If you would like to write an article and submit it for possible publication in this section Please contact Marian Dolan, Editor Email: mdolan aya. Dolan Choral Conductor. As I write this article, it is August here in Florida, so the sunny days are long, the beach is quiet and welcoming, and the temperatures are very warm. I'm engaged in a summer choral ritual that musically defies these hot temperatures: searching for December 'holiday' music with its images of snow, darkness, candlelight and wintry scenes!

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We see that javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser - javascript is needed for important actions on the site. Read more. Home - Login. Your source for swapping cds online How To Swap CDs? Search - Sissel :: De Beste Inte F? Sissel Has Been Norway? Here is Sissel? Excellent Survey of her Finest Recordings Plus Rare Juven. It brings together the best of Sissel's output from 20 years of glorious music-making.

The first disc is devoted to her so-called "Top 20". They give a fairly good representation of her repertoire from folk, to classical, to gospel, to pop and are a fitting monument to her radiant voice. It's an old-style church hymn that will bring comfort to even the most troubled heart.

Disc 1 ends with a new English recording of "Silent Night" and we are reminded in the accompanying notes that Sissel's Christmas album - titled "Gladje Jul" Happy Christmas in Norway and "Stilla Natt" Silent Night in Sweden - made Scandinavian history by selling over , copies domestically and just under a million copies across Scandinavia.

At that time, she recorded Silent Night in both Norwegian and Swedish. This marks her first complete recording of Silent Night in English. And what a beautiful recording it is - simple and traditional, rising steadily from its quiet beginning to its plaintively soaring end.

This CD was released in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in December in time for Christmas, which explains the new recording of "Silent Night" and the presence of so many Juletide songs in the selection. Even amongst her juvenilia there are some true gems. The songs are all recorded live in front of a TV audience.

Sound quality is very good save for the occasional audience cough and throat clearing. She delivers an adorable Norwegian version of the Japanese song "Sukiyaki" and the booklet has a charming picture of her holding a Japanese parasol. Bergensiana Udsigter fra Ulriken - View from Ulriken is the unofficial anthem of her hometown of Bergen, belted out with obvious pride at the Grieghallen during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ulriken is the highest of the 7 mountains overlooking Bergen. The last 10 songs are duets, collectively titled "Minnerike Duetter" Memorable Duets. Most are not separately available on her albums.

They reflect her wildly eclectic collaborative choices, everything from classical, to rock, to pop, to rap. This song was Sissel's contribution to an ecumenical project called "Hip Hop meets the Classics. Amazingly this strange confection reached the top of the charts across Europe and made it to No. For her millions of fans, she will always remain Norway's Singing Ambassador to the World.

This CD collection comes with a generously illustrated page booklet. Sadly no lyrics are provided. Instead there is a short write-up on each song. You can download the lyrics from her official website or from her many fansites. As this is a Norwegian import, all the notes are in Norwegian. This cd has a lot of her earlier recordings, not available in the US. This seller offered it at a great price, with great service! I definitely recommend it!

I can share one thing with the public that may be helpful to them. Her exqusite voice along with these wonderful muscial presentations are guarenteed to uplift and brighten the listener's day!! Hope you enjoy these Sissel classics!! Tony Foley". Sister Sites PaperBackSwap. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. All Rights Reserved. Larger Image Listen to Samples. B-Tribe Fiesta Fatal!


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