your feet to begin the circumambulation. Then began prayer to ask for a boon. With regular reading, he becomes victorious in the world. Let the miseries of those suffering from diseases permanently go away. Let the yog of a yogi get accomplished through reading this.

Please consider my prayers. It is 42 days". One who desires a son should read for 3 months. One who desires wealth should read for 21 days. One who desires a daughter should read for 6 months". One who will not trust this one who doubts it will be really destroyed. He himself has given this boon and you will know this by experience. You appeared from the pillar upon Prahlad's devotion.

Your name is Anatnath Caretaker of orphan. The blessing of Shri Chaitanya Lord Vishnu is unbelievable. Paramananda Lord Vishnu resides in the heart and is known by all after experiencing it. Your work will be accomplished by reading this and there is not need for anything else. All munis and big Gods are also surprised. You won't need anything else to reach the temple of liberation of the soul.

Lord Vishnu will Himself appear. Rest your head on his feet and ask for the boon. Posted by Silent Observer at PM 10 comments:. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Shri Vyankatesh Stotra.


Vyankatesh Stotra

Monday, September 21, Shri Vyankatesh Stotra. Feel free to leave comments below. Thinking about your beautiful form, I bow to you, Lord Ganesh. You are the light of knowledge. Give me inspiration to write the sacred text which when heard will give happiness.


Venkatesh Stotra - Marathi

This Grantham consists of total 52 chapters Monday, November 17, Venkatesh Stotram. Venkatesh Stotram. This is a Vishnu stotram in Sanskrit.


Venkatesh Stotra in marathi



Shri Vyankatesh Stotram


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