Last week saw the first all-women team doing a spacewalk, but how have other women fared at the final frontier? The Soviet pilot-cosmonaut was the first woman to do a spacewalk, when she flew to the space station Salyut 7 in December Later, speaking of her time in outer space, she recalled encountering sexism. Chiaki was the first Japanese woman in space, a feat she accomplished when she went aboard space shuttle Columbia in July Four years later, she became the first Japanese citizen to have two space flights.

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Chawla was the first woman to study aeronautical engineering at Punjab Engineering College; she continued her education at the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she earned a doctorate in aeronautical engineering She first flew on the Columbia in as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator.

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Kalpana Chawla

Remembering Kalpana Chawla on her death anniversary. Chawala was a former student of the school, which sponsors two girls to visit NASA each year. The Indian-born Chawla was one of the seven astronauts killed when Space Shuttle Columbia broke up upon reentry February 1, , over Texas. Image: Getty Images. Flight engineer Kalpana Chawla answers reporters' questions during a press conference at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.


Kalpana Chawla: Biography & Columbia Disaster

She was the first Indian-American astronaut and the first Indian woman to go into space. She got married to flight instructor Jean-Pierre Harrison. She first flew in on the STS She served on the shuttle as of mission specialist and the main person sleeping the shuttle's robotic arms. She was born in Karnal , Haryana. She got a degree in aronautical engineering from Punjab Engineering elementary school. She moved to America and became a naturalized U.

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