The biggest challenge the world is facing today is fighting terrorism. There have been many events in the history lately involving terrorist attacks in different parts of the world in different forms. But the most gruesome of all — September 11 terrorist attack on the twin towers World Trade Centre proved that the national and international security was on stake. As security and safety are entirely different topics, new amendments were made in SOLAS and the Chapter XI, which contains measures to enhance maritime safety, by renaming to Chapter XI-1 and a new Chapter XI-2 was added with additional focus on maritime security. The ISPS code was implemented by IMO on July 1 st as a comprehensive set of measurements for international security by prescribing responsibilities to government authority, port authority, shipping companies and seafarers. The ISPS code mainly looks after the security aspects of the ship, seafarers, ports and port workers, to ensure preventive measures can be taken if a security threat is determined.

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The ISPS Code For Ships – An Essential Quick Guide

Development and implementation were sped up drastically in reaction to the September 11, attacks and the bombing of the French oil tanker Limburg. The U. The measures agreed under the Code were brought into force on July 1, The SSO also ensures that the security crew is trained for high security level purposes. This process must be approved by the administration of the flag state of the ship or verified security organization with approval of the Ship Security Plan or Vessel Security Plan VSP. Therefore, the VSP must include procedures to allow necessary communication that shall be enforced at all times.


SOLAS XI-2 and the ISPS Code

Granudden Port Facilities. Telefon 88 43 Fax 91 60 E-post info gavlehamn. Information regarding port security within Fredriksskans and Granudden Port Facilities. This information has been issued because of the international rules concerning port security the ISPS code in operation from 1 July and aims at clarifying the rules that apply within the port facilities. Prenotification 24 hours prior to their call at the latest, visiting vessels should prenotify the port in writing of their arrival.


International Ship and Port Facility Security Code

In order to achieve the above objectives, SOLAS contracting governments, port authorities and shipping companies are required, under the ISPS Code, to designate appropriate security officers and personnel, on each ship, port facility and shipping company. IMO is able to provide support to Member states in need of assistance in implementing the Code, by way of national and regional workshops, seminars, needs assessment missions, etc. The Guide is a compendium of maritime security related information, drawn primarily from IMO sources. It is comprised of the ISPS Code's non-mandatory Part B, as well as a variety of maritime security related IMO resolutions, circulars and circulars letters, a full list of which is provided in Appendix 1. In particular, the Guide assists port facility personnel with security duties and shipping company employees with security duties in ports, port facilities and on board ships.

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