Jering mempunyai rasa yang pahit dan berbau. Ini menyebabkan golongan muda kurang menyukainya. Tetapi bagi sesetengah orang yang telah lama mengenali jering, rasanya yang sungguh enak terutama sekali apabila dimakan bersama sos ataupun kelapa parut bergula. Buah dan pucuknya berasa lemak-lemak pahit dan pedar. Sesiapa yang memakan buah jering akan mengeluarkan air kencing yang berbau hancing kuat. Dari segi perubatan pula, biji jering mengandungi sejenis bahan alkoloid yang memberi rangsangan untuk membuang air kecil.

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Secret To Success. Plant Leaves. We have a cheat sheet of what needs to get done prior to planting your veggie garden. Vegetable Garden Design. Edible Garden. Vegetable Gardening. Organic Gardening. Pea Gravel Garden. Gravel Pathway. Raised Vegetable Gardens.

Garden Oasis. Find this Pin and more on Garden ideas by healthy life. Veg Garden. Garden Trellis. Lawn And Garden. Balcony Garden. Garden Planters. Vertical Vegetable Gardens. Party Garden. But would this keep my possum from gnawing them all? Every year the possums come and chow on everything, except our pumpkins.

Fruit Garden. Garden Plants. Potted Plants. Outdoor Plants. Container Plants. Container Gardening. Gardening Tips. Veggie Gardens. Pepper Plants. All Nature. My Secret Garden. Garden Projects. How to Grow Peppers Hunker. Find this Pin and more on Garden by Amanda Koch. Building A Raised Garden. Raised Garden Beds. Building Garden Boxes. Diy Garden Box. When to Prune Trees- wait until the coldest part of winter has passed, but before vigorous growth starts in early spring. February to March.

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