Con el paso del tiempo, se genera gran dificultad para mover el hombro. Se desarrolla en tres etapas:. A medida que el dolor empeora, su hombro pierde rango de movimiento. El movimiento del hombro mejora lentamente durante la etapa de "descongelado". Las causas del hombro congelado no se comprenden plenamente.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Las fracturas mas prevalentes fueron 5 casos de fracturas unilaterales y 6 casos de fracturas bilaterales.

Fracturas de tibia: tratamiento con clavo intramedular no fresado UTN. Experiencia en el Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia. A pesar de que algunos de nuestros pacientes presentaron lesiones en piel y tejidos blandos, no observamos infecciones superficiales ni profundas.

Rev Med Hered ; Reporte de casos. Radicular cyst is the most common cyst of the oral cavity. It may range in size from a small periapical lesion to one that can obliterate the antral space or cause mandibular fracture. Case reports. We report three cases of radicular cyst complicated by mandibular fracture that occurred after maxillofacial trauma. The diagnosis was strongly suggested by panoramic radiography and confirmed by pathology examination of the operative specimen.

Treatment consisted in cyst enucleation followed by immobilization of fragments by osteosynthesis or maxillomandibular fixation.

The clinical and radiologic outcome was favorable. The particularities and treatment are discussed. Treatment success is dependent on adequate therapy, the principles of which are removing the lesion and providing stable fixation. Introduction: Sarcomas located in the mandible are difficult to study due to their relatively rare appearance and histology. Patients and Methods: We present the experience of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department of the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona over the last 10 years in the management of jaw sarcomas, performing a retrospective review of 12 cases of patients affected by this type of tumour.

En el resto, el plazo fue de casi 9 semanas de media tras la retirada del bloqueo. Objectives: The anatomic reduction with rigid fixation of an extracapsular mandibular condyle fracture is essential to ensure that the joint functions correctly. The intraoral approach has been shown to be safe and with a low morbidity. The authors review a series of 53 patients with extracapsular mandibular condyle. A case of bipolar fracture affecting both ends of the clavicle is reported. The lesion consisted of a Neer type II fractur Es frecuente observar como pacientes que han sufrido una fractura de cadera, si se fracturan posteriormente la cadera contralateral, es del mismo tipo que la primera fractura.

Las fracturas de cadera se fijaron con tornillos de esponjosa 8 casos o clavo-placa de Richards 2 casos. En todos los paci Fractura triple del complejo suspensorio del hombro. Full Text Available El complejo suspensorio del hombro es una estructura sumamente importante, compuesta por un anillo de huesos y tejidos blandos.

Fractura de compuestos polipropileno-talco. Enclavado endomedular en fracturas del tercio distal de la tibia. Objetivo: Describir los resultados obtenidos con el enclavado endomedular acerrojado en pacientes con fractura del tercio distal de la tibia.

La muestra incluyo 35 pacientes. El tiempo de seguimiento posoperatorio fue de Se evaluaron el tiempo de consolidacion, la consolidacion viciosa y las complicaciones.

Los resultados funcionales se determinaro Profilaxis perioperatoria en fracturas de cadera. Cefazolin was used in a unique dose of 1 g during anesthetic induction 30 minutes before the surgical procedure. The results were compared with those of another clinical and surgical hospital with similar characteristics to ours and where no perioperative prophylaxis was applied. Its infection rate was Prevalencia de fracturas faciales vinculadas con el deporte Prevalence of facial fractures linked to sports practice.

A descriptive cross-sectional research study was made on 57 patients with facial fractures suffered during sporting activities. These patients had been seen by the Maxillofacial Surgery Service of "Saturnino Lara" provincial hospital in Santiago de Cuba from to and this type of lesions represented 6. These lesions were more prevailing in athletes who mainly played ball sports, boxing, basketball, karate and softball. The collision with another sportsman was the most frequent injure mechanism fundamentally fight and ball sports.

Dentoalveolar and zygomatic mandibular fractures. Objectives: to study the behavior of these lesions in patients from the Maabar's University Hospital of the Thamar's University Yemen, to determine its relation to age, sex, etiology and location and to compare it with.

Despidos laborales. Fracturas sociales e identitarias. Full Text Available The thousands of collective dismissals which have opened the beginning of the century in Spain do not just mean nearly two hundred thousand jobs lots of them with a very long validity and the same amount of broken life projects, but also ways of social reproduction, broken identities, institutions and social guarantees that crumble.

Amazingly, these social upheavals often become eclipsed by discourses that appeal to economic considerations, the requirements of modernization or the requests of the logic of globalization.

At this article, the consequences of the break of the social link intertwined along the second half of the twentieth century are investigated. For that, we have been rebuilt some of the expressions from narratives told by those who have lost their jobs in plants or companies that have been or still remain leaders on their own product markets, as wellas from the process of shutdown or employment collective agreement.

Mandibular ameloblastomas. We present a retrospective review of 39 cases of mandibular ameloblastoma that were assessed in terms of patient age and sex, duration and clinical signs at the time of diagnosis. The associated plain radiology, CT and MR signs are also reviewed. It usually presented as a slowly growing, painless mass.

According to radiological findings, most of the ameloblastomas studied were extensive, involving the mandibular branch, angle and molar area; the lesions were expanding, unilocular or multilocular, with erosion of the dental apex.

CT disclosed cystic areas of low attenuation. The images of the three patients studied by MR presented low signal intensity in T1-weighed sequences and hyperintense signal in t2-weighted sequences. Dentro de estas, son las que afectan al maxilar superior y al malar las de mayor incidencia. Se pueden presentar en forma combinada con otro tipo de fractura facial. Tienen una mayor incidencia en el Multiple rib fractures associated with cough.

DUAZARY , 79 - 83AbstractIs reported a clinical case of a horizontal root fracture in a maxillary left central incisor that was spontaneously repaired without any dental treatment is reported. The root fracture was diagnosed in an x-ray endodontic examination routine fourteen years after receiving the trauma due to changes in the color of the tooth and asymptomatic, x-ray examination showed a radiolucent zone apically, reason why the patient was sent from orthodontic service to endodontic service at Dentistry School of Cartagena University.

Radiographs examination showed a line of horizontal fracture between the union of the cervical third with the middle third and in addition there is a bone defect at the same level of the root fracture. Root canal treatment is done without any complication. This case is surprising. OBJECTIVE: To describe a nurse experience in providing care for a patient with cancer of the breast and bone metastasis who presented mandibular ostheonecrosis induced by the use of bisphosphonates.

RESULTS: Nursing interventions included the re-enforcement of the guidelines for oral hygiene, highlighting the appropriate teeth-brushing technique, gargling with antiseptic solution without alcohol, as approach to pain management. Alternativas de tratamiento en las fracturas de cadera. This type of injury usually occur before trauma by falling from a low height, most of the time by a fall at his home. A large number of predisposing factors present in this age group have been described and within them the osteoporosis plays a leading role.

Several classifications have been described depending on the location of the fracture. Incidencia de fracturas maxilofaciales relacionadas con el deporte. The authors carried out a study to analyze the incidence of maxillofacial fractures related to sports from to Baseball was the sport that brought more cases to the study, followed by martial arts and basketball.

Collisions with another players, and downfalls, were the most frequent causes. The authors recommend the correct usage of prevention media to avoid facial fractures, sports accidents, facial traumas and nasal fractures. Tras un seguimiento de 12 meses p El conjunto ha sido sometido Independientemente del tipo de tratamiento utilizado, el resultado final suele ser satisfactorio.

Realizamos un estudio retrospectivo de 13 casos de fractura -epifisiolisis de extremo proximal de cubito, ocurridas d Full Text Available The dynamic fracture behaviour of three types of composite materials was studied.

Two of the composites were manufactured from the same thermoplastic resin, reinforced with glass or carbon fibre fabric, respectively; the other one, was manufactured with an epoxy resin, reinforced with carbon fibre fabric. The composites were subjected to accelerated ageing effect on a climatic test chamber, under humidity and temperature control, for different notch-Width ratios. Objetivos 1. Estimar canales de reclamo. Resultados: 1. We consider as objective to know the utility of Orthopantography in jaw fractures diagnostic in front of TAC, with the purpose of implanting recommendations based on evidence in the clinical practice of our hospital.

We follow a systematic review in PubMed. Inclusion criteria were: study designs, systematic review, meta-analysis, comparative studies between Orthopantography and TAC in jaw fractures diagnostic. Exclusion criteria were: case-report, letters and viewpoints, studies don"t comparing Orthopantography in front of TAC in jaw fractures diagnostic. Search strategy provides 41 articles; we analyzed and classified those applying.

Fracturas de tibia, tratamiento con CIMB no fresados. Fueron evaluados 86 de los 92 pacientes que corresponde al Duazary ; 1: 4 - 8. It has been proved that this theory is not applicable to pure EPDM due to its high elastic character, but being possible in glass bead-filled EPDM, thus the presence of these particles induces certain plasticity on the EPDM.


Fracturas del cuello de los metacarpianos (excepto el pulgar)

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The objectives of the paper were: The effect of anterior versus posterior glide joint mobilization on external rotation range of motion in patients with shoulder adhesive capsulitis. Richard S, James M. Finalidad con la cual se indican: Procesos o infecciosos agudos. ABSTRACT A brief account of the anatomical structures of the shoulder joint and the painful shoulder syndrome, its definition and clinical epidemiological characterization was performed. Comparison of manual therapy techniques with therapeutic exercise in the treatment of shoulder impingement: J Man Manip Ther. Physiotherapeutic treatment of patients suffering from lesions and kinesio-functional alterations of the acromion.


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