Purchased a TSS from Hamandhifi. Simple but fantastic workhorse of an HF rig. As described by them it has full output power on all bands and receives well on all bands. Pairing it with a cheap generic replacement CB mic rewired the connector , for this price range, this unit has excellent transmit audio!

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This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion. The site will be something that everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part of. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. I just bought my,third Ts in nearlt 50 years, though this is my;first S model. My "new" is scruffy but works well. Of course it doesn't have the WARC bands, dsp, scanning or any bells and whistles. It,is 35 years old, for crying out loud!

I have other rigs, all home brew and all about 5 watts. So this is kinda special. No menus, no fartarsing around, just plain good radio. Time Owned: N.

I got my license back in after a long absence and immediately ordered a new radio. Having no antenna yet, I connected it to a CB mobile antenna, turned it's carrier down real low and put out a test signal on CW in the 10 meter band just to see it it had any output. By the time my shiny new toy arrived I had a homebrew fan dipole up for 10, 15 and 20 and was using the old Kenwood every day.

The box stayed unopened for a couple days while I pondered trying to send it back, but I did not. It's everything I expected and more and I still have it, but about all I use it for is 12, 17, 30 and After using both radios side by side for a year or so I bought a parts rig to support the old thing and paid over bucks for it because it had a CW filter. It only took a shot of deoxit to fix it. Now I had two TS radios. The new one got the position of honor in the shack due to it's CW filter and the forty dollar one became a shop radio, So I still had no spare and now had two obsolete rigs in use.

My third was described by the seller as "junk". It had a crack in one of it's cards, poor RX and no TX at all. It looked like it had been worked on by someone whose soldering iron was a lot bigger than his brain.

It took two sessions about a year apart to fix it. Now I have a portable and still no spare. I prefer these rigs mainly for their excellent audio and ease of repair. Granted, they do have shortcomings. The lack of break in keying on CW for one. My biggest squawk is they are picky about DC power. They really do need A 12 volt battery won't quite carry the freight for a TS It works fine in a car until you shut the engine off, then it gets cranky and will kill the battery real quick.

Not a great choice as a mobile, and an AC dependant portable. Do-it-yourself repairs? The weak part is the big mechanical bandswitch. I keep mine clean and have tightened the contacts by bending them in with dental probes. I've never in over five years needed a part I cannot find. One of these days I'll find and buy the lower power version, the TSV. I like it so much I want to give it a 5.

But it is so basic and old at this point calling it "perfect" is a bit of an exaggeration. I have an Icom IC as my main base rig.

I'm has a much more stable vfo, much better noise reduction, more consistent power out and bigger screen, and weighs almost 3 times more.

However, it find myself turning the TSs on first most often. Overall, it is a joy to use. I have had my about 3 years now. It is very easy to use, simple controls, nothing too complicated, no bells whistles, waterfalls or dancing girls, but it works well. Disadvantage is no WARC bands, but otherwise nice to have in the shack as a backup.

A great little radio for a beginning ham with a limited budget to get on the air. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. I wanted a budget-priced solid-state rig to run mobile, as setting up a base station just isn't possible for me right now and my Heathkit HW is just too big to run mobile in a modern vehicle not to mention power requirements My antenna system is the weak link right now but I have no trouble making contacts within the lower 48 states on 20m and consistently receive good signal reports.

This one is a keeper! This is a very simple to use, no frills radio. The only neg. I am located in Mid Coast Maine and have made plenty of DX contacts from my cellar shack which I use when my real shack is not accessible as it is next to the bedrooms upstairs.

I just had a QSO with a station from New Zealand on 20m and got a 59 report, that's how good this radio is. Time Owned: more than 12 months. No frills, no real options, basic capabilities, talk and CW. That is about it. I would recommend it for causal or newbie op, great for mobile rag chewing, nets, ragchewing in general, working some not so rare DX. Just your basick non WARC sadly radio with analog and digital readout. Solid as a brick, built like one too. This rig is great for everyday use as long as it is kept up.

Second Review Time Owned: more than 12 months. I got my old rig back from my friend who had it stored the last several years in his garage. I ran this rig mobile for approximately 5 years in the late 90's Its really cool talking on this rig that has so many miles on it.

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Kenwood TS-120S

QRZ Forums. Seller said he tested it on 40m and had a short QSO so apparently it works okay. I want to use the radio mobile and occasionally as a base unit. I have heard that the receive can be overloaded and blow the input transformer. Since the radio was made when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I am guessing a replacement transformer would be unobtanium. I have heard of a mod that can be done to protect the transformer. Assuming it hasn't already been done to this transceiver, what needs to be done?


Kenwood TS 120S Radio Transceiver



Kenwood TS-120S questions




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