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Manual zz. Use handles or knobs. Any servicing other not immerse cord, plugs or appliance in water or other liquid. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Return appliance to your sonnel only. Before plugging in the appliance, check that your voltage cor- 9- Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter or touch hot responds to that of the appliance and that the socket is surfaces.

If the power supply cord or the plug is damaged, do not use the heated oven. To avoid any danger, it is imperative that you have There is a risk of burns if the lid of the coffee maker is removed the power supply cord replaced by a Krups approved service while the coffee is brewing. Do not remove the plug from the socket by pulling on the cord.

Let the appliance cool down before D. Do not let the power supply cord hang down within the reach refilling the tank. Your appliance is equipped with cord storage.

Only pull out the Krups, only pour water and the descaling solutions specified in required length of cord from the appliance. Due to the pressure created by your machines bar pump, hot water passes through this finely ground coffee for a shorter time. The resulting liquid is rich, dark, and extremely flavourful and ; intensely aromatic: the concentrated essence of the coffee bean.

The perfect espresso shot is topped by beautiful, thick, golden foam known as crema, a product of the natural oils in the coffee bean, and the source of its rich flavour and aroma. It is important to note that your espresso coffee must be both well roasted coffee and correctly ground. If you cannot buy ground espresso coffee, use a coffee grinder to grind the beans. The coffee must not be ground too fine, it must be slightly granulated, with a consistency somewhat between flour and sugar.

Too fine a grind results in bitter, over-extracted espresso and a risk of blocking the grid of the brewing head and the filter; coarse and the espresso will be weak and under-extracted. In addition to the coffee you use, the other three factors that determine perfect espresso results are water, temperature and pressure.

Your Krups machine ensures all three are precision- controlled by expertly designed technology. What you must ensure is that the water you use is freshly-drawn so that it has not had time to stagnate in the air , without any chlorine odour and at a fairly cold temperature, We recommend that you filter your water using a commercially available KRUPS Claris - Aqua Filter System cartridge reference F There are a number of misconceptions surrounding espresso.

The first is that espresso should be bitter and burnt tasting. In fact, the ideal espresso shot should be aromatic, bittersweet not bitter and assertive, with a lingering aftertaste. The second myth is that drinking espresso will keep you awake all night. And finally, many people think that espresso takes too long to prepare. The truth is, as the name implies, an espresso is intended to be served quickly, without elaborate preparation.

As you will discover, your Krups espresso maker has been intuitively designed for easy use and built for the long term. You will not be able to access the functions of the appliance without setting the time. Set the minutes by pressing 51 and then 52 to confirm. Fill the water container with fresh, cold water 2. The machine is ready to operate. The appliance is ready as soon as this blinking stops. Easy Serving Espresso pods, The first comes in the filter holder D , the other two are found in the appliances transport packaging.

The pump will work for 3 seconds, stop for 3 seconds, then continue with the cycle until the end of the process, ; E, ws mod on EAS.

Take the pre-brewing into account. Once filled, empty them. After making your first espresso and the machine is warmed, the espresso cups can then be pre- heated on the cup warming plate. Your machine is already preprogrammed for the preparation of one or two cups of espresso. For best results, we recommend that you pre-heat the accessories filter holder, filter basket and Select the desired coffee quantity by pressing the button 0 once WB or 82 WD twice 9 Positioning the E.

Place the E. Caution: if the water container is empty or not positionned properly and the pump is running, you will hear a very distinct noise, which is louder than the normal operating Placing the E. Check the water container and Locking the handle tightly and properly will aise help avoid leakage from the filter holder and refill as needed. Never let the machine run when the water container is empty as this can damage the pump.

The amount of coffee is 35 mi and the water should take 20 seconds to run through. This system makes it easy for you to prepare your espresso because you avoid the measurement and tamping down operations and it also makes it easier for you to clean the appliance. We do not intend, or recommend, that the E. You can stop your machine at any time by pressing the coffee selection bution JE 9 again. As soon as the coffee selection buttons begin to glow continuously, the machine is ready to operate.

The quantity that just ran through into your cup is now automatically programmed into the machine, 3. If you wish to make an espresso immediately after using the steam function, the appliance must first be allowed to cool down in order to achieve the correct temperature for preparing an espresso.

The cold water pumped through will cool down the heating system. When the correct temperature is reached, the appliance is ready.

Caution: during and after use, the metal parts of the nozzle E and the cappuccino accessory F are very hot. It is preferable to use very cold, very fresh, milk kept in the refrigerator. Once this indicator stops blinking, your appliance is ready to froth milk.

First, use a spare container and place it under the accessory without touching the bottom. The steam symbol blinks. The cool down cycle starts. Repeat the procedure for preparing frothy milk, but this time with water, for approximately 1 minute. AS soon as hot water button commences to glow continuously, the machine is ready to operate.

Here are a few recipes which you will be able to create with your espresso maker. Original espresso. Take one measuring spoonful of good quality well roasted espresso coffee, and run it directly into the pre-heated cup.

If you use good, finely ground coffee, the cup will be crowned by a fine head of froth. Original espresso is drunk without milk but plenty of sugar. The brewing head, the filter and the filter holder These must be cleaned after each use.

You can also use anisette, grappa, Sambuco, Kirsch or Cointreau for the same effect. You will then have a delicious liqueur, especially for coffee lovers. If you like, the espresso can also be diluted with a little boiling water.

Clean it with water, a little non-abrasive washing up liquid and a small brush. Rinse and dry it. Before putting it back in place, make sure that the air inlet hole i Ce, s on both sides of the little metal tube are not blocked by residues of milk. After use, the water tank must be emptied. Des caling. Drip tray Bi If several espressos are being prepared one after the other, the drip tray should be emptied from Descaling is necessary to keep your espresso maker running efficiently.

N purged. If necessary, clean the drip tray and drip tray grid with water and a little non-abrasive caiing your espresso maker as the acid substance within the descaling powder may damage worktops or any other surface it comes in contact with. Replace it correctly Descaling depends on the hardness of the water, but also on the frequency of use. Problems Probable causes Corrective actions Espresso not hot enough.

Preheat the accessories cups, filter, filter holder. There are coffee grounds on the edge of the filter, Clean around the filter and the gasket, The brewing head gasket is dirty. Clean the gasket with a damp cloth. The brewing head gasket is defective. Contact an approved Krups service centre. Pump is very noisy No water in the water tank. Hil the water tank. Water tank incorrectly mounted. Press firmly down on the water tank. Coffee grounds too old or very dry and the pump cannot produce pressure.

Use fresh coffee. Water does not run through. No water in the water tank, Water tank incorrectly mounted. Fill the water tank. Clean the filter and the grid on the brewing head.


Krups Xp2070 Users Manual

Manual zz. Use handles or knobs. Any servicing other not immerse cord, plugs or appliance in water or other liquid. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Return appliance to your sonnel only.


Krups ESPRESSO XP2070 Manuals

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