Mon - Fri: - o'clock. Sat: - o'clock. Sun: closed. Worldwide shipping and 67 specialist fitness stores on site in Europe. More than 3.

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Mon - Fri: - o'clock. Sat: - o'clock. Sun: closed. Worldwide shipping and 67 specialist fitness stores on site in Europe. More than 3. Trust our customers. Currently Sport-Tiedje Europe's No. Items in the shopping cart. Company About us Career Contact. Log in My Account. Fitness equipment for cardio training Fitness equipment for weight training Body analysis and sport nutrition E-Scooter , table tennis , and play equipment Further categories All brands.

Model Item number Customer ratings Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment. Variety of exercises. This product is not available at the moment. Dimensions set-up xx cm. Product details. Warranty conditions.

Ratings Product details: Kettler multi-gym Delta XL. Model The model year describes the current model of the respective season beginning in autumn of previous year. The descriptions are not absolutely based upon a change in product or year of production. Description: Kettler multi-gym Delta XL. Sport-Tiedje Expert Review Info. The Kettler multi-gym Delta XL : ideal for ambitious strength athletes!

The Kettler multi-gym Delta XL is a full-value multi-gym for homeuse. Bench press, leg curls, butterlfy forwards and backwards, lat pulls, etc. The Kettler multi-gym Delta XL is precisely adjustable and offers varied exercise positions.

The butterfly station is horizontally and vertically adjustable and equipped with the eccentric trechnology - the Kettler multi-gym Delta XL provides an optimal course of exercise of constant strain in whole range of motion.

A biceps curl pult is available as optional accessory to the Kettler multi-gym Delta XL. Thanks to the black, soft design, the Kettler multi-gym Delta XL adapts to each living environment.

Warranty conditions: Kettler multi-gym Delta XL. The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user. Exercise options and quality of the execution:. Further information for the exercises can be found by clicking on the name of the exercise.

Shoulders :. Free shoulder presses :. Shoulder presses :. Lateral and front lifts :. Shoulder lifts :. Upright rowing :. Chest :. Bench presses :. Free bench presses :. Incline bench presses :. Free incline bench presses :. Negative bench presses :. Crossover :. Butterfly :. Free butterfly :. Arms :. Biceps curls, standing — single-arm :.

Biceps curls, standing — parallel :. Biceps curls, sitting — single-arm :. Biceps curls, sitting — parallel :. Reverse curls :. Triceps presses :. Hammer curls, standing :. Hammer curls, sitting :. Triceps kick backs :. Dips :. Back :. Rowing :. Free rowing :. Lat pulldowns :. Deadlifts :.

Reverse butterflies :. Chin-ups :. Legs :. Leg bend, standing :. Leg bend, sitting :. Leg bend, lying down :. Leg stretching :. Calf stretching opt. Squats :. Kick backs :.

Adductors :. Abductors :. Abdominals :. Crunches :. Lateral bends :. Leg lifts :. Miscellaneous :. Golf swing :. Tennis forehand :. The choice is yours! Evaluate the product. Help us and other customers with your personal product evaluation. Report about your experiences with the product now.

All product evaluations, which are entered until Your email address will not be published. Evaluate solely the product and not the process of buying or the dispatch. Write a short review required Please enter your review about your purchased product here. Get the possibility to help other customers with your experiences to make a purchase decision.

Desribe only the product and not the buying process.


Kettler SITUS ROWER 5+ Manual

Pressatmung unbedingt vermeiden. Jedoch ist in den Beuge- und Streckpositionen auf ausreichend Muskelspannung zu achten, um Gelenkbelastungen zu minimieren. Fazit: Den Belastungswiderstand im fortlaufenden Trainingsprozess nur langsam steigern. Die o. Beim Kraftausdauertraining wird mit leichten Gewichten ca.


Kettler multi-gym Delta XL

Mon - Fri: - o'clock. Sat: - o'clock. Sun: closed. Worldwide shipping and 67 specialist fitness stores on site in Europe. More than 3. Trust our customers.

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