Founded in , Grinding Techniques Pty Ltd. In addition, Grinding Techniques Pty Ltd. The company distributes through a network Grinding Techniques Pty Ltd. GRINDING: is the cutting action of thousands of sharp abrasive grains on the face of the grinding wheel, resembling a complex cutting tool with cutting angles and voids for chip clearance. When closely inspected, the cuttings are identical to those produced by a lathe tool.

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Worlds leading producer of cut crystal, jewellery, accessories, lighting and interior crystal design. Leading supplier for innovative solutions in grinding, cutting, drilling, honing, dressing and polishing. Specialist for long-range precision sports optics, binoculars, telescopes, rifle scopes, optronic instruments, range finders and image intensifier tubes.

Day in, day out the experts at TYROLIT are busy working on solutions that accommodate the individual requirements of customers around the world; thus contributing to their business success. Some 80, available products set the standard in various industrial sectors. To make your search for the ideal tool easier, we have divided our range into two performance levels. This enables us to offer the perfect solution for every application.

Extensive product range - The perfect product for every application. Uses the most innovative technology and the best raw materials. Maximum comfort for the user thanks to low vibration and noise levels. The core drilling program with GR-F flange is available on request. Part No.

Details: General purpose drilling, conventional segment. Application: Designed for general purpose and reinforced concrete. Application: Designed for long life, fast drilling and reinforced concrete.

Details: General purpose drilling, fast drilling. Details: Specialised - Hard concrete with high amounts of steel. Details: General purpose drilling, high steel concentration. Details: General purpose drilling. Some advantages of re-tipping are: - Cost saving. Our knowledgeable staff are fully trained in providing the best re-tipping service.

Details: Specialised, hard concrete, high steel concentration. Details: Specialised - Hard concrete, high steel concentration. Tyrolit SAP Code. Application: General purpose. Part Number.

Designed for hydraulic handsaw blade with flushcut countersunk holes. Application: General purpose concrete. Details: GP hard concrete, suits handsaws for chainsaw pre-cutting. Details: Medium HP saws. Details: Medium HP Saws. Details: Medium HP saws, heavy steel, hard aggregate. Application: General purpose concrete, fast cutting. Details: Hard concrete, heavy steel, hard aggregate, to suit HP saws. Details: To suit HP saws. Details: Designed for high frequency wall saws 17kWkW. Details: Designed for bench saws up to 3kW and cutting core samples.

Details: Designed to be used on power cutters. Details: Hard refractory brick using a 3kW brick and block saws. Decades of experience in the production and application of diamond wires and wiresaw machines gives TYROLIT the edge in the marketplace. Suitable for clearance and demolition work, breaking up bridges, buildings and numerous other large scale reinforced concrete structures. Virtually unaffected by wall thicknesses and levels of reinforcement.

Use an angle grinder with a thin cut-off wheel. Centre indicator. Angle indicator. Spirit level. Adjustable and interchangeable roller guides. Details: - Stable roller guide for precision drilling. Feed using hand crank. Adjustable feet M Angle Indicator. Details: - Professional core drilling system for a versatile range of applications.

Design Steel dowel foot. Feed using hand crank or hydraulic drive. ModuDrillTM quick change clamping system. Steel dowel foot.

Can be adjusted to any angle. Adjustable feet micro. Details: - Economic drilling with hydraulic drilling and feed motor. Design Aluminium dowel foot. Telescopic clamping system. Core Drilling.

Included undercarriage. Adjustable feet. Adjustable interchangeable precision guides. ModulDrillTM quick release clamping system. Details: - High productivity based on optimal torque settings. Details: - Compact and light weight. Details: Quick and easy drilling of large and deep holes - Quick and easy drilling of large and deep holes.

Details: and easyeasy drilling of largeof and deep and holesdeep holes. Optimized tool attachment for large diameters and high torque Self-explanatory and easy to operate. Details: - High quality standards with maximum efficiency. Details: - Powerful water cooled SR motor.

Details: - Powerful water cooled motor. Details: - Allows for drilling in all materials. Details: - Excellent cutting performance due to intelligent weight distribution. Design Manual, cutting depth adjustment via spindle. Cutting depth indicator. Tool cooling using water fork. Left and right hand cutting function. Flush corner cut function. Details: - Convenient operation using hydraulic feed drive. Details: - Bladeshaft with bearings that are able to be greased from the top of the frame.

Details: - Self-propelled hydrostatic transmission. Cutting depth. Design Front pivot Soft start controller and phase reversing switch 3 Speed gearbox option available. Design Front pivot. Soft start controller and phase reversing switch. Details: - Quick release bladeshaft and flange. Details: - One hand sawing control. Hour meter. Telescoping front pointer. Parking brake.

Quick disconnect blade flanges. Oil bath blade shaft. Details: - 3 speed gear box for ideal blade speeds and optimal blade.

No changing of pulleys or belts. Electro mechanical cutting depth stop. Hydraulic adjustable handles.






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