Accurate, user-friendly UV-visible spectroscopy Jenway's 67 series spectrophotometers offer high quality split-beam optics and a cutting-edge user interface for fast, intuitive operation. Excellent data portability and secure multi-user operation add to the versatility of these advanced instruments. Featuring sealed split beam optics, all the 67s deliver more accurate measurements than single beam instruments, while being more affordable than double beam spectrophotometers. Both the and cover the wavelength range from nm to nm using a pulsed xenon light source, with the providing an ultra narrow bandwidth of 1. Available modes include photometrics, spectrum scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, kinetics and quantitation, giving direct concentration results against single or multi-point calibrations.

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Toggle navigation Menu. Clinical Rapid Tests. Bacteria Testing. Balances and Scales. Bunsen Burners. Calibration Baths. Chemiluminescence systems. Colony Counters. Conductivity Meters. Dissolved Oxygen Meters. Flame Photometer. Food Analyzers. FTIR Spectrometer. Gel Documentation. Gelation Timers.

Heating Mantles. Histology Products. Kjeldahl Equipment. Liquid Handling. Melting Point. Microplate Readers. Recirculating Coolers.

Rotary Evaporator. Pumps Peristaltic Pump Systems. Sample Concentrator. Sample Cooling. Shakers and Rockers. UV Transilluminators. UV Crosslinkers. Vortex Mixers. Water Testing. Water Distiller. Zone Measuring. Write a review. With extensive post measurement tools to ensure results are presented exactly to each users requirements the 67 series also offers significant advances in data portability.

Together, the touch screen and colour display give the fastest, most flexible instrument interface possible. Jenway have developed Secure Multi User Operation for when instruments are shared by a number of users, so access to the instrument functions is controlled through a secure log-in procedure.

Here all data can be viewed, exported, saved or printed for generating reports and standard operating procedures. Copying the SD card to the instrument's internal memory enables the easy cloning of multiple instruments, ensuring common laboratory practice and speeding set-up in busy teaching establishments. QWheel is a registered trademark of Quantum Research. Request a Quote. Add To Cart. Add To Quote. Login To View Price. Policies Payments Shipping Privacy Policy.

Follow Us. Recieve Our Newsletter Subscribe. All rights reserved. Wavelength range. Wavelength resolution. Wavelength accuracy. Wavelength repeatability. Spectral bandwidth. Stray light. Quantitation range.

Quantitation resolution. Selectable 1, 0. Up to 20 with 5 replicates of each. Curve fit algorithms. Linear, quadratic and cubic functions. Up to 4 wavelengths. Ratio, difference, formulae with factors. Kinetics time limits. Standard or factor. Curve details with mean rate of change plus formula of line of best fit. Spectrum range. Scan speed. Scan interval. Auto peaks and valleys, zoom, addition, subtraction, peak ratios, smoothing, area under curve, wavelength table, derivatives, analysis points, overlay.

Light source. Xenon lamp. Secure multi—user and free access. Number of users. Removable media. USB, Centronics, Analogue.


Jenway 6700, 6705 & 6715 Spectrophotometers

This product is now obsolete. Please click here for the current Jenway range. The large, colour touch-screen display ensures the fastest response to operator input and the clearest presentation of options and results. A sealed QWheelTM is provided for fine cursor control or scrolling. With this cutting-edge user interface and novel operating system the 67 series offer the simplest, most intuitive operation in their class.


Accurate, user-friendly UV-visible spectroscopy

Toggle navigation Menu. Clinical Rapid Tests. Bacteria Testing. Balances and Scales.

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