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Ups and Downs in Career. Here are few case studies professional life. Strong position of Lagna Lord in the chart gives abilities to fight with situation which important to sustain at the position. Sun is the king of all the planets , being karaka for the lagna , intelligence light of knowledge , power and authority and royal status plays a very imp.

Leo is the Fifth house of the natural zodiac and is lorded by the sun , the kind among all the planets and known as royal sign. This sign is used to study power. Fifth house of the chart is studied for the follower. Tenth house and its lord from the moon and lagna as well are the important pillers for giving direction to the career line and stability in that.

This shows your position in the society or social status u hold. Planets and houses causes distructions. Saturn is the karaka for the servants or subordinates and inimical to the sun boss. Cancer is the exception in all three placements 1 st , 5 th and 10 th because cancer , being sign of 4 th house in natural zodiac and emotional sign considered house of mother and Saturn here placed does not performed negative for the native.

This can also be considered as cause of downfall due to misdeeds of past birth or deeds agains the dharma. Case Study and Example - I. KETU 1. Yoga karaka Saturn Lord of 9 th and 10 th house , being a lord of trinal and quadrant house Saturn is called yogakaraka in tauras ascendant placed in cancer in 3 rd house and aspacting Lagna lord venus in 9 th house. This is a good Rajyoga, Placement of Lagna lord venus in 9 th house is promising career at foreignland.

Transit of Rahu in capricorn given a sudden change in his career , Anterdasa 10 th house lord saturn worked for him and in pratayanter dasa of 5 th house lord mercury he got a very good overseas apportunity and shifted from india. Case Study and Example - II. SHUKR 9. Placement of Guru and Shukra with 2 nd house lord wealth is a strong dhana yoga , 9 th house lord mercury in lagna is also very good for fortune but simultaneously mercury is also 6 th house lord and aspacted by the rahu from the 9 th house, Lagna Lord and 2 nd house lord in 12 th house with 12 th house lord is very sensitive in term of loss of property and wealth 4 th house lord mars is also in 12 th , 1 st half of Jupiter dasha gave huge money to the native from the stock market , but 2 nd half of the Jupiter dasha brought bed luck for him and he lost almost everything.

Reader may see the combination of 10 th lord in 12 th house alongwith 12 th lord and 6 th house lord in lagna with the black moon moon of amavasya gives results akil to the rahu and perform very inauspiciously for the native. Example of Saturn in the lagna , See Saturn being 12 th house lord is placed in lagna in own sign, but aspact of Saturn on 2 nd house lord Jupiter in 3 rd house and presence of lagna provan in auspicious.

Native suffered heavy losses in his business and this all causes his downfall from the position in society , loss of reputation and somany legal proceedings against him. Above and all there are certain precautions and remedies which can reduces these losses if we get any idea of the future happenings. Om Sai Ram. Pankaj Upadhyay,. Call for fix an appointment. Cell : Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

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K N Rao methods on famous people horoscope by jamini char dasha. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Nirmal Kumar Bhardwaj. M K Mishra. Peruvemba Vaidyanathan Narayanan. Jyotish Freedom. CS Narayana. Khoo Hock Leong Khoo. Varun Kalra. ProfessorAsim Kumar Mishra.

Parameshwaran Shanmugasundharam. S K Mishra. Ritu Aryan. More From sanjay. Juan Davalos. Ravindra Kumar Kaul. Popular in Technology. Andi Ihsan. Mohamed Rasith Ali.

Irvette Abary. Mohammed Sarjoon. Aishwarya Gaikwad. Asmin Oktoria Manurung. Lester E. Ayu Nur A'Ini. Okky Sri Purwanti. Bob Kowalski. Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan. Umar Muktar Isduri. Priyanka Dhurvey Singh. Kim Sanchez.

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Ups & Downs In Career (3rd Enlarged Edition) by KN Rao [VP]

From relative obscurity in , K. Rao has become one of the leading Jyotish astrologers. He is the retired Director General of the Indian office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, with a life-long interest in astrology, which he learned from his mother. He calls astrology the super-science of the new age. He is a prolific writer. He believes deeply in research that brings solid results. He is unafraid of redefining ancient Vedic scriptures for modern times.


Ups and Downs in Career






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