The most common database queries are used simply to manipulate individual data items. For instance a recipe application allows users to save a new recipe, read an existing recipe, make changes to a recipe, or remove an unwanted recipe. Of course, most applications also include complex queries, such as listing all my favorite recipes, or adding a flag to all the recipes that include ingredients which contain gluten — which will be the focus of other articles in this series. This article is about basic CRUD operations. There is some setup and context that you need before you can save documents to the database. Check out the first article in the series for help setting up your database schema.

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We will also learn about Leadpages Alternatives, more deeply into online ad campaigns which are being directed to the landing pages the web visitors could arrive. Landing pages can be used with Facebook Lead ads as well. It may sound confusing but there are easy alternative ways on how to do it.

See for Best Leadpages Alternatives. As support, we use the following FQL query:. Through it you can test and develop their FQLs. Recalling that access to some information need user permission so that your application can access them. Then select the desired permissions. Remember that access to some information need certain permissions from the user. See example below:. Selected below some examples of FQL so you can get an idea of what is possible.

Selected below some limitations present in FQL and that usually generate questions for developers who are starting to develop FQLs:. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search for:. Masud Alam. Many thanks via… now i am clear about the graph API.

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FQL Simple Query Language

This reference describes the elements of an FQL query and how to use property specifications, token expressions, and operators in your FQL queries. The FAST Query Language FQL is a powerful query language that enables developers to perform exact searches and to narrow the scope of your search to values that belong to a specific managed property or a full-text index. A query language expression can contain nested subexpressions that include query terms, property specifications, and operators, as described in Table 1. The following FQL query example searches for the terms "hello" and "world" in the body managed property of an indexed item:. A property specification limits the scope of the affected expression to specific regions of the indexed content. Such a region can be identified by a full-text index or a managed property. Managed properties of type Text and YesNo are evaluated as text.


FAST Query Language (FQL) syntax reference

The Simple Query Language support enables you to create search boxes with simple operators, such as those found on common search engines on the Web. To expose the same query syntax in a custom application, review the options described in Supported Query Languages. This equals a logical AND between the terms or phrases. The following expressions are equivalent and return all documents that include both "goethe" and "faust":. The following expression returns all documents that include "goethe" and "faust", but not if these documents also include "marlowe":. Using this mode corresponds to using the OR Boolean query parameter. The following expression returns all documents that include "goethe" and "faust":.


Using FQL With Facebook C# SDK

This is used to retrieve filtered data from facebook api similarly as sql query works with database. But, it definitely meets the demand. In this tutorial, i will try to explain using fql in your. NET application with c code examples where applicable. I am assuming, you are familiar with using facebook graph api through c. If you are a beginner Facebook api developer in c , you should better start by another article about getting started with Facebook graph api in c.

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