All glories to Sri Govinda-lilamrta, the immortal nectar pastimes of Sri Govinda, that defeats the nectar of the demigods, or the desire for liberation, constantly bestow a wonderful thirst to the ears, words and mind whenever it is drunk, that cures the disease of material life, yet produces delusions and blindness of loving intoxication, and gives inexhaustible relish, even if it is consumed again and again, nourishing even the body. Verify the characters on the left. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts. Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts. Your interests Optional. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times.

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Create a Ning Network! In spite of this, I cannot appreciate him within my heart. She wears a dress that resembles crystal, and her complexion is like pure gold. Those sweet, soft, auspicious sounds come and grace everyone! The breezes spread their auspicious aromas in all directions, bringing pure delight and joy to all.

It deals with the time from 3. But even though I am incompetent, mediocre, less intelligent and unqualified, I desire to taste that nectar!

Now they joyfully surrounded the bower and started warbling. He became angry at the tigers of their proud pique and roars at them with the sound of the cooing pigeons. Please arise from Your moonlike bed! Awaken Your lover, who is sheltered in Your arms and who is tired of loving pastimes! The morning sun, which is so cruel to young girls by nature, is swiftly rising! O Lotus-eyed friend Radhike! The night is over, the morning has come!

The sun has risen! Arise now from Your nice bed of cool leaves! Look, morning has broken! Swiftly return to Your abode in the meadows, which is affectionately served by Your relatives and superiors! If not, You may be embarrassed by them!

So give up Your sleep, 0 Krishna! The owls, who are blind for the day, enter into their tree-hollows, becoming silent out of fear of the sounds of day. Look, the sun is swiftly rising! Give up Your drowsiness and wake up, wake up Your lover! Working people are coming now for their scheduled work! Although She had awoken, She could not move Her body even slightly.

Your mother has risen and is approaching Your bedroom, saying:. Before she gets there, quickly get up from bed and return to Your room! Her eyes restlessly rolled like wagtail birds and Her curly locks surrounded Her forehead like a swarm of black bees. He bent His neck and repeatedly kissed Her face which was beautified by Her smiling cheeks. Those girlfriends, afraid of the unavoidable dawn, entered the grove which was filled with the sounds of many bees, joking and prodding each other, joyfully smiling.

Then She sat down next to Her lover. Their bed indicated all these different sports. Both were immersed in an ocean of love-bliss. The morning has come and still You could not leave this innocent girl? With Her eyes wandering like baby-fish and saddened by the prospect of separation from Krishna, She got up from bed. I mean never ever would only chant 16 rounds. They restlessly looked all around, casting squinted glances at each other in great bliss.

Look at this rising sun! Because of breaking the enjoyment of the best of women with their lovers, he lost both his legs through leprosy. Still he will not give up. Look, the eastern direction the wife of the sun seeing the sun rising in the morning, his body reddened by touching the other directions directions are female turned red out of envy, like a mistress who sees her lover approaching at dawn with the sign of love-enjoyment of another lady on his body!

This lotus flower says to the water lily: "0 Lily! Hearing these words from the lotus flower, who is exclusively dependent on the now rising sun, and very happy through its association its warm rays , the water lily becomes shy and covers her face with her petals in the morning. They called out for a dark moon night when the sun is devoured by the eclipse along with the moon.

Some may say ok I get a gist here. Only the fortunate souls will read Caitanya Caritamrta and Govinda Lilamrta. My Gurudeva have given me permission to study Govinda lilamrta so I do so under his order.

The forest is full of joy because of uniting with her lover the spring. It is as if the she-pigeon shrieks slightly because of love-excitement. Just when the female bee is trying to crawl out of the slowly opening lotus petals in which she was captured at night, she is followed by a bee who was colored yellow from his playing with the pollen of the water lilies.

Thus she follows her lover. The wind, moving through the sandal trees, carrying the fragrance of lotus flowers, teaches the vines, who are like his young maiden pupils, how to dance, blows around the water, taking away the fatigue and perspiration of the best of women and her lover! She said: "Daybreak comes, dressed in red cloth like a female ascetic with matted locks jatila , praised by virtuous men, her rays of sunshine rising in the sky. Yes Radha was married to a Abhimanyu who is simply there to enhance Krsnas pastimes ,He is really Krsna Himself and expansion of Krsna.

But He never touch Radha. Srila Jiva Goswami has explained this. Who is Jatila in Gauras lila???? Ramachandra Puri the disciple of Madhavendra Puri. Comment : Yes Krsna is playing the role of having many lovers and girlfriends in Vrindavana ,what is the nature of these conjugal pastimes. First let us be fully free from all sex desires of the material world and sublte sex life. Even then most souls will never realize. Chandravali and Radha are really like transcendental sisters , Chandravali is an expansion of Radha.

Then They fearlessly entered into Their individual rooms and lay down in Their own beds, Their minds afflicted with fatigue. Views: Join Sastra Caksusa. Sign Up or Sign In. Powered by. Ning Create a Ning Network!

Sastra Caksusa seeing through the eyes of scriptures. People cannot renounce. They are very much attached to this material body and anything in relationship with this body. But the real purpose of human life is to become renounced, no more material body. That is required. Because we want this material body, therefore we get it, life after life. This will continue so long we'll be overpowered by material thought. Home where is the home of the Divine couple ,do you know?

Krsna is running to Nandagrama and Radha to Varsana or Yavat. They are running hand in hand , full of lovemarks from Their Divine lovemaking. Sri Radha is wearing the Yellow dhoti of Krsna and with Her golden complexion, we have to pray to one day be abel to see these pastimes and enter them. But hearing about them is the first step. Views: Tags:. Comment You need to be a member of Sastra Caksusa to add comments!

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Sri Govinda Lilamrta

Expressions researched: "Govinda-lilamrta". No one else. They are happiness personified, unlimited and all-powerful. Who can be interested in Their spiritual pastimes without taking their shelter? She is compared to a creeper with newly grown flowers and leaves. Actually this is not at all wonderful. Her lips began to move with jubilation and lusty desire.

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