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Marvell 88e The Link Street 88E device is a 6-port switch integrating a highperformance switching fabric, a high-speed address lookup engine,? The 88E device is an ideal product for cost-sensitive low port count switch systems and wireless and wireline? Single-chip integration of a 6-port FE switch? Two of the PHY ports can be con?

Multi-mode MII interfaces? Virtual Cable Tester? VCT technology? Provides low cost solution for SOHO wireless gateway routers and desktop switches? Support both copper and? Provide design? Provides advanced cable integrity diagnostic that helps customers determine location of cable opens, shorts and impedance mismatch? Reduces costly phone calls to equipment manufacturers? Reduces costly support phone calls www. High-speed switch fabric? Integrated Kb on-chip memory? High-performance look-up engine with support for up to 1, MAC address entries with automatic learning and aging?

Port-based VLAN supported in any combination? Provides true non-blocking switching performance? Integrated memory reduces cost and enhances performance? Supports a large number of Ethernet nodes? Provides Layer 2? Allows suppression or addition of group membership to provide? The 88E device cost-optimized integration, low power, and extra port saves BOM costs, and supports many applications with few additional active components in a small footprint.

Marvell utilizes recognized world-leading semiconductor foundry and packaging services to reliably deliver high-volume and low cost total solutions. For more information, visit our website at www. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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88e6060 Marvell Semiconductor, Inc., 88e6060 Datasheet



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