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Systematization of nursing care: difficulties highlighted by the grounded theory. I Nurse Midwife. E-mail: aninhapits gmail. PhD in Sociology.

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Oliveira DPR. Pressman RS. Engenharia de software: uma abordagem profissional. Systematization of nursing care: viewing care as interactive, complementary and multi-professional. Conselho Federal de Enfermagem [homepage on the internet]. Acta Paul Enferm [serial in the internet]. Strauss A, Corbin J. Grounded theory methodology: an overview. Handbook of qualitative research.

London: Sage; Grounded theory - conceptual and operational aspects: a method possible to be applied in nursing research. Rev Latinoam Enferm [serial on the Internet]. Validation of an application for pediatric nursing: descriptive study. Online braz j nurs [periodic on the internet]. Bertalanffy L. Rev esc enferm USP [periodic on the internet]. Concepts associated to systematization of nursing care in Brazilian journals. Rev Bras Enferm. Blumer H. Symbolic interactionism: perspective and method.

Fuly PSC. The articles published in Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing are indexed, classified, linked, or summarized by:. Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing. Font Size. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Finding References. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. User Username Password Remember me. Hide Show all. Interconnections between the systamatization of nusrsing care and software engineering: Theory based on data.

Abstract Aims: To analyze the implementation of the Systematization of Nursing Care and discuss the interconnections between the process of implementation in a specialized hospital and software engineering.

Methods: This is a qualitative study that used Grounded Theory as its methodological reference. The scenario studied was the Brazilian National Cancer Institute — Unit II, where the semi-structured interviews with nine nurses took place. Results: This study generated five categories, among which we highlight the phenomenon Building the Basis of a System of Nursing Care.

Discussion: The understanding of a System of Nursing Care as a whole, integrated and interactive, converges to a concept of systematization. Conclusion: When developing the paradigmatic model, the causal convenience evidenced in the category Building the Basis of a System of Nursing Care and its respective subcategories point to an empiric evolution in the implementation of this system, which has some similarities to the steps taken in software engineering.

References Leopardi MT. O Pensamento como um sistema. George Herbert Mead and human conduct. Califonia: Altamira; Remember me.


Resolução COFEN 358/2009

Consideram que mesmo para os enfermeiros assistenciais, o PE seria uma tarefa a mais, aumentando a sobrecarga de trabalho. Perception of primary healthcare management nurses on the nursing process. Rev Bras Enferm. Development of an obesity management ontology based on the nursing process for the mobile-device domain. J Med Internet Res [Internet]. Rev Bras Enferm [Internet].


Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing

The article points out that it is essential for the government to develop and improve job management and regulation policies, in order to contribute to overcome the problems faced by nursing professionals. The modern society has increasingly become a professionalized society, making a large part of human activities developed in it seek recognition and professional status, gaining social privileges and almost always legal labor market monopoly. Most of our actions and activities are based on or referenced by acts, criteria and professional standards. Contemporary society is characterized by the division of labor into different activities and specialized areas. Andrew Abbott's statement 1 1 Abbott A. The system of professions. An Essay on the division of expert labor.


Resolução COFEN 358/2009




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