All is going well except when I usb it to my laptop the laptop doesn't read it so I can't use the Boss software to backup and edit patches. I've followed changing the settings in the manual and I've installed the pc drivers even though I shouldn't need to windows I don't think it's a software issue though as it could be the OS Windows 10 or something else about the pc not reading the external device. The cable works because when I plug in Windows plays it's little jingle to let you know a USB device is connected but in the "my computer" window or the file explorer there is no icon to show that an external device is connected. I'm pretty stumped.

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Discussion in ' Effects [BG] ' started by gumtown , Dec 22, Dec 22, 1. May 7, New Zealand. Dec 22, 2. Aug 16, That would be pretty nice!!! Dec 24, 3. Jan 11, Dec 29, 4. Jan 11, near philly. I own 3 ibanez sound gears. All active pickups sg ? Sg sg prestige. I have been playing with the gt10b for a few days now. I am having trobble getting good sounds from it with my prestige bass with bartonoli pickups.

Could these pickups just be to hot for the effects? Comments or suggestions? Jan 14, 5. Jan 5, Dunwoody, GA. Jan 14, 6.

Apr 10, Centereach NY. Jan 19, 7. Dec 5, I know that the idea has been thrown out there for having manual mode be controlled by the input of your bass, but my thought is that during times when I'm not playing I want to be able to switch effects on and off.

Would it be better to just be in manual mode all the time? Is there a way I could flip between manual and patch mode for editing while in a live scenario? Last question for the moment , how do the rest of you guys use your set up live?

Jan 19, 8. Apr 4, Jan 19, 9. Oct 1, I use my GTB in multiple forms. I use it for recording usb into computer and as a soundcard. I use it in manual mode by using the 4 cable method, so i can use the preamp of my amp in the Fx chain. I connect my Sadowsky Outboard preamp in between my bass and the GTB, so i can drive the fx better. The manual mode gives me an approach similar of a regular pedalboard.

The amp simulators are very good, and a can use od, chorus, compressor etc.. This unit is amazing. The learning process is not complicated once you figure out the basic control of the GTB. And you can use in multiple ways. The best thing is that you now have 2 channels, one dry and one wet for example, and you can connect the xlr's out to the FOH and the output to your amp for a reference or you can use the stage monitor.

It's a learning process, and you will discover some true gems. Like de dinamic channel change. And the compressors are very cool. And use the Gumtown's software! Jan 22, Sep 25, Missoula Montana.

I'm fairly certain what I'm trying to do is possible. I think you can follow this tutorial. It's for the Gt Jan 23, This is why i love the 10B. We can do almost anything we want. And controling the amount of OD with the expression pedal is a nice thing. Yea, this thing is seriously awesome! I've noticed that this thing seems to sound way better played through an amp versus playing through headphones. Jan 24, Jun 10, Prague, CZ. Is it critical to have that one specifically?

I knew something was fishy when i saw that puny power adapter Jan 29, Question: I'm having a difficult time figuring how to to separate the Expression Pedal Switch from the Expression Pedal itself. I want the expression pedal movement to control my direct level on a reverb effect while the Switch is ON, and to only control the volume when the switch is off. BUT it's also controlling my direct level when the switch is on, but that's not doing me any good because it's also turning down the volume.

So at this point I have it set so that when I press down on the EXP SW it turns reverb on and as I move my heel down it starts to cut the direct level. So far so good. But as soon as I set the Expression pedal to control volume when the SW is off, it starts to control volume whether the switch is ON or not.. I hope this is clear enough.. What I want is to figure how to make the sweep on the Expression pedal control do one thing while the switch is off, then something completely different once it's turned on..

Feb 3, May 18, Oceanside; So. Noobe here. Just got a GTB and have been tinkering. Using the 4cm. Can't find any documentation on this. May seem obvious to some but not the feeble minded. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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Boss GT-10B Owner's Manual

Discussion in ' Effects [BG] ' started by gumtown , Dec 22, Dec 22, 1. May 7, New Zealand. Dec 22, 2. Aug 16, That would be pretty nice!!!


Boss GT-10B (Manual only)

SY Product Details. GT Product Details. GT-1 Product Details. Mobile powerhouse gives bass players a massive range of pro tone-shaping power in a small and robust package. GT-1B Product Details.

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