Kali ini kabar inspiratif datang dari ujung barat, dari seorang almunus bernama Handis Setioko, S. Belitung Timur. Pada tahun ia dipercaya sekolah untuk membina dan melatih siswa bertarung kemampuan matematika dalam kontes Olimpiade Sains Kabupaten OSK , khususnya bidang matematika. Keberaniannya bertambah karena dosen-dosennya yang ada pada Prodi Matematika STKIP Surya, Bapak Peter John dan Bapak Surya Wijaya, pelatih paling berpengalaman dalam olimpiade matematika nasional dan internasional, selalu siap mendukungnya dengan berbagai hal yang dibutuhkan untuk tugas membina siswanya memenangkan kompetisi tersebut.

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Published on Feb 20, This research was conducted based on the findings that students have difficulties in learning multiplication of two numbers, especially multiplication of two digits with two digits and multiplication of two digits with three digits. This research is a pre-experimental design.

The population in this study is 5th grade students in Cihuni I elementary school in Kelapa Dua Tangerang districts.

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Introduction Mathematics is a subject that is always present in every level of education, from elementary school until college. Basic math skills became a very important part for the education of children in elementary school and became one of the skills necessary for success in the 21st century [1].

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC , the students learn math skills at a young age is a great base to build future learning efforts and can be a good indicator or whether someone can be able to meet and resolve the challenges that will be faced in the future [2]. Mathematics content given to elementary school students essentially elementary and contains the basic concepts to understand higher concepts [3]. One of the basic content of mathematics that should be mastered by children is operation of counting numbers that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, 2.

These operations are related to very closely to understanding of the concepts and skills perform operations that one would affect the understanding of the concepts and skills of the other operations [4].

The operation numbers in elementary school is very important to be able to learn other subjects [5]. Based on the theories of Piaget [6], the progression of knowledge a person closely related to the development of biological and its interaction with the environment. The level of sensorimotorik to formal or abstract thinking with the classification of age as follows: 1 sensorimotorik 0 — 2 years , 2 pre operational years , 3 think concrete 7 — 11 years , and 4 abstract thinking or formal 12 — 16 years [6].

Children in the elementary school level is still in the stage of concrete thinking. Therefore when they learn an abstract concept, they will have diffculties. As a result, many students consider mathematics as a tough lesson [7, 8, 9]. The low value of the students in the multiplication content because there are still teachers who use the method of memorizing the multiplication operation in teaching [11].

As a result students quickly forget and do not understand the concept well. Even for the multiplication of natural numbers the tens and hundreds of teachers are only applying the method of multiplication of the composition so that students feel bored because there is no variation with other methods [11]. The appeal of a subject is determined by two things, first by subjects or learning itself and secondly by way of teaching teachers [12].

Therefore, a teacher must prepare their own special methods to make the subject more interesting than before and to make it easier to learn. There are several methods and learning media to do. With a pleasant learning atmosphere will definitely encourage students motivation and interest in learning. Motivation is an important aspect in the activity of teaching and learning [13, 14].

If a student had the motivation of learning mathematics and he will learn it in earnest and can easily achieve the learning objectives. Students can understand the mathematics content studied, then it will grow a positive attitude towards mathematics learners so that the interest will grow [15].

Thus, when the understanding of content can be achieved then this will have an effect on student learning outcomes. Then the benefits of this research for researchers is to develop knowledge, so it is beneficial to the development of research learning mathematics further. Yohanes Surya. Matematika GASING will be teach use unique way which starts from concrete forms to understanding the concept then continous to abstract forms.

Matematika GASING shows how to change a concrete sample into an abstract symbol so the students will be able to read a mathematics patern thus gain the conclusion by themselves [16]. The introduction of concrete forms can encourages students with exploration activities using props.

GASING critical point is a top level that must be passed by students to be undestand next contents [17]. In multiplication content, GASING critical point is 1 students must understand the concepts of multiplication, 2 students know how to count multiples of 1, 10, 9, 2, and 5 fastly, 3 followed by the multiplication of two numbers the same multiplication, 4 3 and 4 multiplication, and 5 multiplication 8, 7 and 6.

Taking one box that consist five pineapples. Therefore taking once again. It means that students can continuous to other way multiplication including the multiplication of two-digit numbers. The following is an example of how to calculate the multiplication of two-digit numbers: Tens times tens is hundreds, so put 3 places ones, tens, hundreds.

Multiply the number from front. Hundreds is 2. Motivation and Study Interest Motivation is one of the factors which determine the success of the children in the study because the motivation plays very effective in helping students learn [18], this makes motivation become one of the prerequisite which is quite important in learning [19]. Student motivation plays an important role in the process of conceptual change [20], critical thinking, learning strategies [21, 22] and the achievement of the learning outcomes [23].

According to Winkel [24] the motivation of learning is the driving force of psychic power overall in student learning activities that give rise, ensuring continuity of learning activities and provide direction on learning activities that for the sake of achieving a goal. Motivation can arise due to factors from inside and outside that affect the interest of students towards a subjects [15].

How to motivate students during the learning process is to connect the learning experience of students with interest. Interest is a characteristic staple that States the relationship between a person and an object or specific activity [25] when one is not currently being in the pressure from outside himself [26].

Study interest is encouragement from inside of someone who's done consciously, pleasure, voluntarily, even wanted to try repeatedly to understand a content. Interest is often associated with someone's behaviour to achieve specific goals in order to get an impression of a condition and interaction in the environment [15, 18]. Interest to have a strong influence on the cognitive domain knowledge and effective attitude domain of the individual [27, 28, 29]. This influence is not only bulit the cognitive domain and effective domain, but also blend in both of it [30].

The sampling technique had been used is purposive sampling and data collected by test and questionaire. This forms of design research according to Sugiyono [12] is as follows: X O Note: X : learning multiplication of two-digit numbers with a Matematika GASING O : post-test value The expected results this research are: 1 identify problems and goals, 2 determine appropriate research design issues and research purposes, 3 arrange the instruments test, 4 give learning a two-digit integer multiplication, 5 give post- test for two-digit multiplication content with two-digit and two-digit multiplication and a three-digit, 6 give the questionaires to know interests and motivation learning of students, 7 make an analysis of the test results, 8 make the conclusion of the results of the study, and 9 make research reports.

Research Instrument The collection of data in this study is to provide a written test and questionaires. The written test given at the end and this questions made from revision bloom taksonomi.

The level are C1 remember , C2 understand , C3 aplication , dan C4 analize [31]. Written tests given to two- digit multiplication this number as many as 30 questions that consists of 25 questions with brief descriptions and 5 reserved form of the story. Problems given to get the average value of the results of the learning of students with two-digit numbers multiplication content. Besides giving post-test, students were also given two questionaires to find out the interest and motivation of students in learning math after learning about the Matematika GASING.

Result Based on the results of pre-test and post-test from 5th grade in elementary school Cihuni I in Kelapa Dua Tangerang districts, obtained the data that the ability to multiply a two-digit numbers by a two-digits and three-digits by a two- digits is influenced by the interest and students motivation. After the success of the test used on average of students learning outcomes variables using one of the test. Then the average of students learning outcomes more than 70 or passed through comparison of students indicator value.

Findings Many factor happened during researched. Those factors are: 1. The time taken in this study is too short that is only times for 3 weeks. Post-test was carried out after the sports lessons so that the child is still in a condition of fatigue. Concluding Remarks Based on the research that has been done and results researchers have presented above can be drawn some conclusions with regard to the interest, motivation, and student learning outcomes.

The summary is as follows: 1. Student Motivation 1 2 3 4 5 6 8. Karim, Muchtar, et al. XV No. XIV pp. Surya and M. Rehman and K.


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