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World of Archangels is a spiritual masterpiece designed by Archangel Uriel that retraces the self-realization process that allows you to interact with some of the most influential Beings in this Universe. Regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you are doing, this book contains Universal principles that will redefine your spiritual life.

The book is filled with Enlightening meditations, Ancient wisdom and uplifting stories of ethereal encounters with the other side. Whether you are a beginner in this field or an old soul wiser than the day, World of Archangels will help you achieve the next level of your spiritual journey. Throughout history we have been led to believe that there were only 7 primary Chakras within the human body. There are in fact 12 Chakras that act as representatives for the 12 Dimensions that make up our Universal learning environment.

World of Archangels delves quite heavily into each of the Dimensions that collectively became known as Creator School. We are each of us developing souls that will one day achieve the 12th Dimension and leave Creation as powerful Creators ourselves. The fundamentals of achieving such a feat revolves around Unconditional Love and expressing ourselves within the extremely heightened existence of Enlightenment.

The Archangels are the Beings who convey these teachings down in order to complete the cycle of learning. World of Archangels was written to simply orchestrate such a Divine meeting; the rest is entirely up to Destiny. The book follows a self-realization process that Archangel Uriel hand-crafted for the sole purpose of awakening souls.

Each chapter continues this powerful journey, where by the end of the book, descriptive meditations upon activating and cleansing the Chakras, raising the vibration of the human body, communing with ethereal Beings, psychic self defense, healing and the ability to understand Life beyond normal human perception becomes available. With self-realization in mind, World of Archangels aims to excel the spiritual aspirant onto a pathway of Enlightenment with dedicated meditations to empower the human energetic body beyond the normal limitations.

Here on Earth we may sometimes become bogged down with all manner of disharmonies that cause us to be shackled into a physical life that was effectively set up for us to fail at some point in time. Sometimes we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and many times we may even feel burnt by Life itself for no other reason than for the justification of karmic debt. It may be one of the greatest answers to know the meaning of your life and to understand why you are even alive.

To genuinely approach an Archangel; these answers may very well be given to you. To live a fulfilling Life, to be free of limitations, to recognize the nature of who you are and where you have come from; this is the result of becoming an awakened soul.

Meer lezen Minder lezen. Recensie "I am completely blown away and I don't even know where to start with this review! Just wow after finishing this book, it's kind of like sitting in an IMAX theater and taking a ride through the Universe. The book starts with a story from the authors childhood, while he was watching his spiritual master, when the master announces that he is about to pass away.

What follows is a heartfelt account of what initially pushed him into his spiritual journey. We then get introduced to the 12 Dimensions of the Universe and how the human body actually has 12 Chakras that coincide. I have only ever been taught there were 7 Chakras so this part really started tying everything in for me. By the middle of the book things really start revving up as the Archangels get involved and we go through detailed meditations upon activating our Chakras, communing with ethereal beings, psychic self defense; all jam packed with these amazing stories of the author meeting the Archangels and Ascended Masters all over the place.

By the end of the book we can start to piece together this powerful notion of Enlightenment and how we can achieve it. The Pros: - Hands down the most fascinating part for me were all these ethereal encounters with Archangel Uriel that swept me up into his world every step of the way. I couldn't get enough of it! Overall I really liked this book. I never knew the spiritual world could be so exciting.

All this time I thought it was just about meditations and chanting mantras, and then I read this book and I am now more inspired to start interacting with the spiritual world than ever! I recommend you read World of Archangels.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or seeking something out of this world. You will be floating off the ground by the time you finish reading it! At last, something that rounds the Universe up into an Enlightening read. It was as if I was talking to the Archangels the whole way through.

I am so incredibly excited at the prospect of what this book will do to the world. What I liked about World of Archangels is that it sets out all the spiritual concepts to gradually build up the further along you read. It starts by explaining the simple stuff like energy and reincarnation and finishes in a grand finale' where it talks about Universal cycles and talking to Archangels and awesome spiritual concepts that we dream about one day achieving.

The author seems to have a really different view upon the Universe than what I have seen in other New Age and spiritual books. Some of the things he talks about would be impossible to truly contemplate unless he was genuinely talking to the Archangels.

For example all that later stuff about 12th Dimensionals and feeling the Universe as one body through an Archangel. Which is really why I was attracted to reading this book in the first place. It is not an ordinary read and the high level of information makes me froth at my mouth at what I could possibly achieve going through the meditations myself. I've been a yoga instructor for about 7 years now and I just realized I was still never really initiated into the spiritual world compared to what this book can do just after a couple of chapters.

I'm probably going to be one of those people who now recommend it to all of my clients! Nog geen klantenrecensies.

Hoe berekent Amazon sterbeoordelingen? Amazon berekent de beoordelingen van een product met behulp van een zelflerend model in plaats van een gemiddelde score.

Het lerend machinemodel houdt rekening met factoren zoals: de leeftijd van een recensie, hoe behulpzaam klanten het vonden en of de beoordelingen geverifieerd zijn. Nuttigste klantenrecensies op Amazon. Vertaal alle beoordelingen naar het Nederlands. Geverifieerde aankoop. While reading other reviews for this book I noticed one where the reviewer stated they felt this book is "Overly Complicated", I simply do not agree at all. While the subject matter is deep as it seems it should be , I do not find it complicated at all.

I've found it well thought out, well presented and easy to understand I have found this book so useful in fact that it has now become a part of my spiritual awakening routine.

I take one chapter a day I've just finished Chapter 7 and really give myself time to digest and think about what I've read. This intentional approach keeps me from rushing through it Having read Chapter 7 today I cannot wait to go home and include the Chakra Cleansing meditation in my daily routine for a few months as well and then ascend the White Energy Staircase!

I came back to add a little more to my review. I am now entering Chapter 10 and am still completely and utterly amazed at what I'm learning. I don't mean just a little tired or lethargic either, I mean the can't keep your eyes open want to hibernate kind of tired. It absolutely wiped me out for close to 72 hours, but I've been shocked by the amount of sludge I've found around my root Chakra too Last edit! I've now finished this book and still have nothing but wonderful things to say about this book.

Read it with an open mind the information does make sense. In my past I would have considered myself an Agnostic. Today I consider myself spiritual I believe anything is possible so it was easy for me to read this with an open mind, it's easy for me to see how everything can be connected.

What has surprised me the most is the meditations I've done. I think many of us might feel we could never be someone who would find themselves in the presence of such powerful beings as Angels or Archangels I was dumbfounded with the White Staircase. I really recommend that if you are on a spiritual journey to include this book in your studies. Vertaal recensie in het Nederlands. This is a very intense and learn-full journey. The book set off a bit slow but do not give up you will be pleasantly surprise and this might just be the book to change your life, outlook, and understanding on the spiritual world and yourself for ever.

Sufian by the help off his archangel Uriel reveals many mysteries that was unknown to our earthly dimension. This is also not a book to rush trough rather make it your new years intention and take the book step by step do not skip one section because at the end of the day everything flows into another to form the whole picture.

I will recommend this book to readers who is very serious about life and who has the will and willpower to make the necessary changes. It will take a lot of discipline and perseverance to work through this book. Reading a superman story do not make you a superman but to practice and persevere and believe will make a change.

After having red so many books from authors that write without having experienced anything important but with the inner intention of making people buy books, when you arrive to this book this is like finding water in the desert.

Oh My God! He simply says it all and what he says is the ultimate liberating truth, nothing less than that. I thank you Sufian from my heart for such important teachings and experience. Though he does not say it in the book, Sufian is an angel himself. I bow to those like Sufian who have attained victory and who are at the present in human form helping people just for free for the sake of seeing them free from suffering and happy.

This jewel just cost me only 1 dollar the price of this kindle version for such precious light and freedom I have no words to describe the glory and unconditional love from God that you will find inside this book. The best book I have red so far!! Thank you Sufian for the immense Light you are sharing with us all. I love you unconditionally!! Sufian Chaudhary does not enjoy the Bliss of ignorance. With this book he cares to teach us about the Universe of energy.

His personal story bits engage while to the end of the book, Sufian's Faith shines through. He offers a poem of his creation which crystalizes his understanding of the Energy World. When I started reading I felt he was talking to males only but for the subject matter I do give this book 5 stars.


World of Archangels : How to Meet an Archangel

World of Archangels is a spiritual masterpiece designed by Archangel Uriel that retraces the self-realization process that allows you to interact with some of the most influential Beings in this Universe. Regardless of who you are, where you come from or what you are doing, this book contains Universal principles that will redefine your spiritual life. The book is filled with Enlightening meditations, Ancient wisdom and uplifting stories of ethereal encounters with the other side. Whether you are a beginner in this field or an old soul wiser than the day, World of Archangels will help you achieve the next level of your spiritual journey.


World of Archangels

This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out or otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover or display pages of any electronic format other than those in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. This book may not be reproduced whether in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any form of information storage and retrieval system now or hereinafter invented, without the written permission from the Author first having been obtained. The Author may refuse such permission at his discretion. Without limiting any of the foregoing, all moral rights of the Author in this book conferred on him by the Copyright Act Australia or any legislation, rule, regulation or rule of law or equity of any sort whatsoever in any other country of the World offering any form of moral rights protection to the Author of a literary work are fully reserved to the Author. The kindness and patience you constantly displayed while my mind was gone in the higher planes was truly extraordinary. To James and Mireille Pizzo for being such a wonderful friend to our family. Your kindness and generosity has not gone unnoticed.

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