He's also said to have spent hundreds of thousands in union funds on his bid for election to the Parliament. Craig Thomson is one of four people listed in the report as breaching union rules when he was the national secretary. The Government has described the report as disturbing, but says Mr Thomson is entitled to the presumption of innocence. Now those at the centre of damning allegations have been named publicly.

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Chapter 20 of the report detailed contraventions in relation to matters raised in Chapter 7. It is reproduced in Appendix B. The Electoral Commissioner stated:. In his letter, the Electoral Commissioner stated:.

Chapter 7 of the report covered the following areas:. This issue has not been reviewed by either the AEC or the committee. Subsection 11 of the Electoral Act provides that:. A prosecution in respect of an offence against a provision of this section being an offence committed on or after the commencement of this subsection may be started at any time within 3 years after the offence was committed. As the three disclosure returns completed by Ms Jackson were received by the AEC on 13 October , the three year limitation period in subsection 11 of the Electoral Act has not expired.

However, in relation to the return lodged by the candidate agent for Mr Thomson and the ALP NSW Branch returns, the three year period to commence any prosecution has expired. It is attached at Appendix F. Where deemed necessary, the committee makes recommendations to strengthen parts of the Electoral Act, particularly in relation to funding and disclosure requirements.

This included, but was not limited to, disclosure obligations for donations and political expenditure. The AEC analysis of the FWA report focused on who incurred a reporting obligation under the Electoral Act and whether the required expenditure was disclosed. Any alleged contraventions against the Fair Work Registered Organisations Act RO Act and rules, or suspected fraudulent behaviour, are not matters for this committee.

There are a number of other processes underway to deal with those matters. Six submissions and three exhibits were received. Witnesses are listed at Appendix E. Australian Parliament House is temporarily closed to the public. Read more. Subsection 11 of the Electoral Act provides that: A prosecution in respect of an offence against a provision of this section being an offence committed on or after the commencement of this subsection may be started at any time within 3 years after the offence was committed.

Objectives and scope of the inquiry 1. Conduct of the inquiry 1. Structure of the report 1.


Thomson named in FWA report

Thank you for signing up. Sorry, it looks like an error occurred. Mr Thomson accused FWA, in a speech to parliament on Monday, of conducting a biased investigation and failing to interview key witnesses who would back his innocence. Ms O'Neill says it would be "inappropriate" to comment on Mr Thomson's speech. Mr Thomson's comments came a day after the privileges committee began looking at whether he misled parliament in his hour-long statement on Monday in contrast to the findings of a Fair Work Australia investigation report released earlier in May.


House of Representatives Committees

In March , in what might have been the final stage of the ongoing Craig Thomson saga, the federal Parliament reprimanded Thomson after finding him in contempt for deliberately misleading Parliament. Thomson said :. Turning to credit cards and escorts, I have consistently from day one denied any wrongdoing in relation to these issues. I make it clear—and I hope I have already by painting a picture—that I had many enemies in the [Health Services Union], many enemies who did not like increased transparency, many enemies who preferred that there be no national office. In , Thomson was found guilty of a number of offences of dishonesty relating to his role on the union. The matter was then referred to the privileges committee.


Gillard rejects meddling in Thomson report

The regulator says the union committed breaches of the Registered Organisations Act - all civil penalties punishable by fine. Here, the experts respond to the latest development in this long-running saga. Fair Work Australia has finally ended years of uncertainty by publicly releasing its recommendations on the embattled Health Services Union. Mr Thomson, who was recently suspended from the Labor Party by the prime minister, continues to fight for his political survival. The question now becomes whether Ms Gillard will welcome Thomson back to the party. Thomson is on the cross-benches and he has promised to support the Labor Party. Furthermore, if he was to be taken back in the midst of continuing allegations, the government would be opening itself to further questions about whether it can make sound political judgement.

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