Germany, since the time of the Reformation, has always had its sacred poets; yet their beautiful hymns were till of late unknown in England, except to the few who read them in the original. This small selection, now re-published in a slightly enlarged edition, was perhaps the first attempt to make them known to English readers. Some of its former contents are here replaced by hymns of more value. The proximity of the German, which, as in the first Edition, is printed on corresponding pages, will betray that in this instance, as also in three or four others, the metre has been changed. In this hymn especially it was difficult to retain the short line and double rhyme in English verse, with sufficient reverence for the solemn theme. The originals will, it is hoped, recommend this volume to young students of German, who may wish to become acquainted with some of the hymns of Gerhard, Angelus, and others, without searching through collections which mostly comprise several hundreds.

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Sie finden ab dieser Ausgabe daher auch interessante Notenausgaben anderer Verlage in unserem Katalog. Immer wieder gibt es interessante Produkte, die dem Gitarristen das Leben erleichtern, wie z. Im Gegenteil: Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich zu sehen, welche Musiker es noch zu entdecken gilt.

Und wie! Wir halten Sie gerne auf dem Laufenden We would like to respond even better to the needs of our guitar customers and have started increasing our line of instruction manuals, among other things.

In our catalogue you will find some interesting scores from other publishers. We have also begun to produce teaching DVDs that will be released with each sheet music edition. The first production of this kind, a two-part workshop by Peter Autschbach on the subject of improvisation, was just published as the launch of a series of guitar workshops.

We are also enlarging our inventory of guitar accessories. The market keeps generating interesting products that do make the lives of guitarists more interesting, for example, the NeckUp guitar support that we discovered in the USA.

In the coming months, too, we would like to present new products to you the moment we discover something interesting. This does not mean that we are going to abandon our core business, the production of CDs.

On the contrary: It is always amazing for us to see which musicians still remain to be discovered. What we have noticed, too, is a whole slew of highly virtuosic guitarists who are reverting to the older traditions.

Steve Hicks from England is among them, a man who revived ragtime. And how! One series of releases takes a look back at the s, when big names like Stefan Grossman and John Renbourn drew audiences in droves. Stefan Grossman founded the Kicking Mule Records label during that period and produced innumerable interesting albums.

And because I, myself, was discovered by Stefan Grossman in the year for his label, and he was my first producer, I am especially delighted to be gradually re-releasing the Kicking Mule CDs. Of course, we do regret the days of vinyl records with the large-format covers that contained the tablature notations. There are quite some treasures buried in the depths just waiting to be brought to the surface again.

We will keep you in touch. Best regards,. Acoustic Guitar Die Gitarre ist das wohl vielseitigste Musikinstrument. Die musikalische Bandbreite ist enorm. Auch die Spieltechniken unterscheiden sich entsprechend.

Zwischen Plektrumspiel, Strumming, Fingerstyle mit oder ohne Fingerpicks, dem klassischen Anschlag, Slideguitar, dem Flamenco bis zum Tapping gibt es scheinbar unendliche Facetten. Es gibt 6-, 7-, 8- oder saitige Gitarren, Nylonsaiten, Stahlsaiten etc. Grund genug, in unserem Katalog ein paar Orientierungshilfen durch verschiedene Kategorien zu geben. Denn nicht jeder, der Blues mag, findet auch Geschmack an Klassik. Und wenn Sie selbst Gitarre spielen, wird Sie sicher auch unser Notenprogramm interessieren.

The guitar is surely the most versatile musical instrument. The musical spectrum is enormous. Each style has its own construction design, from the E-guitar to the half-resonance guitar, concert guitars, steelstring acoustic guitars, or flamenco guitars.

And the playing techniques are also different. There seems to be an endless number of ways, from plectrum playing, strumming, fingerstyle with and without picks, the classical touch, slide guitar, all the way to tapping. There are guitars with six, seven, eight or twelve strings, nylon or steel, etc. Because not all people who like blues will like classical.

And we hope that while browsing, you will also discover some music on your own. And if you are a guitar player yourself, we are sure that our line of sheet music will be of special interest to you. Great Britain Discovery Records Ltd.

Steelstring Fingerstyle Ein breites musikalisches Spektrum findet sich unter dem Sammelbegriff Steelstring Fingerstyle. Seit der Jahrhundertwende legte die Steelstring-Gitarre einen beeindruckenden Siegeszug hinter sich.

Viele unserer erfolgreichsten Acoustic Music-Gitarristen haben sich der Steelstring-Gitarre verschrieben. Zu einigen der CDs gibt es auch Noten und Tabulaturen. The collective term steelstring fingerstyle covers a broad musical spectrum. It stretches from picking, Chet Atkins style, to modern cover songs, passing by ragtime, blues, new age and Irish traditionals. Ever since the turn of the 20th century, the steelstring guitar has been enjoying one triumph after the other.

It began with the country blues, then it became the main instrument for the folk movement in the 60s and 70s, and celebrated a great comeback with the unplugged movement spearheaded by Eric Clapton. Many successful Acoustic Music guitarists have devoted themselves to the steelstring guitar. In addition to the CDs, there is sheet music and tablatures. It is astonishing how many forms of expression this instrument can offer. CD Order No. Spannend und genussvoll.

Beautiful and dramatic. Guitar-playing of the master class, with delightful surprises. Exciting and enjoyable. On this album, Zane gives a first-time impression of his skills as a fingerstyle guitar player with virtuosic instrumentals and excellent song interpretations, inspired by Chet Atkins, Merle Travis and Tommy Emmanuel.

This recording features many playing techniques on the acoustic guitar - and that they do not all sound like they are being used as an end in themselves has to do with the captivating melodies, an extraordinarily harmonic language and a joy at playing that immediately sweeps up the listener in its wake. Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. Bach: Toccata. Meditative passages alternate with precisely concatenated sequences and a rhythmic superstructure in a manner seldom heard.

With his solid technique, cultivated tone and vigorous groove, he makes a virtuosic display of his own compositions and interpretations from the realms of folk, ragtime, world music, jazz, classical, pop and musicals. Fix is equally esteemed as an author of film music, a soloist with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and as a workshop teacher.

Faszinierend integriert er Folk, Jazz, impressionistische und barocke Momente. Snapshot, 2. Still Life, 3. Interlude, 4. The Blue Horizon, 5.

So hat er u. Though he plays classical pieces in his repertoire he sticks to steel strings and fingerpicks. A masterclass in contemporary finger style guitar. Keine zeitliche Begrenzung. Keine Mengenbegrenzung — freie Auswahl aus unserem Gesamtprogramm!

Unlimited time. Unlimited quantity. Free selection from our entire catalogue. The special offer applies only to our individual CDs at the regular price of 16,- v.

His musical cosmos is boundless, showing profound knowledge of both music history and the contemporary state of the art. The attentive listener will therefore encounter the tonal language of Debussy, Ravel or Stravinsky time and again - and, in the same breath, perhaps find himself in the realm of rock.

Oder er bestaunt Fingers fast orchestrales, manchmal atemberaubend experimentelles Geflecht aus Rhythmus, Harmonik und Melodie. Anspruchsvoll und anregend zugleich. The head of the label, Stefan Grossman, was one of the pioneers of the folk-blues movement and he attracted the elite of the international fingerstyle guitarists. When Kicking Mule Records was founded, all those acoustic guitar players finally found a home. This gave rise to a whole new generation of young guitarists.

The high quality of the music back then never ceases to amaze, especially when you consider that around 35 years have passed by now. Thirty-five years during which new stars have appeared on the guitar firmament and have, in some cases, disappeared again. We would like to pay homage to those grand old days and present some of the almost forgotten masterpieces of that time. The first three releases will signal the launch of the new series, in which we will be bringing old gems to light again.

Sinesi is an nartist of large and small feelings,his music touches the heart and the soul. This famous Frenchman developed his virtuosic playing from the tradition of his erstwhile mentor Marcel Dadi, and ever since then, he has earned himself an outstanding reputation as a composer. Today, this highly popular Parisian artist plays instrumentals at his own leisure, with serenity, elegance and aplomb, be it British fingerstyle, American ragtime, French musette waltzes, or Mediterranean music of the 20th century.

Foto: Manfred Pollert. Der famose Franzose hat sein virtuoses Spiel aus der Tradition seines einstigen Mentors Marcel Dadi entwickelt und sich seitdem einen herausragenden Ruf als Komponist und Sideman erspielt. Michel Haumont s music always exudes lightness; even in contemplative musical moments he never loses the positive underlying mood of his string esc pades.

When listening carefully, one realizes that a technically masterful guitarist is plucking at the strings. His voicing, the powerful bass and the elegant melodic lines are perfectly rendered in his playing and provide outstanding support for the musical message. Beautifully recorded, great playing and interesting music.










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