Hot hit online - the woman spreading words on the internet. Story No. I have two degrees in teaching word literature, English and Russian languages with a specialty in philology. Words can be fascinating. For example: the word 'hello' is only a years old and it was actually popularised by the telephone.

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Hot hit online - the woman spreading words on the internet. Story No. I have two degrees in teaching word literature, English and Russian languages with a specialty in philology.

Words can be fascinating. For example: the word 'hello' is only a years old and it was actually popularised by the telephone. It was invented specifically as the word to answer the phone. It's amazing how I answer my emails. People send me emails from all over the world - to emails a day. It's amazing.

I just love it. It's such a great interaction between me and my students online. Medium of Marina flipping through pages in dictionary. Pan medium of Marina rehearsing her script in the mirror. I was actually invited to speak at universities in Saudi Arabia! A teacher in China translates my videos into the Chinese language.

Somebody emailed me from Thailand and said that they used my videos to teach English in Thailand. She's been one of the pioneers on YouTube to build the biggest audiences and generate the most content.

I mean listen, anybody can get lucky and have the camera rolling when a dog or child does something funny and create a video that a million people see, but to be able to build an audience and get people coming back over and over, it's not random.

You have to be giving people what they want and getting your message out at the same time. One of the hottest channels on YouTube these days has to do with words. HotForWords has grown in just 2 years, to beat even Michael Jackson and Showtime in the number of hits. Marina Orlova, a Russian expert in philology and etymology, might seem to be an unlikely candidate for popularity on paper, but one look at the site and it's clear how she's enticing people to click away.

This is 28 year old Russian-born philologist, Marina Orlova - and she's taken cyber space by storm. Today, she is the most viewed guru on YouTube and the proud owner of one of the most watched channels of all time.

At time of writing she had ,, video views on YouTube with thousand subscribers and an additional 50 thousand subscribers for her Web site.

Orlova grew up in the Nizhni Novgorod Region in Russia. She graduated in and taught English to high school students for 2 years. She has degrees in teaching Russian, English and world literature, specialising in philology from the State University of Nizhni Novgorod.

Five years ago, she moved to San Francisco, then two and a half years ago to Los Angeles. Living with her toy Maltese dog Gorby short for Gorbachev in a penthouse one-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills, California, Orlova wakes up and immediately checks how many YouTube views she had overnight. She then checks her Web site for requests from viewers for words to discuss.

Orlova releases five to seven videos weekly, talking playfully about the origins of the words in one to two minute "video lessons" as she calls them. She uploaded her first video on YouTube in February of and received about views and now has a total of million hits. A stack of 8 by 10 glossy photos and a new calendar with a studious, yet scantily clad shots of Orlova, sit on the floor alongside a shelf of dictionaries and word books.

Orlova was one of the first on YouTube to shoot in high definition. Budget minded, Orlova does her own makeup and shopping for clothes as well as promotion. Orlova studies her script, then moves to her bedroom with the camera and lights permanently set up at the foot of her bed. Perched at the end of the mattress, Orlova preps and begins the performance of teaching her 'students.

Then it's back to the computer, where the tape is downloaded, edited and posted. He says when it comes to YouTube, there is no limit to the content that you can produce compared to weekly TV shows. About 14 hours of video is uploaded to You Tube every minute of everyday. Sarno says, in this world you have to position yourself as a brand. Orlova is now part of the YouTube Partner Programme which is available in 10 countries around the world. Those who produce videos with more than 1 million hits earn several thousand dollars per month, and like Orlova, some are earning 6 figure salaries.

Orlova is currently writing a book for HarperCollins on fun word origins. AP AP Images. Sign in or Register. AP Annual Reviews. AP Annual Entertainment Reviews. Location Stockshots. North Korea. Space Exploration. Universal Annual Reviews. Universal Newsreels. US Presidential Elections Vietnam War.

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Not even Michael Jackson gets as many hits. The entire process takes up to 8 hours daily. This allows viewers to constantly see new material.

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HotForWords Mobile Game

Hot for Words and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more. Enter your.. Got her calendar as well. She has a nice pretty belly as. Editorial Reviews.



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