Skip to content. Quick links. Search Advanced search. I had to put in a new battery and might want to upgrade the tubes, but I really like the sounds in it for what they are. It's a nice change of pace from my routine, cool to play with the Marhsall side of the world, and love the instantly-'80s in a good way chorused sounds.

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Skip to content. Quick links. Search Advanced search. I had to put in a new battery and might want to upgrade the tubes, but I really like the sounds in it for what they are. It's a nice change of pace from my routine, cool to play with the Marhsall side of the world, and love the instantly-'80s in a good way chorused sounds. I often find myself liking the misuse of high-tech '80s shredder gear in the service of post-punk music "Disintegration", shoegaze, etc.

My decade-long setup has been a Jazzmaster into a big ol' pedalboard Rats, gnarly fuzzes, late '80s reverbs into a nice big tubey silverface Fender 4x10 combo set to super-clean. This rack stuff cool 'cause it's all new to me. But it's perfect for that part of me that loves shoegaze, '90s punk that Marshall-ish sound , and textural ambient stuff. And it's been great for recording. I'd painted myself into a corner as far as power amps when I realized I needed a power conditioner for my little rack.

I hadn't taken that into account when I drew out my "dream rack" on paper". It don't want to have to upgrade to anything bigger than 6U and the conditioner took one of the slots I'd reserved for power rampage.

This left me with limited options. Ideally, I'd like a tube power amp, but realize that it's out of my budget, especially if I'm locked into the 1U stipulation. I needed something 1U, not as harsh and cheap as a bottom-shelf off-the-rack current SS power amp i.

Behringer, et al , and hopefully without spending too much. Yeah, yeah, I know. The golden triangle. But I'm not a good enough player to really invest a fortune in what will realistically be my "second" rig, even if it's unique.

I would have preferred the W version, but this was considerably cheaper, and there isn't one of those W to be found anywhere I've looked.

This was a good deal, and I can't imagine I need too much power. I hear the MT pairs well with the MP-1, and whether or not it's "real" tube it's not , the "warm it up" technology gave it a big edge in my book.

So I need some advice. Please steer my garage-rockin' gorilla brain into the high-tech world beyond loud combos and fuzz pedals. It was wired in series, I converted to parallel to go with the super-powered SS bass amp I've been slaving the power section from, with perfectly acceptable results, other than a little SS sterility from the cheap power amp. Looking at these connections on the MT, however Should I run it mono down the whole rack line to just one side of the stereo output, and only use one channel i.

Or can I run stereo into it and have it "sum" the signal and only run on one side of the output at 4ohm? Should I RE-re-wire my cab back to series and give it a 16ohm speaker load? Still waiting on it to arrive, but as I understand it, this is a surmountable problem. Seems like there's some info out there on ADA Depot. But, are there any other significant issues with these things I should know about before I commence to rocking? Can anyone elaborate in an exceptionally simplistic way for me as to how the two may differ in practical usage?

Or is this all a bunch of hooey by armchair rockstars? Does anyone know if that's still active? I can't even see when the posts are from. I know digital amps are one exception. ADA is still around, so if you can't hunt down a manual for the answer just ask them.

If that's a no-go then yes rewiring your cab to 16 and using the bridged output would be the next step. Like say the Crest CA2. You would have something as saggy as you want, clean, loud, reliable and really good sounding. I use a Markbass tube compressor for bass sometimes. I have played guitar into it, and it feels great.

Big and clean. Despite what the website said. So, I busted my butt to the other one, now under scheulde constraints. Sweaty and out of breath, a train and a walk later, I made it to the other store and picked up some of what they had left not a wide selection. Luckily, they had Tung-Sols. A 2-day crash course of internet research and sifting through the people who don't know what they're talking about , and I seemed to put together that Tung-Sols might stay cleaner and not break up as early as some others.

Perfect for my purposes in a power amp -- adding warmth for the SS output to crank, but not add too much color or any grit of their own. I don't know that I'd be able to I. Or maybe it's close or way off and I can't tell at spare-room levels. But having seeing one in use live recently, being right in front of those cabs, it was really powerful without being harsh. I have to do a little more testing, and try it out at practice space volume, but any perceived grit I thought I might have been getting from the power amp is now gone.

Still nice and warm, and the presence control allows for a pretty wide range from thickness to brightness. Does anyone else here use one?

I'd love to hear your experiences and opinions I got the Microfet in the mail. It's pretty much exactly what I expected. Nice, clear sound amplification. I honestly don't know what the tubes actually DO for sound in the Microtube, but it definitely sounds "warmer" than the Microfet, which I guess is just the same solid-state parts of the MT, only without the tubes.

I was going to sell it, but frankly, it would be perfect for driving studio monitors or acting as a backup in case the MT fails. And if I wanted to sell this, if I needed to go buy one of those later, it would probably run more than the MF cost me. That's going to bite into the deficit I was going to offset on the cabs. I've put it in the one blank spot in my rack case for the time being, just to keep it safe from getting banged up, but it's not even plugged in.

Speaking of: I'm delighted to have upgraded my cab situation! I realized that they don't tend to pop up REAL often on the local Craigslist I never see them , and that if I bought from GC, the shipping would be less than half what it would be from any other vendor anywhere but locally. They're nice, but not "pay double to ship them" nice.

Got to the store, plugged them in to make sure they worked this gets important later , and then took them home. They're the "standard" version, not the "vintage" model. Got home, opened them up to see what was inside making one of those crumbled corners a little worse in the process, oh well. Is it normal for these things to be lined with what seems like insulation? Big fluffy pads stuck to the back panel. Will post pics later. I don't think I've ever seen that, but I've only ever really bonded with a few amps, so my experience is limited.

As long as it sounds good. Then, of course, one of them wouldn't output any sound. At all. And this being a new setup for me, I was totally stymied. Turned out to be one that of the extension jacks the serial one had been all f'd up by the previous owner, and the contact point that says "this jack is not in use" wasn't making contact.

I finally got it working with some pliers and bending trickier than I thought. Oh well, likely won't use that anyway, and can replace later.

But the hour of troubleshooting was irritating. Is it the power amp? Is it Channel B? A bad patch cable? Bad speaker cable? Do I have everything routed right? What happened in the last half hour to cause it to fail? This pair has clearly seen better days. Kinda dirty. Both of them have some decaying plywood on one corner of the back panel on both cabs, and in both cases, the corners are all cobbled back together with screws. Like they'd been kicked hard, or maybe the cheap plywood just started to crumble a bit.

But no worries, I can have someone cut me some of those sometime, and it will hold up for now, as it's not going to be gigging every week. The speakers inside are still the stock Celestials G12S , and sound very nice to my ear. Way more high end than the woofy, wooly 4x10 I've been playing through. Crisp and lively and electric.

Code on the flange that starts with 05EC dates from March of '95 if I'm not mistaken?


ADA MicroTube 100 Power Amp

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So far completely unimpressed.

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Ada MICROTUBE 100 Owner's Manual


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