Our revolutionary MX and MX changed everything. Just link your computer to the MX with a USB cable and control automation and recall parameters exactly as you would with any software plug-in. We urge you to do a serious side-by-side listening test of of the MX versus comparably-priced competition and units costing far more. Why not put the unprecedented power and connectivity of the MX to work on your productions?

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Lexicon guitar effects processor user guide mpx g2 pages. Harman Music Group Lexicon Professional reserves the right to make changes in design or make addi- System Tempo Button Page 5: Program Number Display 5.

Page 6: Input Knob Auto Load is disabled. Range is from —24dB, between factory and user program banks. This eliminates the need to scroll through —12dB, —6dB, and 0dB. Page 7: The. Doing so can cause unpredictable performance. As with any This setup is the most commonly used configuration in both live and studio applica- tions.

A single input source is fed into the MX, processed, and output as a stereo Page The. The MX runs at Input Mute - Mutes the input only. With extra editable parameters and an increased complexity of the reverb The Bypass options can be selected in the System Menu and will affect both Effect algorithms, use this routing when all you need is a powerful stereo effect for your Bypass and Program Bypass.

Page Effects. It is then blended together with the necessary to smooth out faster transient signals found in drums and percussion instru- ments. Whereas a normal Controls the initial echo density. High settings of Diffusion result in high initial echo density, and low settings cause low initial density. In a real-world situation, The Modulated Delay is enhanced by an LFO low frequency oscillator that produces a chorusing effect on the delay repeats. Note that the Compressor does not pass Smear dry audio.

Frequency Selects the frequency range of compression from Hz to 10kHz the most common frequencies in which excessive sibilance occurs. Page 18 Increases or decreases the stereo imaging of the Rotary effect. Page Mx The MX features a footswitch input jack on the rear panel.

Page And. An editor panel for the current program is also open. Page Saving A Program Be aware that storing a program and left-click twice to tap the tempo, just as you would on the MX front panel. The in this manner will over-write the program previously stored in that location, both in Tempo buttons on the MX and in the Program Editor window now flash at the the MX-Edit Library and the MX itself.

Page Archiving Archiving is a powerful tool for preserving the current state of your MX When you mInImum. When an archive is restored, the MX is configured exactly how it Audio was when you archived it. Page Midi. Page 30 MX Email us at: customer lexiconpro.

Print page 1 Print document 31 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Lexicon User manual

The I-O FWS from Lexicon is a 10 input, 12 output FireWire interface that along with the included software, functions as professional recording studio contained in a single rack unit. Features include eight dbx high-voltage, ul The processor deliver A single polymorphic plug-in delivers seven different re Fourteen legendary Lexicon rev


Lexicon MX300 User Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Lexicon guitar effects processor user guide mpx g2 pages.


Lexicon MX300 Owner's Manual English 18 0473V E Original




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