Quick Links. Table of Contents. Pioneer compact disc player operating instructions cdj 20 pages. Page 2 Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. For details, refer to "Important Check Points for good servicing". Pioneer compact disc player operating instructions cdj 20 pages. Page 4 To protect products from damages or failures during transit, the shipping mode should be set or the shipping screws should be installed before shipment. Please be sure to follow this method especially if it is specified in this manual. Page 5: Table Of Contents 4.

Page 8: Exploded Views And Parts List For the applying amount of lubricants or glue, follow the instructions in this manual. In the case of no amount instructions, apply as you think it appropriate. Page Exterior Section 2. Page Control Panel Section 2. Assy S is supplied only in assembly form, not as a single part. Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of identical designation.

Page Jack Assy 3. Page 31 0. Board transistor Resistor array 3-terminal regulator CDJ IND 2. COMME GND IC 6. GND 5. GLED 2. Page Pcb Parts List Ex. Description Part No. Mark No. With the slider moved fully to the - side, all the segments are lit. Playback in this mode does not mean audio playback but trace of the signal area on a disc.

In playback, tracing is performed at double the speed of normal playback. No audio signal is output. Page Power On Sequence TOC positions are stored in memory with an accuracy of If the unit is in the program area, the stepper motor. First track is searched Playback mute off CDJ Remove the six screws. Remove the control panel section.

Page 61 How to handle the float spring G5 To avoid losing the float spring G5, after removing it, put it on the hook of the float base 04 Assy. Be sure not to lose it. Unhook the four hooks. Remove the slot-in mecha SV Assy. Page 63 Remove the traverse Assy S. Page 66 Main beam input. To be connected to PIN diode D. FPI1 Main beam input. To be connected to PIN diode B.

Subbeam input. To be connected to PIN diode F. To be connected to PIN diode E. Page 67 Audio data output. LR channel clock output.

L ch: "L", R ch: "H" The output polarity can be inverted, using a command. Lights at the loop-in point during loop play. Page 79 CDJ Print page 1 Print document 80 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Pioneer CDJ-200 Operating Instructions Manual

Power Requirement. A This service manual is intended for qualified service technicians ; it is not meant for the casual do-it- yourselfer. Qualified technicians have the necessary test equipment and tools, and have been trained to properly and safely repair complex products such as those covered by this manual. Improperly performed repairs can adversely affect the safety and reliability of the product and may void the warranty. If you are not qualified to perform the repair of this product properly and safely, you. WARNING This product contains lead in solder and certain electrical parts contain chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Fuse symbols.


Pioneer CDJ-200 Service Manual


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