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Joone Core Engine Guide. The Co mplete Gui de. All you nee d t o kn ow abo ut Joon e. Jan uary Ja v a Object Oriented Neural Engine. T able o f Co nte nts. I would like to present the ob jectives that I had in mind when I sta rted to wri te the firs t lines of code. My dream was and stil l is to cre ate a framework t o implem ent a new app roach the use of neu ral. I felt this necess ity becaus e the biggest and unresol ved until now prob lem is to find the.

Okay - you'l l say - t his is what w e can do simp ly b y train ing some randoml y initia lized neural. Y es, it's true, but this is jus t scholast ic theory , becaus e train ing on ly one neural network , especially. T o find the best neural network is a really hard task becaus e we need to determ ine many param eters.

The basic idea is to have an env ironm ent to easily train many neural networks in parallel, initial ised. Not only that, but this proc ess could continue retrain ing the selected NNs until some final paramete r. T he best architectu re ca n be discove red. Man y prog rams today exis t that perm it selection of the fittest neur al. I want to go beyon d th is, becaus e my goal i s to buil d a flexib le. Thi s is why Joo ne has its own distrib uted train ing environm ent and.

My dreams aren't finished , because anot her one is to m ake a trained NN eas ily usable and. For example , I'm imagin ing an assur ance company that cont inuous ly.

Thi s is why a neural network buil t with Joone is serializa ble and remo tely transport able usin g any. Moreov er , my dream can beco me a more soli d reality thank s to the advent of hand held dev i ces like. Joo ne is ready to run on them, too. Pao lo Ma rrone. Consequentl y , a decisio nal syste m bas ed on such p ersonal char acteristics can not b e built. This paper describe s the t echnical conce pts underlying the core engine of.

Joone, explaining in detail the architectur al design that is at its foundation. This paper is intended to provide the users - or anyone inter e sted to use Joone -. A basic knowledge of the basic conc epts underlying the artificial n eural. Joone applications can b e built on a.

Joone consists of a modular architectur e based on l ink able components that. All the components have some basic specific features , like persistence,. Thes e featur es guarantee. Joone applications ar e built out of components. Compone nts are plugga ble,. Components ar e wri tten by d evelopers. AI e xperts and designers can build applications by gluing together components.

Ar ound the components will b e based all the modules and applications written. Joone can be us ed to build Custom Systems , adopted in an Embedde d manner. A gr eat n eed of the i ndustrial mark et is to have the possibility to res olve.

Joone wants to repr esent the optimal solution to build applications to. Its characteristics are optimal to bu ild custom applications dr iven from the.

Each enhancement of Joone will be compatible also with the n ecessity of build. Into the co re engine, the co mpone nts are the bricks to build whatever neural. Their purpose is to create A I applications writing Java. In the respect of the goal that aims to obtain a wide adoption of Joon e fr om the. LGPL , so ev eryone can freely embed the engine into existing or n ew. This will never change. The business model of Joone contemplates the possibility of pr ovide mor e.

One long-term goal of Joone is to become the basic framework to provide a. The d emand for softwar e pr oducts available for such kind of device s is gr o wing,.

Joone wants to be pr esent in that mark et and repr es ent the main framework to. The core engine of J oone is already suitable for small devices, having a small.

This guide i s composed by the following chapters the asterisks indicate the. This Chapter contains a bri ef description of Joone, what it is and what are its. This is a starter gu ide to l ear n how to download and install all the Joone. These chapters i llustrate the basic concepts underlying the core engine. This is a practical guide about how to build the most common neural network. F or each of them an example i s built using the visual editor. This Chapter can.

This Chapter explains the main features of Joone using concrete and useful. Applying the program ming techniques described. Joone w a s made possible thank s to the many p eople that have agreed my. This is the. P aolo Marrone, the founder and pr oject manager of Joone, wants to thank all.

They are listed in alphabetical or der :. Thanks also to the following people for their unvaluable contribution:. Do you w an t to see you r nam e lis ted abo ve? J oin us : any con trib ution is alw ay s welco me,. Y ou can also con ta ct me even if you 'r e not a java dev elop er, but, as.

Of cour se the Fo rum s on the web site and m y emai l add r ess ar e alway s open. Tha nks. I want also to thank all the authors of the following O. Due to h is dir ect exper ience, or because he has received i nfor mations fr om.

About the memory require me nt, it depends on the complexity of the neural. The author ra n. Joone is distrib uted bo th in sour ce and com piled for m. The co mpiled. Solar is and Ja va are trademark s of Sun Mic rosystems, Inc. Windows is a registered tradema rk of Mic rosoft Corpora tion. All other marks are propert ies of their respe ctive owners. The compiled form of the cor e engine can be useful to run a whatever.

All the classes are contained into the library joone-. Download joone-ext. Unzip both the above files into a pre d efined directory of your file system. A t this point you should have a director y tree. Joo ne-e ng ine. Put the jo one-e ngin e. R un your own application.

Li brar y Pur pos e Wh en us ed. Nee ded onl y if you want to us e th e. Nee ded only if you use the Ex cel. Used o nly in co njuncti on wit h t he G UI. Ne ver. As you can see, only the first two libraries have to be present into your.

The last three libraries, instead, must be used only in conjunction wi th the GUI. W e have pr epar ed pack aged installers for the following platform s 3 :. All you need to do is to do wnload the appropr iate installe r depending on your. A f t er downloading open a shell and, cd to the directory wher e you.


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