The Kawai K1 is a 61 key synthesizer manufactured in [3] by Kawai. It is an entry-level [4] and low fidelity synthesizer and not as feature rich as the Kawai K4 and was released to compete with the Roland D50 and Korg M1 synthesizers. The patch memory can be doubled with a DC-8 memory card which was available separately. The K1 includes drum kits and sounds acoustic and electronic kits, cymbals as well as some tuned percussion , so can be used to create full rhythm backing when sequenced. The K1II model has 32 percussion sounds.

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On your K1-II control panel make the following parameter changes:. Volume I and II could contain duplicate sounds, but I decided to include it within this package for your benefit just in case there were a difference. The archive is also password protected. This ensures a proper count of the users who download, and use these sounds. Your email address will NOT be used for any other purpose than to gain the archived password. Thank you for sharing this sounds!

I recently acquired a K1r and this exponentially expands my possibilities while I learn my way through the menus and how to edit and make my own patches on this synth. Thanks again and I wish you success in all your future endeavors! Just took my K1-II out of the box after about 10 years, and it had lost everything.

Found your site while searching for a solution… thanks for making this available! Good stuff and thank you in advance for sharing these files and sounds, look forward to playing them on my kit.. Looking forward to seeing what sounds you have created with this fantastic synth. Thank you for sharing! I am renewing refurbishing my k2 ii. Then, with new Sounds. Parddyy mode ON!

Thank You Verry verry much! Many thanks for this. I am trying to recreate some songs that I did back then so I found one real cheap on e-bay. So with these, I can now resurrect them. Thank you great demo. I just bought one a Kawai K1 mrk 2 because i got it cheap and am amazed how good the keyboard sounds, Anyway to expand this would be amazing thanks!

Best Wishes Jon. My setup… Image or PDF:. Very cool David. Thanks for sharing. Thank you for the K1ii patches. Much needed since the previous owner messed them up all to hell!! Looking forward to actually using this synth. Image or PDF:. Nice vintage setup Kevin! Thanks a lot, this looks really interesting! Getting my K1-II tomorrow, and already itching to milk it for all the sounds it can give.

Thank you Michael for your custom patches. Also, your Memories music video was awesome. Truly inspirational. Given me a lot of ideas. Cheers Image or PDF:. Thank you for your kind words, and I really appreciate the photo of your studio! Thank you for sharing. Thank you.

Inspired me. Thank for sharing your Kawai K1 sounds. Looking forward to receiving the password to try them out. Hi Michael. My name is Ladislav.

I am from Slovakia and I do not speak English well. Please send me a password for your zip file. Thank you very much. Thank you!!! Thank you! Thamks you. I have the K1r. I already have the factory sounds, but am looking forward to checking out your banks. Just got a K1 and I am enjoying it a lot! I like its sound, OK… no filter but who cares? Thank you for your generosity! Just bought a used K1 from a guy who hated it….

It was loaded with sound effects and crappy patches! Spend the weekend nerding out. I love it! Thanks man! Thanks in advance for the Kawai K1 patches…! I just have purchased a K1m second hand a few weeks ago. Many thanks! Thank you for this nice work to keep the K1 alive after 30 years. Can you provide me the password to the patch, please?

Friend, thank you for providing this technological tool to revive my kawai k1 ii, could you please sumunustrarme the code to unzip the file?

Thanks for that, much appreciated! I just bought a used K1 which is missing all factory presets: all patches have the same sound. I too love designing sounds for the K1. Very gracious of you to share your hard work. Thanks for uploading these. Would also like to check out your sounds too of course, cheers, Paul. Thank you Guido. Hello, happy holidays and thank you for the patches. The K1 is such a capable machine and well designed for a bargain.

I hope your stuff will help me to bring the best out of it. Hi Sy Az, I just attempted to email the archive password to you a couple of times, but got a return message back both times:. Thanks for the patches! I have lost the original sound banks and hope to be able to restore them,. Cordialement J-Luc. Hello and thank you for making this and managing this page!

Very much looking forward to being able to use these. I download your sample patches. Thank you for offering new life into these still very unique machines! Very much looking forward using these in my latest work.

Just WOW! These sounds breathe a lot of fresh air into my already dusty K1! VERY useful patches. Many thanks again for providing those! Your very welcome Florian, and everyone for your kind words. I am sincerely happy you like them. Hi Ivan, Yes the patches I have available will work on a Kawai K1, except for the effects section of the patch data, which is only available in the K1 II. Thanks for the patches. I am trying to reset the K1 ii to factory.

Please send the archives password. Hello michael, I would very much like to use your patches for my kawai k1 II which I acquired recently, and which I fell in love with as soon as I touch it.

Thank you so much.


Kawai K1-II


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Kawai K1 Manuals



Kawai K1 Owner's Manual




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