Loaded with advanced technology, these GPUs have the power and premium features you need for fully immersive gameplay. Expand your visual real estate across up to three displays with revolutionary ATI Eyefinity Technology. The GE incorporates exclusive GPU Boost technology, to easily achieve the perfect balance of performance and battery life for your needs. Streamlined touch-style hotkeys The GE uses all-new touch-sensitive hotkeys, with a housing sheathed in a glossy black finish, and no extraneous ornaments to clutter its sleek looks. Through a deft mix of icy hues, the GE achieves a sophisticated and distinctive elegance.

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Jump to navigation. EN compliance certificate. Two temperature sensors, with automatic commutation to one sensor under critical temperature reading conditions. Anti-tampering seal and disassembly alarm with data saving.

Daily data saving with monthly historical record. Lithium battery, standard life 10 years. Radiator max. Working temperature range min. T for metering start - max. GEY with remote sensor. To be used in installation situations in which the radiator is difficult to access, or where there is insufficient space to fit the heat cost allocator.

In these cases, the heat cost allocator and probe can be installed separately, with the remote sensor in contact with the surface of the radiator. Suitable for measuring thermal consumption in convectors. Includes probe and kit to fit the heat cost allocator to the wall. Remote probe cable length: 2 m. Direct and indirect thermal energy metering Indirect metering heat cost allocators. Documents Technical documentation.

Conformity declarations. Other products "Direct and indirect thermal energy metering". Fixing components for GE heat cost allocators. Optical key and software for configuring the GE heat cost allocators. Wireless M-Bus data centralization. Jobs Privacy Legal information Sitemap. Twitter Linkedin YouTube. Professionals Find Your Representative. Global items Search Contact Us Login area riservata professionisti.


CITB Ge 700 18 2018 Smsts Construction Safety Books Version

Available for up to 5, 25, 50, and users so that teams of all sizes can have access. Designed for corporate use, the subscription will allow access to a dashboard for an administrator to either distribute the access to users of their choice within the organisation or allow this to be automated for a simpler approach. Note to use this subscription service you would need to provide your company domain name. All users will only be able to access this if they hold a valid e-mail address with this domain. You are able to provide more than one if necessary. Construction site safety - The comprehensive guide GE is the leading publication within the construction industry. Designed for construction company owners, directors and site and project managers, GE provides authoritative information on current construction health, safety and environment legislation, guidance and good practice.


510(k) Premarket Notification

This product provides a 12 month subscription to digital content and includes any updates during this time. Once the subscription expires, the content can be retained on the installed device until such time that it is deleted, but no further updates will be received without renewing the subscription. The reader software for the subscription can be installed on up to 3 different devices during the subscription period. Once installed, the content can be viewed even when offline.




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