No dejemos de ayudar a nuestros artistas nacionales! Emospheral de Roberto Matta, Paris, Aguafuerte. Bororo, grabado Aguafuerte, 56x76 cms. Nuestra sucursal en Chile se encuentra abierta con horarios regulares. Disponible en eduardoliraartgallery liraartgallery conchitabalmes artistachileno artecontemporaneo intervenidoamano.

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Two panels, 60 x 48 in. Framed: 63 x 99 in. Ana Tzarev b. Her professional life and extensive travel, prior to her creative career, inform the style and content of her work. Over the past two decades, Tzarev has tested the boundaries of media through explorations of tactility in oil and watercolour works.

The patterns and textures that fill her canvases find root in her history as a clothier and fabric designer. In her decades of patternmaking and printing silks, Tzarev mastered the interplay of colours. Tzarev found the West when she left the West and when she returned to the West she found the East. Her work transcends the difference not just between East and West, but between all cultures.

Carlos de la Rosa Master of traditional painting - traveler and mystic. Born in Tarifa, Spain - His works are considered both in the context of contemporary art and the late Middle Ages. In his work, he achieves a wide range of themes, ranging from scenes from everyday life with rich moral content, through fantastic themes inscribed in religious scenes, or autonomous works depicting the irrational world.

With excellent precision and lightness, he builds a mood using a wide range of colors. He is a deeply spiritual man. The artist's work is characterized by a complex symbolism, which in many cases concerns human sinfulness and imperfections, through its complexity not entirely clear to the reflectors.

Alex Katz, White Hat, , Screenprint, 36 x Last year, the fair welcomed over 8, attendees and hosted 90 exhibitors.

In addition to providing a platform for galleries and artists to network and share their art, the fair also hosts a number of other events. Leading up to the main event, Art Vancouver will be partnering with galleries throughout the city and hosting a self-guided Gallery Crawl. Patrons will have the opportunity to discover various parts of the Vancouver art scene, as well as take part in special events and presentations organized by the galleries.

A unique art show feature, it involves artists walking down the runway holding their artwork, with the intention of helping guests put a face to the artwork. Throughout the fair, panel discussions with prominent art professionals will provide attendees with an insider perspective of the arts world, and there will also be live painting demonstrations and classes for anyone to attend. Attendees can expect a diverse roster of artists, with well-established as well as emerging artists set to showcase their work April , Watercolorist Mohammad Reza Atashzad is one of the visual artists that will be exhibiting this April.

Guests will enjoy his serene work, which beautifully features familiar Vancouver scenes. Outdoor photographer Adam Gibbs will be showcasing photographs that truly capture the raw beauty of nature. Vancouver for the fifth time. Talin is a film director who has become recognized for stunning aerial photography FannyTang that he takes on his travels.

The youngest of the Wayrynens is Mohammad Reza Atashzad year-old Skyla, who has been painting her whole life. She has experimented with a variety of different mediums but has recently been drawn to incorporating spray paint and acrylics into her work. This highly anticipated exposition celebrating the local and international art scene is happening April 25th to 28th at Vancouver Convention Centre East in Vancouver, BC Canada. For more info please visit www.

Kirsten Nash. Nadia Chaviano, Mexico: 52 e: mexicolatinamericanartmagazine gmail. Dominicana Mis felicitaciones y agradecimientos. Dios bendiga a todos. Several years ago, in May , I had the opportunity to witness one of the exhibitions that I have enjoyed the most in the last 25 years at the Museum of the Americas, in Puerto Rico.

Although the spacious halls of the Old Military Barracks, and its majestic interior courtyard, contributed to the magic of the inauguration, the works presented in that occasion had unanimous acceptance among the hundreds of critics, gallerists, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts of good art who visited the show. The director of the institution publicly stated that it had been the most complete single show that the Museum had presented.

From that moment I decided to convince Dopico Lerner to include his work in Latin American Art, and I had to wait for other exhibitions of his in Santo Domingo, Cuba, Haiti and Miami, so that my words would reach the heart of this great human being, painter and tireless creator. You will also enjoy, for the first time the hyperrealism of a great Mexican promise, Cruz Escobedo, that will impress more than one with the quality of their work.

Another that honored any leading magazine in the world is the master Steven Manolis, with his spectacular works of great format, years of practice have polished to the extreme his technique to show us a product of impeccable good taste. Se reservan todos los derechos. Se presume veracidad del material compilado, no se asume responsabilidad por errores u omisiones. No se garantiza la autenticidad y la calidad de los productos o servicios promocionados por nuestros anunciantes.

Romaguera, representative of the best of Puerto Rican art, shows us part of the series that will be exhibited at Miami Art Week. Tony Rodriguez presents his surrealism always renewed and Sulen Peron brings from Brazil the most contemporary in her work. My congratulations and thanks. God bless you all. Two panels, 60 x 60 in. Framed: x 63 in. Framed: 63 x in. Four panels, 72 x 36 in. Framed: 75 x.

Steven Manolis. Colleccion Frank and Grace Cruz. Vicente Dopico and the sensuality of the Caribbean. First impressionism, then the avant-garde of the early twentieth century, and now postmodernity, have opened all avenues for a new and aggressive in the sense of challenge figuration specifically in the interpretation of human being, man or woman, and all this we find in the work of this Cuban artist.

Long before his intensely lived 75 years, the Cuban Vicente Dopico was already a recognized and respected artist in Las Americas and internationally. Within the tradition of the exquisite painting of the Cuban avant-garde, is the work of this plastic artist. His work collects the echoes of everything that has happened in the history of art, from impressionism to the avant-garde of the beginning of the last century, but the art of post-war is also present, specifically New York school and the new figuration.

Its internal universes, a series of trips, Epiphanies, for the Caribbean, a solid formal education graduated from St. This is achieved by presenting elements of daily life - the human being, mainly women, sensuality, beauty, seduction as in the multiple surrealist planes that this Master rejoices in presenting in each of his compositions.

Like all the greats of the visual arts, when we see the works of Dopico who was born in Havana in , and trained in Florida, one immediately knows that there is MAGIC in them and that they are an invitation to enter into universes where can be found from approaches about the origin of everything: the Big Bang, to proposals about the origin of life: order abstraction from disorder, and unexplainable energies, vegetation, fish, birds, the Great Archaeological Eve, the Caribbean woman , the universal woman, the dreams that motivate us and the reality of each day.

To this act of aesthetic acrobatics, we have to add the singular handling of the color of what it is: a virtuous of composition. His works are Caribbean but always universal. And this is one of the reasons that his art is so attractive and valued. On the other hand coinciding with other critics about the work of this Cuban painter. Their scenarios are a set of illusions that sometimes become mirrors and others in dreams that we have unconsciously postponed.

And how is it achieved? And if we look, both in their looks and their bearing we see the search for the great Miracle. Here, as if by magic, phenomenal faces appear, timeless fish, unknown birds. Manuel Alvarez Lezama. Historian and Art Critic. I see the opposite: I see an order, a cosmos, innate in his compositions since always. US, vs. Thomas UniLatin American Art. Y esta es una de las razones que su arte es tan atractivo y cotizado. Yo veo todo lo contrario: veo un orden, un cosmos, innato en sus composiciones desde siempre.

Y como lo logra? Steven Manolis, whose works signal an ebullient 21st century renaissance of the long absent glories of Abstract Expressionism. Helander has brilliantly and exhaustively addressed the universal meanings embedded in the red of the Redworld paintings. Above: J. Four panels, 48 x 42 inches Framed: 99 x 87 in. Photograph by Kim Sargent. Left: J. Four paintings, 72 x 96 in. Framed: x in. Collection of the artist. Displayed in the John A.

Day Gallery at the Warren M. Photograph by Aaron Packard. Latin American Art [ 33 ] Sep - Abr Gifted to the school by Trustee, Myrthia Natalie Moore.

Photograph by Coco de Salazar. Certainly, he is bringing to art the same drive that he brought to business.


Exhibition of Chilean artist Matilde Pérez begins in Italy

In showing contemporary pieces alongside mid-century modern work, our exhibition provides an account of the trajectory of varied techniques, theoretical approaches, and materials that have evolved across the field of Kinetic Art. The inspiration for our exhibition was sparked by the moment when, nine years ago in Paris, the three Kinetic masters—Carlos Cruz-Diez, Julio Le Parc, and Luis Tomasello—first saw the innovative sculptures of Elias Crespin. They were in awe of the computer-controlled, motor-driven, floating geometric shapes that the young Venezuelan had created by activating his artworks through technology into yet another dimension of movement. In showing contemporary pieces alongside mid-century modern work, our exhib Ministerio de Cultura BA.


Painting by Silvano Bozzolini signed and dated , Sizes : x cm. Provenance : the Bozzolini family. We have quite some paintings by Silvano Bozzolini at display in our gallery at the moment. Work from the early period s till the last period s.


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