The isle of devils. A historical tale, founded on an anecdote in the annals of Portugal. The Creole: or, Siege of New Orleans. An historical romance.

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Adam Mickiewicz : Polish Poet and Playwright. Adam Mickiewicz was born near Novogrodek in Lithuania to an impoverished family with old noble lineage. He studied at the University of Vilno where he studied German and English romantic poetry. New Advent, Catholic Encyclopedia. In the early s, Napoleon established Warsaw as a puppet state to serve French interests in the east.

As a result, Mickiewicz grew fond of Romanticism in literature and was strongly influenced by the French philosopher Voltaire as well as other French writers. In , he published his first poems in two volumes and became a member of a secret society of poets.

This society protested Russian control of Poland and in , he was arrested and imprisoned. He was eventually exiled to Russia , never to return to his home again. Ference , Gregory, ed. Chronology of 20 th Century Eastern European History. His best know work, Pan Tadeusz , is an epic poem about his life in Poland during the Napoleonic conquest.

Sanford, George and Adriana Gozdecka -Sanford. Historical Dictionary of Poland. He died in Constantinople where he formed a Polish legion to assist the Turkish army in defeating Russia.

Bust of Mickiewicz. The Cleveland Memory Project. Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature, Warsaw. The Adam Mickiewicz Foundation in Canada. Sonnets from the Crimea, translated by Edna Worthley Underwood.

Detroit: Gale Research Inc. Adam Mickiewicz : Polish Poet and Playwright Adam Mickiewicz was born near Novogrodek in Lithuania to an impoverished family with old noble lineage.


Konrad Wallenrod : Wydanie z opracowaniem

This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. An Historical Poem. Macchiavelli , Il Principe. Edinburgh and London. The Lithuanian nation, formed out of the tribes of the Litwini, Prussians and Leti, not very numerous, settled in an inextensive country, not very fertile, long unknown to Europe, was called, about the thirteenth century, by the incursions of its neighbours, to a more active part.


Konrad Wallenrod


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