This two-door, four-seat, all-wheel-drive sports coupe was engineered to deliver world-class performance on a relative budget, boasting performance numbers to irritate cars costing several times as much. Psst… do you want a used performance car that goes really, really fast? If so, you might be eyeing a used Nissan GT-R from across the room. Look for Bluetooth, navigation, multimedia inputs, steering-wheel-mounted audio controls and a special high-performance Bose audio system for when you get tired of listening to turbocharger noises. All models get a 3.

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One thing we won't miss about our Nissan GT-R is taking it to the dealer for service. While it was in the shop at Nissan of Santa Monica they inspected the car pretty thoroughly and concluded that we will need brakes in about 3, miles. Other than that it was an uneventful visit which is good because it will be in the hands of a new owner soon and maintenance will be their responsibility. We'll let you know what price we wound up at tomorrow. See full article and comment.

Another day, another set of tires for our Nissan GT-R. Also in this total was a fee to patch a puncture located center-tread in the left-rear tire.

The last time we replaced the front tires was at 16, miles. We blame the aggressive suspension setting and extended freeway driving for the short tire life. But we knew what to expect. Yesterday, a low tire pressure light flashed up in our long-term Nissan GT-R's instrument cluster.

I punched up the tire pressure display to determine the offending tire. Okay, left rear. I looked for a nail and found a small one in the middle of the tread. Yay for technology. But I checked the other tires, you know, just in case.

That's when this tire check got a lot more exciting. Despite the scrapes show in this picture, I was surprised to find that we didn't have to come in at a steep angle or ease ourselves onto the street, at least from our company driveway, the cause of many a scuffed-up chin.

See this Z post. Yup, unlike our Z, the GT-R doesn't require extra babying to exit the company garage. But the Z scrapes almost every time even when I'm braking and going slowww over that transition at an angle even. Another test is mph bumps. In the Z, I could brake before and during the bump and yet still manage to scrape its chin. In the GT-R, I could go over those bumps straight on at 21 mph and still emerge unscathed.

BTW, I took a ruler to the GT-R and found that the car's chin is about 6 inches off the ground, while the portion that's right in front of the front wheel is a little over 5 inches.

Brent has the Z and says, "I used a tape measure. Aside from its frequent dealer visits, the usual criticism leveled at our Nissan GT-R is that it does too much for its driver, in effect isolating you from the driving experience. The car and its computers work the clutch es , manage your launch and determine a target yaw rate as you steer into a turn.

Peep our new high-tech, high-strength rubberized iPod retention device. Slick, ey? This time it was the return spring in the iPod connector. If you're not familiar with how one of these works, here's the skinny: There are two prongs on the side of that cable, each has a hook-ish thing at the end that holds the iPod tight to the cable. Push the cable straight in to dock it, push the side-buttons and pull to un-dock.

Well, except when one of the prongs refuses to hold. I've got a bunch of liberal arts degrees, my solution was to jam my iPod in the glove box where the cable resides , under the 5,page owner's manual, and then bolster it with some additional paperwork we keep handy. After that, I'd rest the cable on the iPod and drive real careful so as to not upset the delicate balance achieved. It was either that or write a sonnet about it and hope that spurs someone else to fix it.

Dan Edmunds is an Engineer, as such, his solution involved actually doing something productive. A big rubber band held the iPod in place until we could take it to the dealer to complain. I've nearly lost count how many times I've done a 'back from the dealer' post on the GT-R. And now I get to do it again! In that time they replaced the same part that broke 11 months and 22, miles ago -- The vent control valve which, when broken, prevents excess pressure from properly venting, causing, among other things, a check engine light and fuel to puke out of the filler neck.

Let me tell you, when that happens the cabin smells great. Fun times. There was also a second, non-mechanical surprise issue we had repaired at the same time. But I'm saving that for a post later on tonight. Maybe it was the stress of being Car of the Week, but the Nissan GT-R went all diva on us, again, this morning requesting an immediate visit to the dealer.

We checked the code and it was the same evap emissions control business we had back at 4, miles. And so, just like last time , we cleared the code assuming it was a loose gas cap, and went on with our business. If you'll remember, last time the fault was caused not by a bad gas cap, but by a faulty Event Control Valve which was replaced.

Less than a day later, the light came back and we went straight to the dealer. And that's what we know so far. We'll give you updates as we have them. It's been happening for a least three weeks. Maybe a few months. It's impossible to notice with the windows up. Windows down and next to a wall, it's all you hear.

You'll be fine. Go faster. Prudence ruled and we checked it anyway. There was no screw. But that click is, and after at least one dealer visit, it's time to get to sleuthing. Off to the internet we go. Turns out this is an altogether too common problem on Nissan GT-Rs. See that pic that I posted Thanks, Dan! See anything odd about it? Or anything asymmetrical? Hint: It's got a yellow arrow pointing to it.

Hint 2: Look at the top yellow arrow. So the noise, it would seem from other GT-R owners' experience, is an improperly lubed and improperly supported retainer pin. Nissan, it seems, thought one would suffice. Most likely we'll install the item ourselves, but I promise nothing at this point.

If you'll remember, the last time we heard from our GT-R, Dan wasn't waving his arms frantically enough as Godzilla left him stranded. For those who don't remember and cant' be bothered to follow the link, here's what happened: Dan Edmunds tried to start the car and it didn't work. He rattled the wheel around with some vigor, tried again and it worked. A day-or-so later he goes to start the thing to drive to work and it's dead. It's at this point I get a text message saying he won't be in until one of his neighbors wakes up.

Within minutes of him arriving at work we brought it over to the shop. For maybe the first time ever, the dealer called me and said, "Good news, we got the car to replicate the problem on the second try!

This was late Tuesday and the problem had been identified as a faulty steering lock. Trouble is, there wasn't one locally and getting one from the main distribution center would take time as they were closed for business by this point.

Not everything about the San Diego Comic-Con was fun or funny. Not five minutes after parking the car, it wouldn't start. Not a blip, not a crank. Save for this Intelligent Key warning lamp, the dash stayed completely dark, just as it would if the intelligent key wasn't in the car with me. It was, of course, and the transmitter worked just fine when I unlocked the doors. So I plugged the fob into the emergency receptacle that's provided for occasions such as this This light warns of a malfunction with the electrical steering lock system or the Intelligent Key system.

If the light comes on while the engine is stopped, it may be impossible to free the steering lock or to start the engine. If the light comes on while the engine is running, you can drive the vehicle.

Sentence number two is exactly what happened, though the Intelligent Key seemed to be functioning normally from a door lock perspective. And the steering lock itself wasn't actually locked, as I could turn the wheel from lock to lock, albiet with difficulty because the engine and power steering were off, of course. It was as if the steering lock failed to lock, or something.

The good news is that we don't need to bring our Nissan GT-R to the dealer again until it clicks past 31, miles. What does a GT-R owner get for his bucks? Well, an oil change of course. But this service had a new issue, one we hadn't dealt with yet; we had to have the coolant changed. Now, you can imagine what ran through our minds when we saw this in the maintenance book. As usual, the service was excellent.


Nissan GTR Owners Manual

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2009 Nissan GT-R - Owner's Manual (311 pages)

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2009 Nissan GTR — Owner's Manual

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2009 Nissan GT-R Long-Term Road Test

At Continental Nissan we have the experience necessary to realize that many of our GT-R owners may have their supercar in storage or may simply not drive more than a couple hundred miles per year. That's why we encourage contacting our GT-R Concierge who is dedicated to developing a maintenance schedule based upon the driving habits of each individual owner. Whether you're putting several thousand miles a year on your GT-R or if you decided that you have a busy summer and won't take your vehicle out of storage until next year, well will devise a maintenance schedule that accommodates your driving needs. Please make sure to take full advantage of this complimentary scheduled maintenance. Schedule Service Order Parts. The Nissan GT-R is a finely tune high performance supercar - Continental Nissan advises those owner who are driving their GT-R on a frequent basis to adhear as close as possible to the factory recommended maintenance schedule to eliminate the chance for costly repairs. Please remember that the Continental Nissan service staff is here to help you and cater to your needs.

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