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For voodoo followers, the zangbeto are protective spirits that help maintain the order in their communities. When the zangbetos manifest themselves in public they perform dances and acrobatics. But the most amazing thing is their demonstrations of knowledge in occult sciences. The zangbetos can materialize various things, from food, also animals. And all kinds of strange artifacts, including this rotating stone.

The most inexplicable thing is when it is discovered, after having seen him move and dance, that in the zangbeto there is nobody. Religions have existed from the beginning of civilizations and not only have men given a way of understanding reality; but also you have helped to organize and make sense to the life of its members.

And these beliefs also make conscious to the men of their limitation and helps them to recognize that there are sacred things that are above his power. We change our thinking technological, we despise this kind of thinking, thinking that they only live an illusion. But we can not see that, this same technology that we idolized and in which we have placed our trust has also put at risk everything the planet. And since nothing is sacred anymore, except money, we are destroying everything to get every day more and more, to such point we are ending with the planet that some think that the only possible alternative to survive it will be to leave this planet.

And the worst thing is that we celebrate that idea, like if we were to be included in that list of privileged. In this video we are going to witness a secret reserved only to a small group of people and we will see something that nobody has seen before, and that nobody should have ever seen. To discover the spirits that manifest behind the zangbets. The ritual masks are part of a rich cultural and religious tradition in africa, these masks can take very diverse, the best place to see them all together is at the annual masquerade festival.

Zangbeto means guardian of the night, this is just one type of masquerade of all we've seen. They are part of folklore and at the same time they have a religious sense its most important purpose is to be spiritual mediator between the community and the world of the ancestors. All this is immersed inside a symbol system ideological that helps them maintain order in society. For us all these elements and symbology they are difficult to understand because we move within another paradigm.

Another of the important functions of the zangbe is to protect the village against criminals, armed robbers and invaders and can also arrest anyone who goes against morality of the villa, thus helping to create an atmosphere peaceful. Currently the zangbets are working together with unesco very much effective to protect the mangroves. The zangbets patrol the reserves of benin in coordination with the authorities for help conserve its biodiversity from exploitation indiscriminate but the zangbeto are also an institution of initiatory nature that has a community of adepts who handle all their matters with a lot of secrecy.

And break the secret it can involve very severe punishments. This will make it more complicated to discover it. Initiates use a form of communication secret based on codes that only they can understand with this code the mediators, known as kregbetos, they communicate with the zangbeta and transmit their messages to others.

The kregbetos are the people who always let's see around the zangbets giving directions, directing his way, preventing anyone from get too close and attentive to any detail I can raise some suspicion. But the zangbeto are also a form of entertainment , and as such local festivals participate demonstrating their dance skills and their magical powers. The zangbeta are distinguished from the other masquerades because having no identifiable body parts this helps strengthen the mysterious symbolic image.

That's why there are many who are convinced that within these masquerades there is nobody, our mission is to find out if there is any evidence of it or look for evidence to the contrary.

Before we have to make clear some observations: each zangbeto has a different configuration depending on the function you are going to perform, some it can be disassembled into pieces, but not all are disassembled, others are used to make dances , there are some that can burn but not all burn. There are others that make the act of appearing artifacts and that can be overturned to show that there is no one inside.

The latter are the ones we are going to focus on, if not the video it would be longer than this will be. If you want me to make a video analyzing the other zangbets leave your like and your comment. Among the different types of zangbets there are some where you can clearly distinguish the legs, but as we've already seen, are different types of zangbets and local people is aware of this, it is we who are hallucinating and creating an illusion.

The zangbeto that we are interested in analyzing is characterized because its walls are suspiciously thick and they also have a liner, what could, in hypothesis, become a very good hiding place i know, we're going to have to prove it. But we are not going to find answers but we do questions. If there is nobody in the zangbets. Why do they need a window, to connect with the outside? Why cover all the zangbeto with straw without letting you see anything inside?

Would not it be more spectacular to see the floating cone? Why appear and disappear artifacts and start to move take, enough time so that someone can hide or leave from hiding to reveal or hide objects? Why do you need more than 6 people to lift a cone made of straw?

How heavy can it be? Looking at amazon I could find this tablecloth made of palm tree raffia, it is designed for a table three meters in diameter, I think that this would help us to build our own zangbeto.

According to the specifications its weight is grams. How many of these table cloths would we need to put together a zangbeto? Twenty maybe? Let's say, exaggerating, we need twenty-five of these tablecloths, in total would be ten kilos raffia, do you need 8 people? Unless the spirit we seek is heavier than we had imagined. If we add an average weight of a person in africa, about sixty kilos, we would have 72 kilos.

So if it would be justified that 6 to 8 people are needed to load it. And if someone hiding was someone very young or very thin, the task would be less complicated. Now we have to try to discover some clue that gives us evidence of what we are imagining. But it will not be easy, because the kregbetos do their job very well and they're not going to let it be so easy to discover your secrets what we are going to see now requires a bit of imagination. In this video we can see the moment in the that the zangbeto is overturned so that the spectators can see inside and show that it is empty.

But let's look at the reaction of the kregbeto, he he does not want the zangbeto to be recorded and he in front of the camera so that it is directed to the artifact. But if we look closely, we can see a suspect bulge in the walls of the zangbeto why is there something so bulky?

Could that be the hiding place of the spirit? We have lost the frame we need to go back to him to confirm our observations, ready, they're going to raise the zangbeto, this it can be our opportunity to obtain more evidence in this second sequence they transport the cone and you can clearly see that on the walls something is hidden, there is a heavy body that causes that deformation and this obviously can only be the zangbeto hidden inside.

Still not very convinced? Well I have one more test. What we are going to see below is something that very rarely seen and that nobody should have ever seen. We will witness the most serious mistake ever previously registered with respect to the zangbets the zangbeto prepares to perform the act of disappearance.

The kregbetos shake the cone to distract us, but something happens there is a coordination des the zangbeto does not have the time necessary to disappear and when the kregbeto thinks that the zangbeto has disappeared, they lift the cone, and to our amazement we can see the spirit clearly, just before try to enter the secret compartment, hidden in the lining. Revealing this way, for all of you the illusion of the zangbets. The mission is accomplished, I thought that it would be impossible to find evidence.

But they are served. Do not forget to like it and subscribe to the channel for more videos like these and if you have any subject that you would like let's investigate let's the comments. There is something I would like to clarify, something that some have commented on previous videos, I know that my look seems lost sometimes and it's because i have difficulty looking into the eyes even to my own eyes. The answer, to why, , is on the unknown planet which is my other channel whose link i'll leave in the upper corner.

Thank you very much for watching this video and. R2d2: and the rotating stone as they do? To explain that, I need to change the visual. Here I present them: meanwhile somewhere. Disclaimer: None of the content above is actually owned by our website, it's just a transcript of the video provided above served for your convenience. Here's the transcript of the above content: For voodoo followers, the zangbeto are protective spirits that help maintain the order in their communities.

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