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OD: mm, Thick: mm. Standard Sea Worthy Package or as per customer required. Delivery port. Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao or any other port in China.

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The limitation of the effectiveness period has been lifted: Protocol No. GOST Pipes of steel, seamless hot-rolled. GOST Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes. ATK Pipeline viewing lights. Types and designs. GOST Wooden drums for wire ropes. GOST GOST Vessels attaching rigs. Erection lugs. Design and dimensions. Oblong erection lugs. Election lugs.

Technical requirements. GOST Gauges for products made from wood and wooden materials. GOST Flange joints for hydraulic and lubricating systems. GOST Commercial explosives. GOST Accessories for vertical cylindrical storage tank for petroleum products. Siphon taps. Basic parameters and dimensions. GOST Soils. Methods for radioisotope measurement of density and humidity. GOST Pipe-billets for machining. General specifications. GOST Annular diamond drills for reinforced concrete constructions.

Methods of mechanical testing of metals compression test method. GOST Freight handling rope slings for construction. GOST House-tube water-watered heat supply systems. GOST Seamless hot-worked carbon and alloy steel pipes and tubes with special properties. GOST Steel and cast iron tubes and pipes with protective coatings. GOST Steel bellows expansion joints for heat networks. GOST Automobile roads of general use. Supports of stationary electric lighting.

GOST Railway bus. General technical requirements. GOST Pipeline valves. Knife gate valves for trunk pipelines. GOST Pipeline accessories. Check fittings for main oil pipelines and oil product pipelines. GOST Accessories for vertical cylindrical strorace tank for pertoleum products. Cast iron joints for swing tube.

GOST Benzenes. Method for determining the duration of the induction period. GOST Filling-draining equipment for flammable and highly inflammable liquids.

Single filling-draining standpipe with manual pump. Powered single filling-draining standpipe. GOST Accessories for horizontal cylindrical storage tanks for petroleum products.

Receiving and distributing sleeve. GOST Equipment for horizontal tanks for petroleum products. Ventilating tip. GOST Rollers and spacings of roll tables of rolling mills. GOST Seamless steel tubes for petroleum processing and petrochemical industry. GOST Steel seamless hot-shaped pipes for shipbuilding. Technical safety requirements and test methods. General technical requirements and test methods.

Pumps for the trunk oil pipelines. General Requirements. General requirements. Requirements for gas distribution networks. Part 2. Steel gas pipelines. Tube expanding in tube-sheets.

Fittings for diameters from to mm. Steel piles of pipes used for foundation construction of above-ground pipelines supports. GOST R Requirements for gas consumption networks. Part 0. Manual: Manual for impulse and low consumption fire extinguishing systems.

MDS Recommendations for compilation of technical specifications. MI State system for ensuring uniformity of measurements. Methodical instructions. Machine-oriented data recording system for metals alloys. ODM OST Parts of trunk pipelines, steel welded on Ru to OST Aft water chambers with flat bottom, two-way. Aft water chambers with flat bottom, four-way. Casings, branch pipes with flanges. Forward water chambers. Connecting branch. Nominal pressure is no more than 4,0 MPa.

Spring bloc of hang. Spring basic block of hang. OST Pipe input-outputs of steel welded containers and devices. OST Symbols of materials in the design documentation. OST Heat exchangers and standard air cooling devices. Technical requirements to a bead forming with torque limiting.

OST Billets made of structural steel for engineering. General Specifications. OST Parts of seamless steel welded pipelines on Rrab. OST Supports and suspensions of station pipelines Py. Fluxing automatic arc welding.

Typical technological process. Types and basic parameters. PB Process pipeline design and safe operation rules. PB Safety regulations for gas-handling facilities of metallurgic and coke-chemical industries and enterprises. PGVU Dust-gas and air pipelines of thermal power plants.

PNST Bearing structures of railway signaling devices. R Recommendations for the design and construction of offshore subsea oil and gas pipelines.


GOST 8732 Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes-Range of sizes

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GOST 8731-74/8732-78 hot rolled seamless steel pipe



GOST 8732-78



GOST 8732-78 Steel 20 Carbon Steel Pipe


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