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K, Workstation from Kurzweil. Log in Become a member. Kurzweil K Product presentation. Classified Ads. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Like Tweet Submit. Average Score: 3. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Sort by most recent most useful. The Kurzweil K is a professional looking as well as a professional sounding synth. The layout of the synth is very well organized and put together.

The workflow of the Kurzweil is very simple an that was the reason that I loved using it. The Kurzweil K has a lot of on board effects, including flange, rotary simulation, re verb, chorus, delay, and multi-tap just to name a few. Though the Kurzweil K came out in it still has all of the up to date specs to still make it a great board in the current music industry. The Kurzweil K is a 61 key board with velocity and after touch. The manual is clear and easy to understand, you will need to glance at the manual a few times until you get the flow of the keyboard down.

It is set up different from other popular keyboards and plus with it being over 20 years old, there are a lot of changes. It comes loaded with over patches. The effects are pretty standard for today's music, but at the time when the Kurzweil K came out the effects were great and up to date. It is well built and well design. You will have no problem using it, and its built like a tank.

I have used a lot of Kurzweil boards over the years and they have all been well built. So anything from Kurzweil is a good idea to purchase. The K is a great choice. Did you find this review helpful? Everything has already been said It is best for the sounds typed synthetic effects, evolving sounds. I said that it is a very hard plastic and thick, not very soft plastic "chewing gum" machine entry and mid-range today The small black dot is that it gets very hot.

Despite his age more than 20 years, this synth is still relevant due to its unique and inimitable grain. I will not mention the characteristic aidesans on for me mine has the map and the maximum sampling of onboard memory plus a fan kit. We can do almost everything on this machine leads from the glittering sycros fattest!!

It's sounds time anyway, so they have more than 20 years. Defend well but that it is not only the reproduction fidelity of reports there is also the musical produced by the latter, I mean, that acoustic sounds k when in put them in a sequence with other instruments played it sounds great, I think we can not compare the sounds with sounds k present, but on the side of synthesized sounds then I can say that they can compete even with the best vsti, there is a section that I use a lot, I have seen anywhere in any case not as sophisticated, "comon" This part sets the portamento legato where as you wanted order to obtain a natural legato as an acoustic instrument, a violin, for example.

Korean now I considered the Rolls Royce of synthesizers. All is said and repeated. For the era it is very correct. I noticed a good connection for the time. At the time this is a synth that came out on fiber optics! Except that the K is pretty structured, close enough to E-Mu actually. Make its request from 10 to 20 minutes What about the sound is now not mistyped the time, some presets are absolement inaudible.

The Option ROM, not better The grain of the rest when even a little heated, I think it's a bitch that he is not completely fallen into oblivion OVERALL OPINION I still have a K, I do not use anymore, I repaired, and I must admit being surprised by the claque that it is taken this machine, the only way out of his guts c ' is to program your own sounds The touch keyboard is not bad, it's still a keyboard synth, no worse, no good, it's still actually a little better than usual.

This is simply unacceptable to weld on component leads and tinker 3, or 4 tricks to make it work Caution is a K synth or there must be three 1. Same synth very hot and needs a ventilator, which has the distinction of having an internal filter in the floppy drive, super annoying to clean when he took the dust. Possibility of an internal hard drive, or too vague DIY nothing is really planned on the hull to pierce by yourself Be careful, this is a synth geek On some versions, the J-FET output slams none stop, disease K, a card called "coasting" was added for preventing the slamming of J-Fet.

If you buy one, check the sound if you push the gain to the console, without the j-fet are slammed. K is a FET technology, fragile static and not always the best choice.

This is a very complete synthesizer which is difficult to detail all the possibilities. Acclaimed in the 90s, this model has inspired many machines for nearly 20 years. Upon its release, the K brings everything was done better and goes beyond, with a very open architecture based on the famous DSP. Accordingly, the synthesizer provides a set of algorithms consisting of many advanced features to sculpt a sound from the base of a collection of samples internal, external samples like any good sampler or forms of elementary waves generated, as will the latest "virtual analog".

In the end, it almost makes a kind of "modular digital" that explores many worlds of sound. The K is a machine of great strength. We feel that we are dealing with high-end of the day. The keyboard seems poor at first with small plastic buttons. However, to use it proves to be a master keyboard of choice through both its strength and great expressiveness. This configuration seems recommended to enjoy all the possibilities of the craft.

Incidentally, I also replaced the sound chip factories by those newer sounds of the VP series , equivalent to those of K If the proposed Kurzweil, the K would have resembled the ideal would be wonderful synth beat virtual analog fashion.

Unfortunately, it was not in the era of time despite the release of JD and perhaps precisely because of his mixed success at its release. However, when compared to other machines of this type and his age, the K is exemplary: the organization of functions has been thought in the interests of clarity and efficiency.

The main dial is really welcome. Of course the wealth of functions requires the efforts of grip but the interface design is admirable sense. Anyway, reading the massive manual is highly recommended to enjoy the power of the engine. My main regret today for the management of memory, especially for external programs and samples. Even with the solution of the SCSI disk, navigate the file tree is fairly laborious and time loading point out that the technologies used are from another era.

This is not an obstacle but a frustration that makes use less direct and less pleasant. The machine is extremely versatile, it excels in almost all types of sounds.

The imitation of all kinds of instruments is very correct and it's going to the symphony with analog synthesizers. The wealth of features to create rich textures and complex.

In short, it would be almost perfect but I think the K is suffering a bit from a lack of personality. I mean, a lot of famous synthesizers have made a specific sound, recognizable, and although it's not too much the case that the K on this subject, is rather chameleon act. Although not entirely neutral, it is rare to specifically choose the K to bring a distinctive sound when it is the main reason for using a D50 now or Wavestation example. I do not regret this choice that allows me to have hands a very powerful machine, very professional and versatile.

Of course, we can find better today but it is more expensive. And if it is assumed that it was a reference for years is that we must still make good music with today Finally, its complexity and neutrality are perhaps less attractive as a synthesizer of others but I think it is his philosophy that let the user express his own creativity and originality.

In short, the K is an instrument that does not reveal its value to those who demonstrate perseverance. While at work! Big plastic keyboard, yet pro trs. At least "pro" as you could still say the machines for people srieuses srieux. The keyboard is nice, though a little soft, but you get done.

It's not a heavy touch or ballast version but a real keyboard synth all springs. The machine is heavy modrment compared to large steel machine of yesterday and today. We will explore the synthse VAST for years because it does not tame as fast as the analog modlisation. And of course, the interface is type "90": no analog knobs fawn. The polyphony is variable and I could never take the default of the ct l. MIDI sequencer and everything else is a real say as britons Workstation.

Absolutely not. Question handling is all about learning. Ergonomic nightmare, as menus, pages tail single file, options in all directions.


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Kurzweil K2000

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Kurzweil K2000 61-key Digital Keyboard Upgradable Sampling Synthesizer

The K uses V. Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology which allows you to take any multi-sample, noise or waveform and process it using just about any synthesis technique. The source of these multi-samples are from the 8MB of ROM which hold tons of authentic and superb quality samples. The internal processing is bit with bit DACs. The K uses 31 sound-shaping algorithms to provide a variety of resonant filters, EQs, continuous panning, amplitude modulation, crossfade, distortion, digital wrap, waveshaper, pulse width modulation, high frequency enhancement, low frequency oscillators, hard sync oscillators and mixing oscillators, all with real-time MIDI control. It's a beautiful synth with an elegant and organized layout and very high quality pitch and mod wheels!

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