Mosaik is a German comic book magazine. First published in December , it is the longest-running German and European monthly comic book and the only one originating in East Germany that still exists. Mosaik also appeared in other countries and other languages. In its English-language edition it was published under the title Mosaic. Mosaik was created by illustrator and caricaturist Hannes Hegen. From to , the protagonists of Mosaik were Dig, Dag and Digedag, known together as the Digedags.

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It consists of a pages comic story about the Abrafaxe and their adventures throughout the world. More than issues have been published so far. A specific story is continued in several issues making up a complete series.

Digital Photoshop files are available for more than issues. The texts are set in Quark XPress and can be easily transferred into other languages. Ages 8 to During the arguments between Capitano Spavento and the Turkish pasha, Harlequin and his friends from the commedia dell'arte always accompanied them. But the clown Hans Wurst and the Hungarian folk hero Ludas Matyi as well as the Abrafaxe manage to put fun into the adventure despite the fights between the Austrians and the Hungarian kuruc army.

This way leads them through Bavarian woods, where they have to resist a band of robbers. They also meet dumpling cook Fanny, the weird baron of Blechreder and Pierrot and his group of comedians. However, our three heroes are not only forced to fight windmills, but also their worst enemy: marchese Ferrando Esteban Carotto Ruinez Totales en des Tillas Randales Festos, or shortly: Don Ferrando.

There are plenty of hazards and exciting events. At first, cousin Don Alfonso, who has been poisoned, must be cured. Then, the Abrafaxe are supposed to rescue a Hakim's daughter who has been kidnapped. Again their archenemy Don Ferrando is in on it and causes distress, e. Their journey leads them through a magical oriental world full of secrets and unexplainable events, via the pyramids of Egypt to Mesopotamia, where the miraculous storyteller Hodscha Nasreddin takes care of them.

His weird constructions bail the Abrafaxe out every now and then however, they fail as often. It's hard to believe that this funny guy is about to experience one of the most beautiful love stories with one of the most wonderful women of the MOSAIK universe: Amazon queen Roxane.

In the Himalayas, the Abrafaxe even encounter the Yeti. They travel across the Indian subcontinent and in the end, they find the legendary golden column in Orissa. However, the princess has been captured by local pirates, the Orang Laut "the sea people" , on her way to her groom. The Abrafaxe offer to rescue her. Using the latest invention of their brilliant friend, a submersible, they head for an island in the Strait of Malacca Here they get to know the samurai Onoe who has to complete an important mission: he wants to rescue the two swords of his master, which are a samurai's most precious items, from his archenemy named Ruki Suzuki and give them to Yamato, his master's son, who is the only worthy successor.

And he really needs the help offered by the Abrafaxe. In addition to all that, a Mongolian patrol shows up commissioned to prepare the invasion into Japan They get to know Li and his bride-to-be Lu. But the happy ending is not yet to come: there's an incredible encounter with the traveler Marco Polo, the visit to the Great Wall of China, and besides, the fight on the side of the rebellion "Black Wind" against the Mongolian invaders keeps the Abrafaxe busy for a long time.

Brabax and Califax accompany his mother to a monastery where Brabax starts searching for the mysterious Book with Seven Seals. The name alone promises a lot. Thus, the Abrafaxe find almost all of their dreams fulfilled here.

Brabax can philosophize with great Sokrates, Abrax joins the legendary Olympic Games and Califax enjoys the country's treats. However, lazing around is out of question because the Abrafaxe, together with the beautiful seeress Sibylla, must foil the plans of evil Skrotonos.

Hunting rogue Skrotonos the Abrafaxe and Sibylla, the pretty fortune-teller, arrive in Egypt where they leap through time, back to ancient Egypt of monarch Nefertiti and her famous successor Tutankhamun. Unfortunately, so does their antagonist Don Ferrando, who is supported by a bunch of pirates. The New World is full of incredible adventures. Their destination is the fabulous El Dorado, but the way there is long and full of obstacles.

To make matters worse their comrade Wido Wexelgelt is very clumsy. And in addition to that, the famous pirate Francis Drake gets in their way in the end They soon gain a foothold, though.

Brabax travels the country on behalf of the FBI, Califax and Abrax start a career as sausage vendors. However, their "American way of life" does not remain for long. And one day, the Abrafaxe find a diamond in the Rocky Mountains which is as big as the Ritz This time, they are searching for three mysterious bronze jars.

They are not the only ones, though, the ninjas Ori and Gami have the same goal. The samurai Toru and his pretty daughter Toshiko assist the Abrafaxe when they are in need. Abrax frivolously claims that the Abrafaxe are able to travel faster around the world than everyone else.

So, the crazy race around the world has yet begun. In company of the knight Hugo von Payens, they are crisscrossing medieval Europe. More and more fellows, among them pretty Gwendolyn, join the group over time.

But they are hunted by three dark knights. At the end of the journey, there is nothing less than the foundation of the Order of the Temple. Since the abbess is very sick, they leave the monastery in order to find the Philosopher's Stone.

But neither Doctor Porcellus nor anyone else can help them. Their way leads them farther and farther, and again and again the two rival counts von Wolfenstein and von Rabenhorst threaten the group. The secrets about Johanna's ancestry are gradually solved, and there is a heritage. But Johanna has different plans When Brabax encounters the all-round man Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, he immediately becomes his assistant.

In the meantime, Abrax and Califax meet the roamer Soony. Over and over, the rogue Duke Caran d'Ache gets in their way. In the end, though, Soony finds his true love and settles down. The Abrafaxe, who have landed in New South Wales after their last time leap, don't want to miss such an adventure. Problems occur during the circumnavigation, though: a saboteur makes trouble, dangerous creatures threaten the crew, and the "Investigator" is ruinous.

Will they manage to reach Port Jackson again? In Dalmatia and Venice 24 issues ; Dalmatia and Venice; about The journey of the Abrafaxe began in an idyllic village at the Adriatic coast. In India 48 issues ; India; about The Abrafaxe hit India with their new friend, the brilliant inventor Alexander Papatentos. At the Orang Lauts' 12 issues , Malaysia; about Each day, a prince arrives at the court of the king of Orissa to fetch the princess promised to him. In feudal Japan 24 issues ; Japan; After having been kidnapped by the Mongols and having been in distress and confronted with a tornado, the Abrafaxe land at the Japanese coast.

In China 12 issues ; China; Finally, the Abrafaxe are in China for a change, a country they have always been eager to visit. In medieval Germany 25 issues ; Germany, Italy; Abrax soon chums up with Floribert von Wackerstein, a young count who is being expelled from his castle.

In Greece 16 issues ; Greece; B. In Egypt 21 issues ; Egypt; B. In Australia appr.


Die Abrafaxe. Mosaik Sammelband 44. Unruhige Zeiten

The Abrafaxe are three little adventurers who have been travelling around the world since We don't quite know where Abrax, Brabax and Califax actually come from, but they seem to be able to jump into different historical times and places. Thus, they might help building the pyramids in Ancient Egypt, go sailing with the legendary Sir Francis Drake or find themselves on a journey on the famous Orient Express. The Abrafaxe act with charm, wit and team spirit and would never allow violence as a form of solution. Even though they are very different personalities and don't always agree with each other, they are true friends who would never let each other down. To read about the three little heroes' adventures is great fun for any age group.


MOSAIK Magazine



Introducing the Abrafaxe




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