JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sikafloor Primer is a 2 component, solvent-free, epoxy resin designed for interior or exterior use with Sika W or Sikafloor Floor Paint. Sikafloor Primer offers excellent penetrative qualities for application to a variety of surfaces. Sikafloor Primer is best used for offering adhesion to all Sika Epoxy coatings and is ideal for use in hot and tropical climates for extra quick drying times. For priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars.

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Product Data Sheet Edition 03, Identification no. For priming concrete substrates, cement screeds and epoxy mortars. For normal to strongly absorbent surfaces.

Binder for levelling mortars and mortar screeds. For internal and external use. Low viscosity. Good penetration ability. High bond strength. Solvent free. Easy application. Short waiting times. For external use also. Product Data. Resin - part A:. Hardener - part B:. Part A:. Part B:. Bulk packaging :. Technical Data. Chemical Base. Mixed Resin:. Solid Content. Compressive Strength.

EN Flexural Strength. Bond Strength. Shore D Hardness. DIN Thermal Resistance. Dry heat. Short-term max. System Information. System Structure. Levelling mortar:. Extender T. Levelling mortar medium surface roughness up to 2 mm :. In practice the following sand mixtures proved to be suitable grain size distribution for layer thicknesses of 15 - 20 mm :.

Dependent on the grain shape and application temperatures, the aggregates and the most suitable mix should be selected. Application Details. Coating System. Levelling mortar fine surface roughness. Levelling mortar medium. Bonding Bridge. Substrate Quality. The substrate must be clean, dry and free of all contaminants such as dirt, oil, grease, coatings and surface treatments, etc.

If in doubt, apply a test area first. Substrate Preparation. Concrete substrates must be prepared mechanically using abrasive blast cleaning or scarifying equipment to remove cement laitance and achieve. Weak concrete must be removed and surface defects such as blowholes and voids must be fully exposed. The concrete or screed substrate has to be primed or levelled up in order.

High spots can be removed by e. Substrate Temperature. Ambient Temperature. Substrate Humidity. Test method: Sika-Tramex meter or CM-measurement. Relative Air Humidity. Dew Point. Beware of condensation! Application Instructions. Mixing Time. Prior to mixing stir part A mechanically. When all of part B has been added to part A continuously mix for 3 minutes until a uniform mix has been achieved.

When parts A and B have been mixed, the quartz sand and if required the Extender T must be mixed with part A and B for a further 2 minutes until a uniform mix has been achieved. To ensure thorough mixing pour materials into another container and mix again to achieve a consistent mix. Over mixing must be avoided to minimize air entrainment.

Mixing Tools. For the preparation of mortars use a forced action mixer of rotating pan, paddle or trough type. Free fall mixers should not be used. Make sure that a continuous, pore free coat covers the substrate. If necessary, apply two priming coats. Rough surfaces need to be levelled first. Bonding bridge:. After a short waiting time compact and smoothen the mortar with a trowel or Teflon coated power float usually 20 - 90 rpm.

Cleaing of Tools. Clean all tools and application equipment with Thinner C immediately after use. Substrate temperature. Times are approximate and will be affected by changing ambient conditions particularly temperature and relative humidity. Avoid puddles on the surface with the primer.

Practical trials should be carried out for mortar mixes to assess suitable aggregate grain size distribution. For external applications, apply on a falling temperature. Recommended supplier of tools:. Construction joints require pre-treatment. Treat as follows:. The incorrect assessment and treatment of cracks may lead to a re- duced service life and reflective cracking. Curing Details. Applied Product ready for use.

Foot traffic. Light traffic. Full cure. Note: Times are approximate and will be effected by changing ambient conditions. All technical data stated in this Product Data Sheet are based on labora- tory tests. Actual measured data may vary due to circumstances beyond our control. Local Restrictions.

Please note that as a result of specific local regulations the perfor- mance of this product may vary from country to country. Please consult the local Product Data. Sheet for the exact description of the application fields.

Health and Safety Information. Protective Measures.


Sikafloor 156



Sikafloor 156



*Sika Sikafloor® 156 Primer



Sikafloor® 156 Agate Grey, 30L


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