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Privacy Policy. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Ellis' Tuff Cuff program? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I am considering purchasing Steven Ellis' Tuff Cuff training program, but would like to hear feedback from those on BBF who have used it both with and without positive results.

If I do buy, I intend to use the program with players aged 9 to 18 who I coach at various levels. I am looking to incorporate more bodyweight training, plyometrics, etc. It seems that every season the number of pitchers and position guys with "sore" arms increases, and I am looking to help them stay healthy and learn to repeat the correct, safe mecahnics. I am from Cuba. I am 21 years old. Thank you. Tags: None. Ursa Major.

BHS, when asking others to comment on a program, device, etc. But looking at the pieces, it seems comparable to what I've seen by successful coaches elsewhere. What I can say from reviewing and being a sporadic participant of Ellis' Complete Pitcher site is that a he's a legitimate instructor and former pro who really knows his stuff, and b he really does give feedback if you've got questions and issues. Comment Post Cancel. I will post links in the future, I did not think about that this time 'round.

I'm an admin on his site and he's a friend of mine so take this with that knowledge. You'll be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive "program" for getting a kid from puberty all the way through college. There is much literature on the subject but not much is out there that allows for and includes means of measure and tracking, along with explanations for the various changes in focus.

He uses the Chicago Cubs conditioning program for the basis of his higher level training and having seen it work on both the Jr. High and HS level, real world, it was appreciated as a great aid and guide. This along with the fact that Steven is accessable as anyone I've ever seen regarding questions or comment. What about for the age group? Originally posted by jdfromfla View Post. The focus and aim is where I said, he encompasses the younger groups but is very much less structured in his approach.

Knowing him as I do, I'd say he doesn't hold much for concentrated conditioning in the per-pubescent, he has always encouraged full funtional fitness and fundemental instruction for that group. Many of the imbalanced muscle masses produced by these methods can actually hinder athletic performance especially with an injurious approach to mechanics. The fact that the Cubs designed this program means little if the designers did not use the specificity principle to produce it.

That being said, If this lesser approach is all you got then go for it! This is one of the better general training program out there for pitchers. Primum non nocere. Ad Widget. Yes No. OK Cancel.


TUFFCUFF Jr: Instructional Manual & Training Guide for Baseball Pitchers Ages 8 to 13 (1st Edition)

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TUFFCUFF Jr : Instructional Manual and Training Guide for Baseball Pitchers Ages 8 To 13

Baseball Training. Programming For Kids. Training Programs. Kids Programs. Workout Programs. Young Man. Young Adults.

SP3243 PDF

17 Workout Tips Every Youth Pitcher Should Know

If lifting weights means strength training and your son is a baseball pitcher around 10 or older, research from the Mayo Clinic says, Yes. Youth pitching workouts not only can improve baseball performance but they can help prevent injuries as well. But some light resistance training that includes body weight exercises, jump rope, resistance bands, medicine balls and lightweight dumbbells with a special emphasis on proper technique and safety—that's the type of youth pitching workout that can help build functional strength and increase velocity. Click here to subscribe. Angie Diedrick.

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