I'm always amused at those who want popcorn fiction to be Dostoevsky and base their reviews on this. James Rollins is fun reading. His books are like a summer blockbuster. They're supposed to be

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I'm always amused at those who want popcorn fiction to be Dostoevsky and base their reviews on this. James Rollins is fun reading. His books are like a summer blockbuster.

They're supposed to be This book makes you think a lot deeper than your average book. It hooks you from the preface and keeps you hooked throughout the entire book till the end. Nathan Rand is tasked with going into the He received a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Missouri in After graduation, he started his veterinary practice in Sacramento, California.

His first novel, Subterranean, was published in Amazonia : A Novel. James Rollins. From James Rollins, national bestselling author of Subterranean, Excavation, and Deep Fathom, comes a breathtaking masterwork of extraordinary adventure -- a gripping journey into a wilderness of astonishing mysteries as deadly as they are unfathomable.

Within hours, the CIA operative and former special forces soldier -- tongueless, scarred, his eyes wide with terror -- is dead. But the most disturbing aspect of Agent Gerald Clark's death has his superiors in Washington baffled. Agent Clark had only one arm when he first came to the Amazon -- the result of a well-placed sniper's bullet -- but the photograph of him submitted by a Brazilian morgue shows a corpse with two upper limbs fully intact.

Nathan Rand has made the Amazon region his home since his father led a scientific mission into the lush green wilderness and never returned -- the same doomed expedition that took Gerald Clark into the jungle.

Now the government wants Nate to follow the elder Rand's trail, accompanied by a team of scientists and a phalanx of experienced U. For somewhere in the dark, impenetrable depths of the most dangerous region on Earth there are mysteries that must be solved, no matter what the cost in money, materials There are undreamed-of perils here in this breathtaking world where devouring insects rule, diseases unknown to modern science flourish, and rivers teem with hungry, flesh-eating predators.

As Nate Rand and his party push deeper into the jungle, toward places no human has ever entered, they are haunted by an ugly truth that cannot be dismissed and, perhaps, will not be survived: They are not alone But the threat of mortal hunters pales before the nightmare that awaits fourteen unsuspecting men and women, as each step brings them closer to an ancient, unspoken terror that even the native peoples fear.

And as madness, terror, and horrific death descend upon the second cursed Rand expedition, those still living are forced to confront a power beyond human imagining -- one that can forever alter the world beyond the dark, lethal confines of the Amazon rainforest for better


Amazonia by James Rollins

Don't get me wrong, the plants mentioned in the novel were fairly interesting, but it wasn't adequate to make the novel as amazing as it should've been. Like I said, we're talking about the Amazon here, anything can happen. It being a huge mystery, James Rollins could've given us more than what he did. I can't further express how disappointed I am, because the list would go on and on if I am to talk about the inadequacy of the Amazon experience I was looking forward to. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


By James Rollins. The figure wore a tattered pair of black denim pants and nothing else. Bare-chested and shoeless, the man fell to his knees among rows of sprouting cassava plants. His skin, burnt a deep mocha, was tattooed with blue and crimson dyes. Eou, shori, he said. Welcome, friend, to the mission of Wauwai. The stranger lifted his face, and Garcia instantly knew his mistake.

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