Klausymo testas. Skaitymo testas. Testo nerekomenduojama naudoti mokymui. Time — 25 min. Task 1.

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Klausymo testas. Skaitymo testas. Testo nerekomenduojama naudoti mokymui. Time — 25 min. Task 1. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions. An example 0. You will hear the conversation twice.

What a Busy Day! Task 2. Listen to the survey about TV addiction. For questions 1— 4, choose the. An example 0 has been done for you. You will hear the survey twice. For marking. The text is about. TV addiction. In teenagers played computer games for. In research 7. The results suggest that there is a link between.

Task 3. Listen to the story about word meaning explanations and mark. You will hear the story twice. In the past there were quite a lot of white elephants in Asia. In the past white elephants were of great help in different kinds of. Task 4. Listen to the interview with Hannah Shipman, professional English.

For questions 1—7, complete the sentences. You have to fill in ONE or. TWO words only in each. You will hear the interview twice. Hannah originally chose here. In comparison with Prague Hannah finds Lithuania not only beautiful but also.

Working in a. Hannah is also involved in editing text books and. Hannah has a variety of jobs to do as there are not many. Learning Lithuanian helps Hanna to be a. Hannah has a. Hannah uses……………………………. Time - 40 min.

Read Mehmet's letter. For questions 1— 4, choose the correct answer A, B or C. Dear Andrius, My name is Mehmet. This year I am going to finish my secondary education. I was given your address by your classmate Tomas. Last summer, sitting at the back of a hot bus between cities in Turkey for three hours with nothing to do, I struck up a conversation with a young chap next to me. His name, he said, was Tomas. He and five of his friends were doing a project on the Turkish-Lithuanian culture.

They described Lithuania to me and said that their classmates would be interested in writing letters to some young Turks. They want to practice their English, as well as make new friends and exchange visits. I am very much interested in Lithuanian life-styles and would like to get an insight into Lithuanian culture.

I heard from Tomas that Lithuania is very green in summer and it's never as hot as in my country. I would like to visit you in winter to see what real winter is. Moreover, I am convinced that experience gained abroad is a great thing to have on your CV, if you want to study or are looking for a job. I would be very glad to see you in my place in the town of Canakkale. I could tell you about my school and show you the Black Sea.

Looking forward to getting a letter from you. It would be more convenient if you wrote to me by email Mehmet gmail. Best wishes,. Tomas was in Turkey. A to do a project. B to find friends. C to see its cities. Mehmet wants to correspond with Lithuanians. A to learn about Lithuanian way of living. B to make new friends.

C to practice English. Mehmet wants to come to Lithuania and see. A how green the country is. B how hot it is in summer. C what it is like in winter. Mehmet thinks that a visit to Lithuania might be helpful in. A getting a job. B getting better marks at school. C learning to write a CV. Read the A-G ads. For questions 1—5, choose from the ads A—G. Houses for Sale. Read the ads and decide which of the houses might be. For answers. Fantastic 2 bedroom house. This property consists of Gas Central Heating, wooden flooring, 2 double bedrooms, fully fitted kitchen, spacious reception room, allocated parking, video phone entry, bus service to train station and tube station running every 15 minutes, gymnasium, tennis.

Available now!!! Location: South East London. Description: Large spacious house, with 2 large functional halls, with one bedroom flat, 3 basement rooms, very large back garden, toilets, kitchen, store, and bathroom.

Close to local amenities. This private residence, can be reached via a deep snaking illuminated drive which takes you through the eight acres of parkland, past the lake and the tennis court and sets you at the doors. Leading from the central marbled entrance hall, there is a separate bedroom wing which. This home has a wonderful open floor plan.

Upstairs has a spacious den, 3. Immediate sale for moderate price as the owner is going abroad. Located in a quiet village location outside is a large 3 bedroom semi detached property that has just undergone full renovation and refurbishment.

For questions , complete the text with the words from the box below. There are more words than you need to use. Automatic Language Growth. In , the American University Language Center in Bangkok started using a new approach to teach the English language.

The method says that any attempt to speak or even think about language , before automatic speaking comes, will cause.

In other words, the method. During the "silent period", students 2.


Balys Sruoga

Balys Sruoga February 2, , in Baibokai, Kovno Governorate — October 16, , Vilnius was a Lithuanian poet , playwright , critic , and literary theorist. He contributed to cultural journals from his early youth. In , he enrolled in the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich , where in he received his Ph. D for a doctoral thesis on Lithuanian folklore.


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