Since , Furse has provided world leading Earthing, Lightning and Electronic Systems protection solutions. Furse have over years of experience, and design and manufacture their own products. From design and manufacture, through to risk assessment and systems design advice, Furse offers an acclaimed total solution for earthing and lightning protection. Furse has remained a constant force in an unpredictable world; even throughout a century that has seen such remarkable social and technological change. Acquired by ABB Group in , the Furse brand is established as a world leader in earthing and lightning protection, with products specified and installed in many distinguished projects globally.

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Log In Sign Up. The corporate headquarters now reside in Memphis, Tennessee with the company being listed on the New York stock exchange. This division serves as a key knowledge platform, focusing on continued product innovation and delivery of competitive solutions to our customers. Furse, being one of the leading brands within this division, benefits from economies of scale in product development and production, facilitating the further efficient development of earthing, lightning protection and electronic surge protection systems.

From dedicated teams of design engineers developing new products to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace, to accredited engineers that can design lightning protection and earth electrode systems to the relevant British Standard BS or any other recognised national or international standard, Furse technical expertise is focused on the customer. With offices and strong distribution networks throughout the Far East, Furse is uniquely placed to provide total lightning protection solutions.

Furthermore, by working on projects in over countries, many as prestigious as the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and Disneyland Hong Kong, Furse has developed the experience and expertise that will ensure we continue to lead the field throughout the 21st century.

Whatever your query, technical support is readily available either from our teams of engineers, or from our offices throughout the Far East and further afield, all supported by an international network of distributors.

Our services and products cover the entire scope of lightning protection, from air terminals and conductors for structural protection, earth rods, plates, bonds and clamps etc, together with exothermic welding for effective earthing, through to enhanced surge protection devices for equipotential bonding and for protecting essential electronic systems within structures.

In short, Furse offers the Total Solution to lightning protection. We provide a comprehensive range of product literature to support our customers with product selection or technical information as required when preparing lightning protection systems.

Details of our range of publications is provided below. Contact your local office today for further information and to request your copy. We have worked closely with Furse for over 12 years now on many contracts including Heathrow T5, Channel Tunnel rail link, London Underground upgrade etc. Regular communication with their sales engineers ensures not only stock products are available when and where required but also customized products are available if needed to keep our projects running on time and within budget.

On completion, this prestigious structure will provide hotels, residential suites, offices and leisure facilities for many Dubai residents. Protection of tall structures is an exacting science, considering the need not only to protect the top but also the sides of the building from lightning damage.

Innovative architecture presents many challenges in lightning protection scheme design. Furse has substantial experience of providing protection for tall structures, having provided lightning protection schemes for many developments in the Middle and Far East, including the Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel in Dubai and Petronas Towers in Malaysia. Lightning protection may seem a small part of such a considerable development, however it remains a vital, integral component.

A lightning protection scheme is essential to protect the structure, the personnel working within and the high technology electronic systems used for everyday commerce from harm. Furse was appointed to provide both structural lightning protection and FurseWELD exothermic welding solutions to the Graha Energi development. With the protection of passengers and vital electronic systems paramount, Furse has been commissioned to provide the essential lightning 5 protection system for this project.

Furse has many years experience working on rail specific projects, with products tailored for this market. Lightning discharges contain awesome amounts of electrical energy and even though each strike may last only a short duration, typically microseconds, it is a very real cause of damage and destruction. The effects of a direct strike are obvious and immediately apparent — fires, structural damage, disruption to services, personal injury and even death.

However, the secondary effects of lightning — the short duration, high voltage spikes called transient overvoltages - can, and do, cause equally catastrophic, if less visually obvious, damage to electronic systems within structures. Furse has extensive experience of designing and supplying lightning Lightning can have a significant impact on an protection systems for tall structures, including Petronas Towers, Malaysia and many new developments in the Far East organisation.

From risk of serious injury to personnel through to loss of critical services such as mains power, and significant damage to servers, PCs or electrical The Furse approach to external machinery, lightning is clearly a major threat.

In the lightning protection worst case scenario an organisation might go out of A structural lightning protection system is designed to business as a result of lightning damage. Furthermore, any lightning safe and controlled manner to the earth termination protection scheme must encompass both structural network. Using the Faraday Cage principle of lightning protection and transient overvoltage lightning protection, as advocated by the majority of protection, since structural lightning protection alone national and international standards, Furse offers a cannot and will not protect the electronic systems range of air terminals, bases and clamps for the air within a building from transient overvoltage damage.

Furse only supply high to be considered and protected against when quality materials and fixings, since it only takes a developing a lightning protection scheme. With over single sub-standard component to compromise the years of experience, our support and expertise has performance of a structural lightning protection — assisted thousands of businesses, both large and small, or earthing — system. The importance of a high quality earth termination network The earth termination network is the means through which the current is dissipated to the general mass of earth.

Furse offers all the materials and fittings necessary for an effective earthing system, including earth rods and plates, clamps and inspection pits.

Furse also manufactures and supplies the FurseWELD exothermic welding system; a fast, easy and portable way of creating high quality, fault tolerant joints without any external power or heat source. Introduction The importance of lightning protection www. The ever-changing pace of technological development, and especially the headlong quest for miniaturisation, has created the scenario where increasingly lightning sensitive systems are placed at the core of our society.

Both the threat of damage to vital electronic systems, and the seriousness of the consequences of that damage, are more real than ever before. The main risk to internal systems is through transient overvoltages — large, very brief and potentially destructive increases in voltage within the electrical system. Combining over years technical knowledge with our work as active contributors to National and International Standards, Furse is uniquely placed to provide sound practical advice on any aspect of your lightning protection needs.

At Furse, our aim is simple — to save you time and money in the specification, design, planning and procurement of structural lightning protection, transient overvoltage and earthing systems. Due consideration Where necessary, we can also provide for the should be given to the proportion of current installation of earthing and lightning protection flowing through cable sheaths or the aerial earth systems via our partnerships with specialist installers. Given the complexity of many of these standards, using the Furse design service avoids any confusion or misinterpretation that could lead to 8 budget overruns or project delays.

Introduction Technical design service www. Please contact Furse for more details about how automated risk assessment can help you plan your lightning protection systems.

Proper site surveys and analysis complement fully our in-house service. Through collation of all relevant information from site, including soil Training and seminars resistivity measurements and earthing analysis, Not only do our engineers offer technical design our engineers can produce bespoke earthing services, but also training courses are available to designs complete with drawings, calculations ensure you or your team can acquire a greater and a detailed report, along with a structural understanding of the nature, problems and solutions lightning protection system if required.

Courses can be tailored to individual needs and are Soil resistivity surveys held at the Furse offices or other convenient locations. Contact Furse for further details. Inadequate or erroneous soil resistivity readings are likely to result in a flawed design. Furse site surveys take multiple accurate soil resistivity readings at The benefits of coming to Furse various depths across the proposed site to form the There are many benefits of coming to Furse for basis of the whole earthing design.

The Furse Total Solution is the industry-leading approach to lightning protection, encompassing structural, earthing and transient overvoltage protection.

Our Total Solution offers all the relevant components for effective lightning protection, from air terminals and down conductors to protect structures, through to Surge Protection Devices to protect the vital electronic systems within.

By providing the highest quality products, supported by practical advice and technical expertise, Furse remains the assured choice to ensure your business is fully protected against lightning strikes and transient overvoltage damage. Contact Furse today to discuss how our full range of products and services can help protect your business from lightning risk. In keeping with this commitment to quality, all our products are thoroughly and independently tested to ensure they can withstand constant exposure to the environment as required by a Lightning Protection System and continue to dissipate lightning current safely and harmlessly to earth over the long term.

Our connection protection components are judged fit for purpose. All thorough testing and performance measurement. The Research Development and deemed successful. Afterwards, the components undergo environmental preconditioning and are subjected to simulated lightning discharges to assess their capacity to cope with onerous conditions. Environmental ageing chamber for ammonia atmosphere ageing Furse component testing Look out for this symbol within the D TE TE S catalogue for details of the relevant testing standards which Furse conductors, structural lightning 13 protection and earthing components have passed.

Select a component for the Choose the material required, i. Jointing clamps will ensure a low resistance, corrosion resistant connection between air termination Conductor network and down conductors. Fixings Select the correct system of fixings for each part of the conductor system. Fixings are available for a wide range of modern construction materials, e. Air termination network The air termination network is the point of connection for a lightning strike.

It typically consists of a meshed conductor arrangement covering the roof of the structure. The mesh size is now determined by the chosen Lightning Protection Level see table 5, page Air terminals Use air terminals in the form of vertical air rods for the protection of prominent roof top features or equipment.

Use strike pads to connect and thus expose concealed conductors. Air rod bases Choose the correct air rod base. This will ensure that the vertical air rods are both solidly fixed to the fabric of the structure and have a low resistance connection to the conductor network. Interconnection components NEW Crossover clamp specially designed for use where conductors 14 cross as part of a roof network. Lightning protection How to apply structural lightning protection www. High strength pits are available in plastic and concrete.

Earth electrodes Choose an earth electrode to suit the system design i. Type A, Type B or foundation electrode. Electrodes can be constructed Equipotential bonding individually from earth rods, earth Bonding is the most commonly employed method of plates, flat tape, stranded cable or avoiding the damaging effects of side flashing. All any combination of these. All metallic services, e.

In this below ground Bonds to metalwork application, the clamp must ensure Select the correct type of a good electrical contact and resist metalwork bond for the corrosion throughout the lifetime application, i. Lightning current or Equipotential bonding SPDs Designed to prevent dangerous sparking caused by flashover, lightning current or equipotential bonding SPDs must be fitted to all lines entering or leaving the structure.

Product selector 1 Conductors p41—48 2 Conductor fixings p21—26, 30—32, 36—37 3 Air terminals p17—19, 29, 35 4 Air rod bases p17—19, 29, 35 5 Conductor jointing clamps p26—27, 33—34, 37—38 6 Test clamps p26—27, 34, 37 7 Crossover conductor clamp p26 8 Earth electrodes p52—55 9 Earth rod clamps p57—59 10 Earth inspection pits p56 This illustration is designed to demonstrate the main aspects and individual components of a structural lightning protection system.

The drawing is not to scale. The decision about which type to use is often based more on country-specific historical preferences or aesthetic considerations than the superiority of one type over another. Furse provides high quality conductors, plus the appropriate fittings, for all three systems. Flat tape system Furse manufacture and supply flat tape conductors in copper or aluminium. The flat tape system is easy to install, with no need to straighten the tape for a neat finish.

Furse typically provides tape in coils for cost effective transportation and easier handling. Flat tape conductors can be installed bare or with a PVC covering. Six standard colours are available, with others on request, to enable the tape to blend with modern building fabrics.

Tinned copper tape is available for applications that require additional protection measures. Copper braid is also available for use where flexibility is necessary, e.


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