Juan Francisco Morales. Se describen Lacmellea bahiensis J. Morales y L. Lacmellea bahiensis J. Morales and L. Morales, two new species from South America are described.

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Kirkbride, Jr. A revision of the Panamanian species of Rondeletia Rubiaceae. Missouri Bot. Shrubs or trees. Leaves coriaceous to membranous, often acuminate; stipules interpetiolar, free, mostly entire.

Inflorescences terminal or axillary, usually pa- niculate, rarely thrysoid, rarely racemose or spiciform, pedunculate. Flowers with the hypanthium rotund or oblong, the calycine cup with -7 lobes, the lobes occasionally foliaceous; corolla tube narrowly cylindrical, hairs present or absent within, occasionally the mouth with a ringlike thickening, the lobes , imbricate; stamens , the anthers oblong, dorsifixed, the filaments often un- equal; ovarian disc annular, the style slender, the stigmas 2 -3 , the ovary 2 -3 celled, the septum complete or incomplete, the ovules numerous.

Fruits capsular, globose or rotund, the valves 2, splitting loculicidally or septicidally, each valve often split; seeds numerous, exalate or winged at one or both poles. Shrubs or trees, unarmed. Raphides absent. Leaves opposite or rarely verticillate, sometimes with domatia; stipules persistent or caducous, interpetiolar, generally triangular.

Inflorescence terminal or infrequently axillary, congested-cymose to paniculate or corymbiform, several to many flowered, pedunculate, bracteate. Flowers sessile to pedicellate, bisexual, distylous. Calyx limb 4- or 5-lobed, with lobes often unequal. Corolla white, yellow, orange, or red, funnelform or salverform with tube often slender and prolonged, inside glabrous or villous, with thickened annular ring at throat; lobes 4 or 5, imbricate in bud, with margins frequently crisped.

Stamens 4 or 5, inserted in corolla throat, included or exserted; filaments short or reduced; anthers dorsifixed. Ovary 2-celled, ovules numerous in each cell on axile placentas; stigmas capitate or 2-lobed, included or exserted.

Fruit capsular, globose to depressed globose or dicoccous, loculicidally dehiscent into 2 valves with these valves often then splitting, woody to papery, with calyx limb persistent; seeds numerous, small, fusiform or discoid, flattened, winged; endosperm fleshy; embryo small, clavate.

Rondeletia L. Inflorescencias terminales o a veces axilares, cimosas,paniculadas, tirsoides o corimbiformes, paucifloras a multifloras, bracteadas. Sign in. Accessed on: 05 Jun '. Provided by: [ B ]. Flora de Nicaragua Source: [ 3 ]. Provided by: [ C ]. Flora de Panama Source: [ 5 4 ]. Provided by: [ D ]. Flora Of CHina efloras. Por D. Provided by: [ E ]. Flora Mesoamericana Source: [ 2 1 ].

Habit Shrubs or trees Provided by: [ C ]. Flora de Panama Source: [ 4 5 ]. Rondeletia adamsii Proctor Rondeletia alaternoides A. Rondeletia americana L. Rondeletia amplexicaulis Urb. Rondeletia areolata Urb. Rondeletia aristeguietae Steyerm. Rondeletia aurantiaca Urb. Rondeletia baracoensis Britton Rondeletia barahonensis Urb. Rondeletia belizensis Standl. Rondeletia berteroana DC. Rondeletia brachyantha Urb. Rondeletia brauseana Urb.

Rondeletia brigandina Urb. Rondeletia camarioca C. Wright Rondeletia carnea Urb. Rondeletia christii Urb. Rondeletia cincta Griseb. Rondeletia clarendonensis Britton ex S. Moore Rondeletia combsii Greenm. Rondeletia combsioides M. Rondeletia crassinervis Borhidi Rondeletia cristalensis Urb.

Rondeletia dilatata Rottb. Rondeletia diplocalyx Urb. Rondeletia disperma Jacq. Rondeletia dolphinensis Proctor Rondeletia domatiata Urb. Rondeletia elegans Britton Rondeletia elliptica Urb. Rondeletia eriantha Benth. Rondeletia eriocarpa H. Rondeletia erythroneura H. Rondeletia galanensis M. Rondeletia glomerulata Lam. Rondeletia heterochroa Urb. Rondeletia hirsuta Sw. Rondeletia hirta Sw.

Rondeletia holdridgei Borhidi Rondeletia hypoleuca Griseb. Rondeletia incana Sw. Rondeletia inermis Spreng. Aiton Rondeletia larensis Steyerm. Rondeletia laurifolia Sw. Rondeletia leonii Britton Rondeletia leptacantha DC. Rondeletia ligulata Urb.

Rondeletia lindeniana A. Rondeletia longibracteata Alain Rondeletia loretensis Standl. Rondeletia lucida M. Rondeletia micarensis Urb. Rondeletia microcarpa Urb. Rondeletia minutifolia Urb. Rondeletia miraflorensis M. Blake ex Steyerm. Rondeletia mornicola Urb. Wilson Rondeletia nalgensis Urb. Rondeletia nipensis Urb.

Rondeletia ochracea Urb. Rondeletia odorata Jacq. Rondeletia orinocensis Steyerm. Rondeletia pallida Britton Rondeletia panamensis DC. Rondeletia papayoensis M. Rondeletia paucinervis Urb. Wright Rondeletia peduncularis A. Rondeletia peninsularis M. Rondeletia pitreana Urb. Rondeletia poitaei Griseb. Rondeletia polita Griseb. Rondeletia potrerillona Urb. Rondeletia pycnophylla Urb. Rondeletia racemosa Sw. Rondeletia rigida Griseb.

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