Want to customize your EXO buggy into something different than the rest. First thing I did was find some inspiration. After talking with them it looked like the Volkswagen Baja Bug Body was the best fit. A few days later the fun began!

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Sadly, we have finally come to the realization that we will never be able to afford a Trophy-Truck or Class 1. With Roger Norman and Steve Menzies not responding to our constant inquires about adoption, our only option is winning the lottery and the chances of that are slim at best.

One of the first things that caught our eye is the unique body with all of its realistic details. A licensed Griffin radiator with fans can be added to the back of the buggy if desired and also included are licensed Hankook Dynapro MT tires and Raceline Renegade wheels. Other unique items, such as working LED taillights and a front light bar, can also be sourced from Axial.

The EXO is not all flash without function though. At its heart is a kv Vanguard brushless motor developed for Axial by Castle Creations. A LiPo battery is recommended and it is 3S capable allowing it to lay down serious power.

Helping get all that power to the ground is a four-wheel-drive system that uses three silicone oil-filled differentials that can actually be fine tuned with optional oil.

Each differential uses four sintered gears housed in compact cases allowing for reduced weight. A fully-adjustable suspension is also part of the EXO with threaded shock bodies and multiple shocks positions. Adjustments for ride height, total travel, toe, rear kickup, camber, roll center and ackerman are all available for those who want to fine tune the EVO.

The spring rate has been chosen for the right balance of high speed and harsh terrain handling with optional rate springs also available. Toughness is part of the package as well with the front and rear bumpers being hinged to allow them to flex under impact. The entire center chassis is made from 4mm thick aluminum for durability and an aluminum front skid plate is also included.

Dual bearings hold the stub axles in place and mate to 12mm cast aluminum hex hubs adding strength to the driveline components. Despite our lack of driving skill that has led to a few spectacular crashes and our best attempts to destroy it, the EXO has held up well. It is a perfect diversion whether around the office or out in the desert and has allowed us to live our dream of owning a high-performance piece of desert machinery vicariously through it.

Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. With Roger Norman and Steve Menzies not responding to our constant inquires about adoption, our only option is winning the lottery and the chance. Dirt Sports Nation Writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

SI2305 PDF

Axial EXO Terra Buggy Body - .040" (Pre-Printed Green) AX04036

A lot of us get into this hobby because the full-sized alternative is way out of reach. We sit at our workbenches, dreaming of building the ultimate off-road machine—one that can go anywhere, do anything and take on whatever the world puts in its way. The EXO combines the worlds of scale realism, ultimate off-road performance and RC to lay down a dream machine like no other before it, a four-seater take on a prerunner buggy. Four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, long travel suspension and a truckload of features, scale goodies and performance design, the EXO Terra Buggy may just be the next big thing that defines our hobby. Does it have the right stuff to conquer the desert and lift you and three of your friends to the top of the Class 1 podium?


The Axial Exo Terra Buggy

Matt Higgins Aug 26, Comments Before you get your undies all in a bunch, relax and hear me out. Second, there are two very legit reasons this RC car, I mean buggy, oh whatever, is being reviewed here. The obvious reason is that the potential EXO purchaser is already here checking out articles. The same type of guy that likes the stuff here is probably going to also be interested in the EXO. As soon as we saw one up close, we saw a 4WD short course truck in the making. Then we blinked and we envisioned a nimble monster truck that could bash around with the likes of the Traxxas Stampede 4X4.


EXO Terra Buggy

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