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I believe that the clip-on pickup is a good idea that may help you with acoustic instruments in a noisy environment but the real bonus is the earphone, I think you can imagine why! Nevertheless once you understand how to change mode from metronome to tuner and vice versa , everything else is very easy.

Finally, the earphone feature is welcomed, especially for the metronome. The elevation is possible via the integrated elevator stand, for optimum viewing of the tuner display. I did not witness any visibility problem due to direct sunlight , as I tested this at my garden in Greece, during summer. You can not get more sun than this, right? Finally, the lack of wide angles may prove to be a problem, especially if there is lack of space where you practice.

For example, if you use a music stand, it may be difficult to position the Cherub in a way where visibility is maximised, so you may end up putting it instead temporarily on your foot. The black colour and the simple design enables it to blend in and disappear. There is no WOW with this tuner, if this what you are after. The result: there is low probability that you will not have enough battery for your nice tuner when you need it! So, this tuner is a valuable tool for practising at home and also for tuning even in noisy environments yes I consider a gig to be noisy!

You will find the tuner to be very versatile, as it can be set for standard tuning, all notes, common alternate tunings, including F, Bb, Eb. You can even set the reference pitch. But, if you are not a classical mandolinist, this will not bother you. I found that the metronome feature really useful , as you need a metronome that uses sound in order to practice. You don't expect that from a tiny digital tuner, I know, but still, having a complete chords database with you is a nice feature.

Yes, add me to your mailing list. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Very accurate chromatic tuner. Suitable for many instruments, including Guitar, Bass, Banjo and of course the mandolin. Pickup included to tune in noisy environments. Not very intuitive switch function, between metronome and tuner. Not a real clip-on tuner, you need to use external clip-on pickup. Purchase Now Recommended for use at home! Cherub WMTC is a versatile combination of tuner with metronome, with a advanced functions.

Packaging and contents. Ease of Use. The tuner is chromatic, thus you can use it for non standard tunings. The display is uncluttered , you immediately understand the indications for both metronome and tuner.

Metronome tempo is displayed also with "Presto, Allegro, Moderato, etc. Coloured LEDs are lit to indicate how close to pitch you are. Using an earphone for the metronome is a great feature, as the metronome can be very annoying to others. The second function is activated when a button is keep pressed.

Need to read the manual to find how this works. Battery life. If no notes are detected for 2 minutes, the tuner will shut off. I own this tuner for three years now, and I have changed batteries only three times. Additional features. About the Author: Chris. Welcome to my adventures! Related Posts. Mandolin Maintenance, Care and Cleaning. October 22nd, 11 Comments. Online Mandolin Tuner, with microphone. March 16th, 0 Comments. Why a trained ear is a must-have requirement for any musician?

November 18th, 0 Comments. Easy Mandolin Tuning for Guitar Players. February 2nd, 2 Comments. First Impression: iStrobosoft tuner for iPhone. October 30th, 0 Comments. June 8th, 3 Comments. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Learn Chords! Complete Mandolin Chords reference with chord diagrams eBook.





Review: Cherub WMT-555C tuner and metronome



Cherub WMT-555C instruction manual and user guide


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