During the many years of publishing the Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud, students of Gemara asked for a smaller, lighter version of the full-size text. We listened and responded with the Daf Yomi edition. Every word, indeed every feature, of the full-size edition is here in a compact 7" x 10" size - and printed on lighter, thinner paper. Like the full-size edition, the Daf Yomi edition of the Schottenstein Talmud Bavli is available in 73 volumes. The Daf Yomi edition is popular with travelers as well as with Torah students on a budget. In Talmud classes and congregations throughout the English speaking world, the Daf Yomi edition of the Talmud Bavli has become a very popular resource.

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Open the Schottenstein Edition and step into a "study hall without walls. Let the Talmud open your eyes to the wonders of the Torah. Acclaimed by a broad spectrum of roshei yeshivah, scholars, and laymen around the world, this series letsyou join the world of Abaye and Rava without oversimplification, without extraneous material, without turgidity. It's clear. It's accurate. It's challenging. It's authentic.

Every word of the text appears, vowelized and translated Each phrase is explained so that the reader understands the reasoning and flow Each question, answer, proof and rebuttal is introduced so that the reader will know where the Gemara is taking him Notes expand on the explanation of the Gemara's points, and explain unfamiliar ideas without interrupting the flow of the text Detailed diagrams Introductions to the entire tractate and to each topic, wherever necessary Glossary explains key expressions in each tractate Rashi headings in bold type Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas 7" x 10" page size Acid-free paper Magnificent specially sculpted cover Reinforced deluxe library binding for long use Ribbon-marker The total linear measurement for this set is For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Complete 73 volume set. Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or ArtScroll. Login to your account to see if you qualify. Learn More. ISBN ISBN : Format: Hardcover. Weight: LBS. Related Items. Home Complete sets of Schottenstein Talmud. Home Sets Schottenstein Ed. Home Sets - ALL sets. Preview close. App Digital Library. Daf Yomi Size. Full Size. Travel Edition.


Artscroll Talmud Daf Yomi Size

We study the Talmud, poring over its pages, cherishing its every word. But do we know very much about its background? In this beautiful volume, we will enrich and enhance the experience of learning Talmud with so much vital information! For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.


Introduction to the Talmud - English Daf Yomi Size

Sign up now and never miss having your volume in time again. There is no charge for this convenient service, and you can cancel at any time. Each volume will be added to your digital volumes 2 weeks before the start of that volume in the Daf Yomi Cycle - and for added convenience, automatically billed to your credit card. We will only add those volumes that you have not already purchased through ArtScroll.


Schottenstein Daf Yomi Ed Talmud English [#65] - Bechoros Vol 1 (2a-31a)


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