Background: Patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding generally were decreased nutritional status that hypoalbuminemia because of increased albumin excretion from hemorrhage and patients fasted indefinitely until the bleeding stops. Enteral nutrition in patients with bleeding should be given to prevent malnutrition and reduce mortality. Objective: To identify the differences in levels of albumin serum in the early enteral nutrition without waiting for the results of gastric lavage is clear without fasting and after times the clear gastric lavage fasted. Method: The study used pre-experimental research design by static group comparison design. The sample was 30 patients divided into 2 groups by Random Allocation, there was the treatment group I that fasted 15 patients , and treatment group II without fasted 15 patients.

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These theories have massless fields in de Sitter space as they do in their non supersymmetric counterpart. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Djamil Padang dengan rancang studi cross sectional. Data dikumpulkan dari medical record pasien dengan riwayat leukokoria atau pupil putih yang berusia kurang dari 13 tahun di bagian mata RSUP Dr M Djamil Padang periode Oktober Februari Diagnosis banding disingkirkan melalui pemeriksaan USG dan patologi. Sangat krusial mengetahui perbedaan gambaran klinik retinoblastoma dan katarak kongenital, karena pengobatannya berbeda, dan retinoblastoma mengancam kehidupan, sedangkan katarak kongenital mengancam penglihatan.

AbstractThe objective of this study was to determine the etiology of leukocoria in children using cross sectional study conducted in eye clinic of Dr. Djamil Hospital Padang. Samples were taken from medical records of patients with children leukocoria during the period of October to February Differential diagnosis eliminated by USG and pathology examination.

The mean age was Preeklampsia merupakan penyakit yang disebabkan kehamilan dan penyebab kematian maternal. Angka kejadian preeklampsia di RSUP. Tujuan penelitian ini mengetahui faktor risiko yang berhubungan dengan kejadian preeklampsia pada ibu hamil di RSUP DR. Djamil Padang tahun Jenis penelitian observasional analitik dengan rancangan kasus kontrol. Jumlah sampel 34 kasus dan 34 kontrol, perbandingan Pengambilan sampel menggunakan teknik systema Djamil Padang Tahun Four-graviton couplings in the low energy effective action of type II string vacua compactified on tori are strongly constrained by supersymmetry and U-duality.

Based on these data caution is warranted when using an averaged arterial input function derived from healthy volunteers for the analysis of patient data. Moreover, our data illustrate how antiepileptic drugs may decrease serum levels of concomitant medication, which may eventually lead to a loss of therapeutic efficacy. It is assumed that the corresponding higher dimensional spacetime manifolds undergo a spontaneous compactification to manifolds with a warped product structure.

Special attention has been paid to the stability of the extra-dimensional factor spaces. It is shown that for certain parameter regions the systems allow for a freezing stabilization of these spaces. This sector is smoothly connected with the stability region of a curvature-linear model. Full Text Available Preeklampsia merupakan penyakit yang disebabkan kehamilan dan penyebab kematian maternal.

Pengambilan sampel menggunakan teknik systematic random sampling. Pengolahan data menggunakan analisis univariat, bivariat dengan uji Chi-Square dan multivariat dengan analisis Regresi Logistik Ganda. Umur dan obesitas merupakan faktor risiko kejadian preeklampsia. Disarankan kepada petugas kesehatan untuk meningkatkan promotif dan preventif dengan penyuluhan dan sosialisasi mengenai umur beresiko preeklampsia dan mengurangi berat badan. Koshelev, Alexey S. Moreover, it produces a very good fit of the observed spectrum of primordial perturbations.

These theories are ghost-free, super-renormalizable or finite at quantum level, and perturbatively unitary. Their spectrum consists of the graviton and the scalaron that is responsible for driving the inflation.

Notably, any further extension of the spectrum leads to propagating ghost degrees of freedom. We are aimed at presenting a detailed construction of such theories in the so called Weyl basis. Further, we give a special account to the cosmological implications of this theory by considering perturbations during inflation. The relevant parameters are under control to be successfully confronted with existing observational data.

Furthermore, the modified r can surely meet future observational constraints. THD arus yang berlebih dapat menyebabkan berbagai kekurangan. Untuk mengatasi masalah ini digunakan filter aktif shunt berbasis inverter. Daya distorsi harmonisa pada sistem mengalami penurunan dan terjadi peningkatan faktor daya mendekati unity power factor pada feeder.

Using Mueller-Israel-Stewart theory for the conduction of dissipative fluids, we analyze the temperature, heat flux, viscosity and thermal conductivity in the scenario of relaxation time. All these thermodynamical variables appear in the form of a single factor whose influence is discussed on the evolution of relativistic model for the heat conducting collapsing star.

Staykov, Kalin V. According to various models, the orbital and the epicyclic frequencies of particles moving on a circular orbit around compact objects are related to the quasi-periodic oscillations observed in the X-ray flux of some pulsars or black hole candidates. It is expected that they originate from the inner edge of the accretion discs, deep into the gravitational field of the compact objects.

Considering the planned new generation X-ray timing observatories with large collective areas, the quasi-periodic oscillations might be an excellent tool for testing gravity in strong field regime and, respectively, alternative gravitational theories. The case of slow rotation is considered too. We comment on the deviations from general relativity, as well as the deviations due to rotation in both theories. It can be used to compute the divergent parts of such Feynman graphs from products of simpler Feynman graphs of lower loops.

We also provide a novel way of defining infrared counterterms which closely resembles the definition of its ultraviolet counterpart. We further express both infrared and ultraviolet counterterms in terms of scaleless vacuum graphs with a logarithmic degree of divergence.

By exploiting symmetries, integrand and integral relations, which the counterterms of scaleless vacuum graphs satisfy, we can vastly reduce their number and complexity.

Cortina-Gil, D. It will provide kinematically complete measurements with high efficiency, acceptance and resolution, making possible a broad physics program with rare-isotopes. CALIFA will act as a total absorption gamma-calorimeter and spectrometer, as well as identifier of charged particles from target residues. This versatility is its most challenging requirement, demanding a huge dynamic range, to cover from low energy gamma-rays up to MeV protons.

This fact, along with the high-energy of the beams determine the conceptual design of the detector, presented in this paper, together with the technical solutions proposed for its construction. Barbosa, Helliomar P. The excitation and emission spectra of the materials were recorded at and 77 K temperatures. Djamil Padang. Komplikasi dan efek penyakit ini banyak, antara lain pertumbuhan, perkembangan, dan status gizinya. Pemeriksaan yang dilakukan adalah mengukur tinggi badan, berat badan, dan lingkar lengan.

There are so many complications and effects of this disease, such as growth and nutritional status. The aim of this research is to describe chlidren's nutritional status with thalassemia beta major. This research is a descriptive research. The sampling is children with thalassemia beta major. The examination are stature, weight, and upper arm circumference and the result is entered into NHCS percentil and assessment of Nutritional based on health department of Indonesia.

From this research, there are 15 children who are suffering thalassemia. Full Text Available AbstrakHemoroid adalah dilatasi varikosus vena dari pleksus hemoroidal inferior atau superior yang disebabkan oleh berbagai faktor. Sumatera Barat menempati urutan kedua terendah konsumsi serat di seluruh provinsi Indonesia. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menentukan apakah terdapat peranan diet rendah serat terhadap timbulnya hemoroid di RSUP.

Penelitian ini bersifat analitik observasional dengan menggunakan desain case control yang dilakukan pada 44 orang, terdiri dari 22 kasus dan 22 kontrol. Hasil analisis univariat menunjukkan bahwa hemoroid lebih banyak diderita oleh pasien yang berumur diatas 40 tahun. Diet rendah serat, riwayat hemoroid dalam keluarga, dan kebiasaan posisi BAB bukan merupakan faktor risiko hemoroid dalam penelitian ini. Jenis pekerjaan merupakan faktor risiko hemoroid. Kata kunci: hemoroid, diet rendah serat, FFQAbstractHemorrhoid are the dilated veins of the plexus hemoroidal varicose inferior or superior due to various factors.

West Sumatra ranks second lowest fiber consumption in all provinces of Indonesia. The objective of this study was to determine the role of low-fiber diet in the occurrence of hemorrhoid in RSUP.

This research was an analytic observational uses case control design that conducted on 44 people, consisting of 22 cases and 22 controls.

Primary data were collected by recording the results of history by questionnaire and FFQ Food. Adam Malik Medan. Frailty is a circumstance of increased vulnerability to bad resolution of homeostasis after a stressor occasion, which increases the risk of adverse outcomes. Early detection of frailty in elderly patients is a must but is rarely in the Geriatric Outpatient settings. We conducted a study to see the frailty profile for geriatric patients in the outpatient clinic of RSUP H.

The population of this study was patients from the Geriatric Outpatient Clinic, and sampling was by using consecutive methods. This study was patients. Based on age, the age group of years was dominantly frail Most of the subjects worked as government employees subjects , and most of them were robust Based on income, both groups were dominated by robust Based on BMI, most were robust with underweight Among the patients, frailty was in the Especially neutron rich carbon isotopes play an important role in r-process nucleo synthesis network calculations which include light nuclei, since these nuclei are aligned along major flow-paths.

The kinematically complete measurement allows extracting energy dependent neutron-capture cross section with respect to the excitation energy by using the invariant-mass method. Experimental results are presented in comparison to theoretical calculations. Full Text Available Insomnia adalah suatu kesulitan dalam memulai tidur, mempertahankan tidur, atau tiduryang tidak menyegarkan selama 1 bulan atau lebih di mana keadaan sulit tidur ini harusmenyebabkan gangguan klinis yang signifikan.

Insomnia dibagi menjadi insomnia primerdan sekunder.

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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. Ulkus peptikum masih merupakan masalah kesehatan yang penting. Ulkus peptikum insidennya cukup tinggi di Amerika Serikat, dengan 4 juta penduduk terdiagnosis setiap tahunnya. OAINS digunakan secara kronis pada penyakit-penyakit yang didasara inflamasi kronis seperti osteoathritis. Pemakaian kronis ini semakin meningkatkan risiko terjadi ulkus peptikum. Pada lambung normal, terdapat dua mekanisme yang bekerja dan mempengaruhi kondisi lambung, yaitu faktor pertahanan defense lambung dan faktor perusak aggressive lambung. Faktor pertahanan lambung tersedia untuk melawan atau mengimbangi kerja dari faktor tersebut diatas.


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These theories have massless fields in de Sitter space as they do in their non supersymmetric counterpart. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Djamil Padang dengan rancang studi cross sectional. Data dikumpulkan dari medical record pasien dengan riwayat leukokoria atau pupil putih yang berusia kurang dari 13 tahun di bagian mata RSUP Dr M Djamil Padang periode Oktober Februari

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