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Right after the Chariot of the Lord left, this second part of the message occurred. It was a clock — a clock made up of angels. The messenger angel in the center was that much larger.

Then blue angels made a circle perpendicular to the ground within the air. One angel stood in the center — about twenty feet off of the ground.

He had blue wings. The others had no wings. Then the angel pointed the feather to the location that would be He then turned and looked at me. Suddenly the sound of a huge clock chime rang out. But it sounded only four times although the feather was pointing to This part of the visitation was a clock that foretold when our Heavenly Father would come in His chariot and visit the top of this little mountain.

Some parts of the revelation I understand, and some parts are still to be revealed. But I will share with you what I understand some 14 years later. The formation of the clock indicates our Heavenly Father is telling us exactly when He will fulfill the prophetic words concerning His arrival within that chariot. This visitation will come in four periods of time before the end. How do I know this is a time clock before the end?

Because after the fourth chime one lone trumpet blew. We do not know where we are in the 12th hour. However, according to scripture, the 12th hour has been shortened by our Heavenly Father.

We know the chimes cannot represent single years because this happened 14 years ago. That would make the visitation to be 6 years from now. We know we are presently in the 12th hour because the 11th hour prophet [John Paul Jackson] has gone on to be with the Lord. His mother carried him 11 months as a prophetic witness from God that he was a sign of the 11th hour and that when he died the 12th hour would begin.

We are in that 12th hour at present. Now we come to the part of the revelation that I am not sure I completely comprehend. The striking of the chime 4 times while the feather points to the 12th hour shows exactly when in the 12th hour He will come.

Exactly what does each chime mean? It is not one year. But is it 5 years or 10 years. Is it 40 years from or ? I do not know. Well, I am joining the ranks of the puzzled. Perhaps later, our Lord will reveal this mystery to me.

We are continuing our spiritual history of Prayer Mountain and the care with which our Heavenly Father takes to prepare the very ground on which He intends to reveal His glory. I heard a great rumbling. The ground shook and the trees seemed to bow down.

The birds fled because of the loudness of the roar. A wheel-within-a-wheel spun beside each of the four huge cherubs. The wheels were covered with eyes. Each of the four faces of the cherubs had the face and actually the basic form of a man.

Each cherub had four wings. The uppermost wings touched the uppermost wings of the cherubs stationed nearest him. Together, they formed a wall surrounding the area within which the lapis lazuli throne some call the sapphire throne sat. It was as though the near proximity to one another of the four cherubs created an electrical connection so that lightning or electric arcs passed between them.

Amazingly, I could see within this group. Usually they guard and carry the Lord. But within this grouping He Himself was not present. Beside each cherub was a wheel-within-a-wheel. These wheels, as I have said, are were full of eyes. Actually, they are accompanying members of His entourage: distinguished members at that. YHWH, when traveling, is accompanied by a goodly number of the representatives from the throne area in Heaven. You might say that those with Him are composites of those nearest the throne in Heaven.

In Heaven the four living creatures are fully realized. Each large creature is white with gold extremities and many eyes. When travelling, a single cherub will represent the four living creatures by each displaying the four heads: man, bull, lion and eagle. They are both benign and fierce at the same time. When traveling, the thrones are represented by these wheel-within-a-wheel, whirling members of His entourage. Since they are full of eyes, they miss nothing.

Even if He sends them on before, they are His representatives and will report back to Him their observations. The other angels assigned to the ridge bowed at the waist and then stood at attention — deferring to them. I felt that those closest to His throne above were sent to report on the progress toward His desire for a chapel on the top of that ridge. Within a chapel, He could not only meet with His children, but also provide a shelter for them. The structure would protect His children from the rain, sleet, snow or extreme heat and also the insects.

Our Heavenly Father takes into consideration the present limitations of the bodies of His children. They also need to sit due to age or infirmities. Our Heavenly Father loves us and wants to provide for us. God is everywhere — which we all know to be true. But He also chooses certain locations where He, Himself decides to meet with His children — the Tabernacle, the Temple etc.

He chooses the location, and then, He endows it. At present, He is preparing the soil. This is a unique experience that He, graciously, has allowed us to share. They are startlingly white with gold extremities. They are full of eyes. When traveling — you know how we often purchase compact toiletries such as a smaller toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo etc.

These pack more easily but we are, however, as fully prepared as if we had the same grooming aids in their larger sizes. These huge cherubs with four faces — are representative of the full-sized four living creatures around the throne. The wheels or Thrones are part of the heavenly court. There is no need for them to address mankind when travelling as part of the entourage. The eyes show us that they observe and report to their Maker. They are part of His heavenly court and travel as high officials accompanying the King.

They too, are visual composites of those they represent. The larger wheel represents the overall ruler: our Heavenly Father. The wheel perpendicular to the outer wheel, represents those with delegated authority that are stationed near His throne in Heaven: a wheel within a wheel. Our great King and Creator travels with His court.

They are trusted representatives who testify! Several days later, due to rain, we stayed at the cabin to pray. After prayer, Albert went about his duties.

I was still sitting on the sofa. I picked it up, wondering about a prophecy which he had written. I could not bring it to mind. I looked through the booklet to see if I could ascertain why I felt it was important. I found on page 49 a recounting of a vision he had on The Day of Atonement while he and Carolyn were in Moravian Falls. The following is the main part of the vision:. It was incredibly loud and I could tell it was getting closer by the second.

My eyes were glued to the sky. I expected to see the jet plane burst through the clouds at any moment. The sound continued to grow louder and louder as if the plane was about to fly very low over. In a split second, a mighty messenger from Heaven appeared suspended above my head, about fifty feet from the ground.


The Heavens Opened




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