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AA Published June, All rights reserved. No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without written permission from 3Com Corporation. Backbone—The core infrastructure of a network.

The portion of the network that transports information from one central location to another central location where it is unloaded onto a local system. An access point radio capable of operating as four separate access points.

A LAN consisting of groups of hosts that are on physically different segments but that communicate as though they were on the same segment. This means you can mix and match radio bands to meet different coverage and bandwidth needs within the same area.

The access point supports two radios and external antennas including WDS bridging ability on both radios. Auto network connect and dynamic rate shifting keep users connected through a wide variety of conditions by changing to the optimum connection speed as they move through the network.

Wireless Infrastructure Device Manager lets you configure parameters, run diagnostics, backup and restore configurations, and monitor performance from anywhere on the network using an embedded web server browser.

For proper installation, select your country from the country selection list. To conform to FCC and other country restrictions your product may be limited in the channels that are available. If other channels are permitted in your country please visit the 3Com website for the latest software version. Standard category 5 straight 8-wire Ethernet cable.

The cable must be long enough to reach the power supply or the power-over-Ethernet LAN port. If you use the 3Com power supply, you need an additional Ethernet cable to connect the access point to the LAN.

The access point complies with the IEEE It receives power over standard category 5 straight 8-wire Ethernet cable. However, installing multiple Access Points may require more planning. These should be attached before the access point is installed. There are two ways to supply power to the access point: Use the 3Com Integrated Power-over-Ethernet power supply. In this case, you need to supply a second Ethernet cable to connect to the wired LAN.

Connecting Power If you supply your own Ethernet cable for connecting power, be sure that it is standard category 5 straight-through 8-wire cable that has not been altered in any way. Use of nonstandard cable could damage the access point.

Figure 3 Connecting Power. The illustration and the following table describe the LEDs and their functions. Screw the mounting bracket to a wall, ceiling, or electrical box NEMA enclosure : If mounting to a solid surface wall or ceiling, use two of the sheet metal screws and two of the wall anchors included.

The standard detachable antennas supplied with the Access Point are suitable for a broad variety of environments. If you require a different type of antenna for the Access Point, several options are available by model number from the 3Com Web site www. Selecting and Connecting a Different Antenna Model Figure 7 Connecting Antennae Side Side Position the antenna so that there are minimal obstacles between it and any client with which it will communicate. While maintaining a direct line of sight between the antenna and a client is not strictly necessary, such an arrangement helps to ensure a strong signal.

As an optional FTP Server. The setup menu should appear when the CD autostarts. If no menu appears, you can run the setup. Login name: admin Password: password If the Configuration Management System does not start, the Access Point is on a different subnet than the computer. When installing the device manager, make sure the computer is connected to the same network as the device to be configured. For information on configuring a user name and password, see page The SSID is case sensitive and can consist of up to 32 alphanumeric characters.

Normal mode support 13 channels, Turbo mode supports only 5 channels. If a management station exists on another network segment, then you must enter the IP address for a gateway that can route traffic between these segments.

Using the Setup Wizard Click Finish. Click the OK button to complete the wizard. Figure 17 Setup Wizard - Completed However, it is recommended that you configure a user name and password as the first step under Administration to control management access to this device page However, modifying this parameter can help you to more easily distinguish different devices in your network.

Figure 19 System Identification System Name —. IP address that is reachable through your network. If it fails to respond to a ping after the configured number of retries, it will disable both radios so that no clients can connect to the AP. An authentication server contains a database of user credentials for each user that requires access to the network.

However, it is better to choose one or the other, as appropriate. IEEE This provides a basic level of authentication for wireless clients attempting to gain access to the network. Use the Local MAC Authentication section of this web page to set up the local database, and configure all access points in the wireless network service area with the same MAC address database.

Authentication When Broadcast Key Refresh Rate: Sets the interval at which the broadcast keys are refreshed for stations using Range: minutes; Default: 0 means disabled Session Key Refresh Rate: The interval at which the access point refreshes unicast session keys for associated clients.

You can prevent communications between wireless clients and prevent access point management from wireless clients. Also, you can block specific Ethernet traffic from being forwarded by the access point. Default: Disabled Disabled: Allows management access from wireless clients.

Enabled: Blocks management access from wireless clients. VLANs separate traffic passing between the access point, associated clients, and the wired network. Equipment commonly managed with SNMP includes switches, routers and host computers. SNMP is typically used to configure these devices for proper operation in a network environment, as well as to monitor them to evaluate performance or detect potential problems. Default: Disable Location — A text string that describes the system location.

Maximum length: characters Contact — A text string that describes the system contact. Maximum length: characters Community Name Read Only —. Dot1xAuthNotInitiated - A client station did not initiate Dot1xAuthSuccess - A A minimum of eight plain text characters is required. Action — Click the Add button to add a new user to the list. Click the edit button to change details of an existing user. Administration Figure 29 Administration Username — The name of the user.

Length: characters, case sensitive Confirm New Password — Enter the password again for verification. Administration Figure 31 Firmware Upgrade Before upgrading new software, verify that the access point is connected to the network and has been configured with a compatible IP address and subnet mask.

New firmware file: Specifies the name of the code file on the server. After filling in the following fields, click Start Upgrade to proceed. New software that is incompatible with the current configuration automatically restores the access point to default values when first activated after a reboot. The root bridge is the unit connected to the main core of the wired LAN. It selects a root port on each bridging device except for the root device which incurs the lowest path cost when forwarding a packet Then it selects a designated bridging device from each LAN which incurs the lowest path cost when forwarding a packet from that LAN to the root device.

All ports connected to designated bridging devices are assigned as designated ports. This delay is required because every device must receive information about topology changes before it starts to forward frames.

In addition, each port needs time to listen for conflicting information that would make it return to a discarding state. The system clock can also be synchronized with a time server, so that all the messages sent to the Syslog server are stamped with the correct time and date. Enable Daylight Saving — Adjusts the clock for summertime and wintertime. The system allows you to limit the messages that are logged by specifying a minimum severity level.

The access point first attempts to update the time from the primary server; if this fails it attempts an update from the secondary server. If you live in an area where additional channels are allowed, go to the 3Com web site and download the latest software that will allow additional channels in your country. Clients that want to connect to the network through the access point must set their SSID to the same as that of an access point VAP interface.

Default: 3Com1 to 3Com4 for This setting restricts operation of the access point to radio channels and transmit power levels permitted for wireless networks in the specified country.

Selecting the correct antenna ID ensures that the access point's radio transmissions are within regulatory power limits for the country of operation. Default: 3Com Integrated Antenna Default: Diversity Both: The radio uses both antennas in a diversity system. Right: The radio only uses the antenna on the right side the side closest to the access point LEDs. Also note that because the IEEE Default: These enhancements include bursting, compression, fast frames and dynamic turbo.


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