Sonoma Urn Company. This is a cross of two unrelated clones. The capsule parent is from my line breeding and the pollen parent is an awarded alba clone with excellent shape from Tom Perlite of Golden Gate Orchids. Both parents test clean for virus, but just to be careful, it was sown from sterilized dry seed so there would be no chance of virus passed from parents. The seedlings in flask are vigorous growers.

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In stock. Local 2 Tel. My Account. Sign in. Acanthaceae Aphelandra Chamaeranthemum More Alstroemeriaceae Bomarea More Apocynaceae, Hoya Aquifoliaceae Ilex More Arecaceae Ceroxylon More Begoniaceae Begonia More Caricaceae Vasconcellea More Commelinaceae Geogenanthus More Cyclanthaceae Dicranopygium More Dicksoniaceae Dicksonia More Ericaceae Cavendishia Ceratostema More Euphorbiaceae Jatropha More Fabaceae Brownea More Heliconiaceae Heliconia More Lycopodiaceae Lycopodium More Malvaceae Quararibea Theobroma More Marantaceae Calathea Copstus Maranta More Melastomataceae Tibouchina More Moraceae Artocarpus More Nepenthaceae Nepenthes More Onagraceae Fuchsia More Oxalidaceae Biophytum Oxalis More Piperaceae Peperomia More Rubiaceae Borojoa Psychotria More Solanaceae Solanum More Taccaceae Tacca More Urticaceae Pilea Tours Tours Tours Tours Lycaste virginalis 4.

Description Ratings 4 Additional product information Climate Intermediate. Customer ratings for Lycaste virginalis Number of ratings: 4 Average rating: 4. Read all ratings Write your own review.

Plant came very healthy, I will have to wait to see any blooms which is why I only gave 4 stars. Bloom true to the picture of the bloom. The last bloom remains. My prized plant. Lycaste tricolor. Lycaste brevispatha. Lycaste macrophylla var. Lycaste puntarenasensis var boquete. Dracula vampira. Lycaste ciliata. Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg. Maxillaria grandiflora. Cattleya Blazing Maris. Dendrobium stratiotes. Dracula gigas red. Maxillaria striata. Cattleya lueddemanniana 'Cesar Fernandez' x 'Infierno' 'Nicanor'.

Anguloa virginalis. Masdevallia lucernula.


Lycaste virginalis - from wet nurse to white nun

The white form of Lycaste virginalis , which is often sold under the name Lycaste skinneri , is the national flower of Guatemala. Lycaste Orchid. Usually epiphytic, the two or three leaved pseudobulbs of Lycaste orchids become wrinkled with age. The pleated leaves sometimes last two years, but often drop off before the plant blooms. The single, fragrant flowers, which grow on spikes from the base of recent pseudobulbs, last six to eight weeks on the plant.


Lycaste Orchid

While flowers on all the white forms are maddeningly delicate when handled and bruise very easily, they are certainly worth the effort involved in growing them to perfection. Healthy flowers have excellent substance, crystalline texture and can last up to six weeks in good condition if keep cool, bright and dry pink forms last notably longer than albas. Click on images to open in an expanded lightbox or to view footnotes. Above left, lip and column detail on a cultivated Lycaste virginalis f.


Lycaste skinneri orchid plant care and culture

Lycaste skinneri , also known as Lycaste virginalis , is a species of epiphyte orchid that resides in the south of Mexico , Guatemala , El Salvador and Honduras , at an average altitude of meters above sea level. Long leaves grow from its thick pseudobulbs. They can vary from being completely white in the Alba variety, passing from different tones of pink to lavender. A mature plant can produce between 4 and 12 flowers during the time of its blooming, which lasts between 6 and 8 weeks. It is a hermaphrodite plant capable of producing millions of seeds inside of a fruit in the form of a capsule. Nevertheless, the necessary conditions for the germination include the presence of a specific fungus , which results in the plant being very scarce whose commercialization is prohibited in Guatemala.


Lycaste virginalis

In stock. Local 2 Tel. My Account. Sign in. Acanthaceae Aphelandra Chamaeranthemum More Alstroemeriaceae Bomarea More Apocynaceae, Hoya Aquifoliaceae Ilex

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