Designed and tested for full interoperability with leading IP-PBXs, Softswitches and most SIP-based environments, the GXW technology ensures manageability, a simple configuration, superb voice and video quality and feature rich functionality. The GXW series also offers a video surveillance port and is the only small business gateway in the industry that provides a video surveillance option. For advanced applications, the user is required to choose at least one SIP server field from the SIP profiles and one stage dialing under system Channel configuration table. Your source for Panasonic phone systems for over 30 years! Printable Version.

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Up to 8 FXS Ports, model dependant, allowing for SIP registration individually at the port level, or you it can be used to route a few registrations while providing call paths for any number of alias DID's on your account.

Before you begin, ensure that your device is on the latest firmware release. Firmware Version 1. This guide assumes that you have configured the device's network settings as required by your network topology. Contact us by email or ticket to request this feature be enabled on your account. You can download the current production release from the link above. Once downloaded, you'll navigate to " Advanced Settings " and click the " Upload from Local Directory " button.

Select the file you downloaded from Cisco's website, and then click " Apply " once this has completed your device will reboot.

You can then move on to the steps below. SIP Hostname: sip. See the screenshot below for reference. Set the following:. Fax Mode: T. Now that our device has been configured properly, add the associated account details. For the purposes of this guide, we'll be using the following DIDs to demonstrate how this will work:.

We used FXS1 in this example. Note: This is not the same as your my. Give it a name and assign it to the Profile you used above. We used Profile 1 in this example. Finally, contact the T38Fax support team to enable support for this method of routing on your Power-T. As always, if you have any trouble our Engineers are always willing to help you work through any problem with your service! Why ? Learn More. Enter your SIP Username here. This should be a DID assigned to your account that is available for registration.

IE: Still Confused? Learn More! Still Confused? Did you find it helpful? Yes No. New Support Ticket. Enter your search term here Can you please tell us how we can improve this article?

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Grandstream GXW 4004

Quick Links. Grandstream Networks, Inc. Table of Contents. Analog ip gateway gxw series 4 or 8 fxs ports 35 pages. Page 5: Connect Your GxwX 2. Page Placing A Phone Call 2.


Grandstream GXW4004 VoIP Gateway Setup

Integrated Web Conferencing. Work from Anywhere. Voice or video call colleagues. Live Chat for your Website. Don't Close Shop. Step 1: Create Fax extension Optional. Step 2: Add and Choose Device.


Grandstream GXW-4004 4 Port FXS Gateway


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