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Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL Page 1. The Straits Times Estd. President Suharto, for his.

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Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL Page 1. The Straits Times Estd. President Suharto, for his. Measuring 6. Suck a pacifier, lower intelligence?

The effect of pacifiers on infant intelligence will be outlined this week to doctors and health. These are my achievements over the last 5 years TO? I have already apologised unreservedly and repeat my. Page 2. Meanwhile, European Union foreign ministers agreed to send a small group of civilian and military advisers to help the shattered nation get. The rider, Mr Yeo Kirn Meng, 18, died on the spot. His pillion rider, Mr Lim Wui Bene, also 18, died about. Page 3. In the new town of Tuen Mun, 1, people took part m a handover feast late on Sunday, tucking away a traditional rural dish m which various.

Two office. Koh Tiong Whatt, 38, was charged yesterday with committing a rash act that. Man dumped m drain. I Tailor it to your needs We got this story because you called us.

Keep the calls coming. Page 4. Welfare reforms bad for health, say angry French doctors PARIS Thousands of French doctors demonstrated here on Sunday against plans to reform the social-security system, which they said would lead to a rationing of health care. But while hospital interns, private practitioners and clinic heads nationwide united for the rally,. The Conservative Prime Minister said the Queen had agreed to. Page 5. Page 6. They were among hundreds of Albanians who rushed to the. Banks, prisons, hotels, army barracks and government buildings across the country have been burnt anaV looted.

President Sali Berisha, facing mounting criticism after thousands of Albanians lost their. If we stay, we are dead. Page 7. Many frantic Albanians have been turned away. On Sunday, a ganc of rowdy children were smashing. Page 8. The two-week exercise is testing the effectiveness of the digital communications systems, updated.

Crash investigators are still working on the theories that a bomb, missile or mechanical failure caused the. A spokesman for the sheriffs department said on Saturday that the boxes were found on Friday by.

Page 9. Mr Manley, 72, died of cancer on March 6. He was Premier for 11 years. Page Alexandra Garcia, 13, died almost immediately after chinking a cup of cyanide with her boyfriend Carlos Alberto, 20, police said. Alberto is hospitalised m a. The accord was signed m Barcelona, Spain,. The Central Bureau of Investigation said that it would soon press charges against Sukh Ram, who was the Minister for Telecommunications m the early. The team made the film m two stages m the summer and m the winter around Olkhon, the biggest island on Lake.

Four suspects have been arrested, but the motives for the attack were unclear, the radio report added. Citi Japan Fund. The comet is. A premium opportunity is now within your grasp. A year after the sell-out launch of Suntec Tower One and Suntec Tower Two, we are pleased to announce the release of Suntec Tower Three for sale and buntec lower rour for.

Three hundred such items, to be auctioned on Saturday, are expected to fetch more than million yen Ss2. This is the only way to relieve the misgivings of my father and the people. Mr Hwang Jang Yop,. It has 3, button stalls, and accounts. Wenzhou, m the coastal Zhejiang province, turned out million lighters last year and exported 70 million of them, it said. Do I get the job? The job fair is an annual event which brings employers and. The former Beijing mayor and long-time party member sent a message of condolence after Mr Tao Huanfu, a year-old Communist Party stalwart, died on.

The strain blamed for the deaths of at least 11 people m Japan and nearly 20 m Scotland was found m only two of the. It comprises 40 executives from KMT-run businesses, state-run and Private firms, the ommercial Times said.

Three Mile Island nuclear plant m the US where a meltdown occurred m An arrow points to the site of the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion hi Alarms indicating that radioactive substances at the plutonium fuel plant at the facility had reached.

The number of migrant workers m the southern city, which neighbours Hongkong, dropped. Failures m safety provisions at facility. Acute health effects to the workers. Hanoi, Beijing claim gas area Oil risfs activities are normal and above reproach, says China mmf HANOI Vietnam and China both laid claim yesterday to a potentially gas-rich area off the central coast of Vietnam where a Chinese exploration ship began drilling operations earlier this month.

Oops, get me out of this jam picture. A THAI competitor m the Thailand International Parachuting Championships finds himself on top of a tree on Saturday after strong ground winds made him miss the drop zone. The bleeding rickshaw rider, Mr Prayoon Eklang. Guard kills five in Manila bank, then turns gun on himself MANILA A Manila bank guard ran amok yesterday, shooting dead five people before shooting himself, police said.

Two other security guards were wounded and a bank employee was treated for shock after the rampage m the Rizal Commercial Banking. One of the sculptures, which had belonged to a private American. Mayor Alfredo Lim over the weekend approved the imposition of a 9 pm to 5.

Yes, we held talks with govt, say Khmer Rouge hardliners BANGKOK Khmer Rouge hardliners acknowledged for the first time yesterday that they had held talks with a Cambodian government team sent to persuade them to defect. Colonel Nin Pin of the Cambodian army, who is on the team, said on. A total of passengers, comprising men and women, were rescued where the. Jumbos take the lead picture. Thousands of devotees are converging on this city for a nine-day celebration to mark the opening of a new shrine and spiritual complex.

The children and adults fell sick after a festival. The women were arrested last April at Hanoi Airport as they checked m for a flight to Hongkong. After 15 months of a projected three-year 1 construction period, work, on many vital sections of the project was only 20 per cent completed, the Vietnam Investment Review said m Hanoi. They said the demonstrations were sparked by rumours a Buddhist girl had been raped by some Muslims. No further details were available.

Pare Palais. Luxury Freehold Condominium. Parts of the Pan-Borneo highway were already m place linking Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of.

Despite a. The call for a review of diplomatic ties with them is therefore very appropriate. New Straits. Nanyang Siang Pau. However, Johor and other places m Malaysia are unsafe for bad people as police will arrest and act firmly against them. In politics, things change very fast. The Sun yesterday quoted Tan Sri Ramli as saying that he, however,. Samy Vellu said. The Star yesterday quoted the. The Star reported yesterday that the ships, destroyer Qingdao, and frigate Dongling, arrivedat the base from Thailand with a.


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Login via Institution. EU criminal law is a controversial area of Union law. It is clear that the founding fathers of the Rome Treaty conceived the Union to primarily constitute an economic space and that the Member States originally had no intention to transfer their sovereignty in the field of criminal law. Despite this, it appears that following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the Union has gained a specific competence to legislate in criminal matters.


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